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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a diaphragm showing a spiral
pattern of a conventional voice coil, FIG. 2 is a plan view of a magnet plate showing a
conventional magnetic pole pattern, and FIG. The plan view of the diaphragm showing the spiral
pattern of the voice coil of the fourth embodiment, FIGS. 4 and 5 are plan views of the magnet
plate showing the magnetic pole pattern of the present invention, and FIG. 6 is the magnet of the
present invention. Fig. 7 is a plan view showing a structure of a magnetizing material used to
manufacture a plate, Fig. 7 is a sectional view taken along the line A-A ', and Fig. 8 is a sectional
view showing an assembled state of a transducer of the present invention. FIG. 9 is a plan view of
a diaphragm according to a second embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 10 is a plan
view of a diaphragm according to a third embodiment of the present invention. 5 ··· Diaphragm, 6
········································································································································································· · · Other of
coil circumference, 13.13 ′, 13 ′ ′ ··············································································· Second ring of
same mouth; 13 ', 14', 13 "˜1b" ······ concentric rings, 18 ...... winding finish end, 19 ° 20 ......
magnet plate, 29 ... · · · Center electrode member 36 · · · · · · · peripheral electrode member.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, for example, a speaker,
earphone r, b is used for a dynamic type electric f-number converter used for a microphone, etc.,
and a substantially uniform perturbative drive fracture is given to the entire snout plate for
sweeping. The present invention relates to the improvement of a flat If8 driven single air acoustic
transducer. As is well known, the main bond of the flat [Ii 弐 θ 音響 acoustic reducer has at least
the peripheral portion fixed and the diaphragm supported by the ovum, and almost all of the
total board. 1 71-4- +! ): A voice coil formed across i 2 − and a magnet plate for producing a
magnetic field having the same reference numeral 6 in each part of the voice coil There are 2
pieces arranged and Φ, and 6% provided only on one side of the slope, and the former is usually
push-pull type, and the latter is considered to be a single type. Here, the customer is first shown
in the Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 1 i 51 51 538 etc., and as shown in FIG.
1, one conductor 11i-n (≧ 2) Mill flat as shown in FIG. 1 flat coil east of I 9 r foot length wound
2 [diaphragm 3 formed by forming a voice coil in a spiral wound pattern as shown in FIG. As
shown in the figure, even if the distance 4 between the magnets 4j is set relatively large to
facilitate the formation of the magnetic plate 4 as 411, there are many conductor sides in which
the same direction 04 flow flows between these poles. To be VC. Even if the dark distance #all-is
increased, a strong ringing power can be obtained regardless of the increase, and these four
collector sides are connected in series to each other, In this electro-acoustic transducer, the
advantages such as the impedance t microphone eye can be set to a sufficiently high power
required such as' t ix 6 900. When assembling the vibrating plate 3 and the magnet plate 4 so as
to face each other in t phase, if the spiral pattern of the voice coil 7) and the spiral pattern of the
magnetic pole slightly deviate in the circumferential direction, the flux and And the accuracy is
not orthogonal, and the efficiency is significantly reduced, and there was a defect that the
position of 1 to 10 W in 1 billion degrees was 1 to 10 degrees in the same manner in the case of
assembly. . V) The device is a VCM 4FJ3 over 4 light 几 i ・ made in 1 質 10 conversion aVc
previously proposed by Motoyama 1 person, a dust, its purpose and so on == D 榎 and magnet
plate and t relative amount when assembled with both 11 in the circumferential direction with
only a slight position 6 or% defined change 4?
A four air acoustic transducer capable of reliably 製品 − − − − 暑 暑 暑 暑 暑 暑 暑 暑 暑 ご ご
ご 以下 A preferred embodiment of this invention will be described in detail based on the
attached drawings. . The third is a view (hereinafter referred to as a first embodiment) i of a
photofinisher used for the warm-air acoustic transducer according to the present invention, and
the diaphragm 5 has a disk shape as shown. 7. The inner periphery pattern electrode is passed to
the beginning and end of each winding 4 m of the voice coil 6 and the winding coil 6 on the
surface of a non-conductive thin plate (for example, polyester sheet) molded into The outer
peripheral pattern electrode 8 is formed in a predetermined pattern and is 7 t%. That is, to
describe the above pattern in detail, a through hole 9 for inserting a conductive eyelet member to
be described later is formed at the center of the diaphragm 5, and the width of four through the
O through hole 9 along Jli1mK In the inner cylinder pattern (檎 7 is formed by forming an
annular pattern with four electrically conductive patterns ts, and forming an annular pattern with
a predetermined width along the m 鰍 of the diaphragm 5 The outer circumferential pattern
turtle eyelid 8 is configured. On the other hand, if the pattern of the voice coil 6 is represented in
a table T ', 11-in a specific manner, it becomes as follows. First, an annular coil is formed by
annularly winding at least two or more I's in a single bowl-like or strip-like conductor kl plane,
and the rc's inner chest putter 7 The pole 7 is positioned at position 0. Any point Pk on the
circumference of the coil & not positioned at the middle upper part of the moving plate 5 6
and%, with a winding field 41 uy of the front coil The one point L 9 of the coil group 11.12
which is positioned at the upper center of the plate 5 and on one side of the coil group 11.12 is
circular in only one round around the center point of the diaphragm of the ith @. % 1 turn then
reverse the winding direction and wind it along a first circle 1st eyelet ring 13 in a substantially
round shape, and then turn the winding direction again [inverted-8th ring to the second circle
Old to 14 almost round one round circle & CI! l! IIIIL。 With the ring 17 at the
outermost periphery and the other 12 of the coil group and the t consecutive crimps 、, the end
of the winding of the coil of III is placed on the periphery of the above-mentioned imperial board
− 11 or 12 coil circumferences of concentric circles 41 to 17 are formed in a winding pattern
such as 4 m 115 [6 in existence. "E)-"-12! On the other hand, the two magnet plates 19.20
disposed around the diaphragm 5 are configured as shown in FIG. 4 and FIG. 5, respectively. That
is, the S stone plate 19 * 2 o corresponds to the size of the diaphragm 5 and has eight poles and
N poles as shown in FIG. The magnetization of the pattern is t.
The pattern of these 8-poles and N-poles is formed by facing the putter 7 of the voice coil 6 in
the diaphragm 5 to form a p-coil, that is, a lump of 13.15 or Mass 11.16 is patterned to
correspond to both 111 dislikes ilK. Here, the first to fifth rings 13 to 17 forming the voice coil 6
of the WM-A g-th voice coil become almost a perfect circle except for the part Q + to Q4 which is
folded to the short circuit. Since it is patterned in 15 and Lt P% of these O rings 13 to 17 are
concentric with each other, they form 9 pairs, so they are formed on the magnet plate 19 ° λ
OJ: 6s41 A * N billion pattern. Portions of the voice coil pattern corresponding to the true circle
1 are in the form of true circles y, 'tP, with concentric O marks -9',... It is a transition area of%
39% S pole. In order to make a magnet plate 19 ° 20 't 4 having a pattern of 6 # as described
above, it is possible to use, for example, if it is shown in FIG. This is shown in FIG. 7 (if it is
necessary to make the formicity plate 25 to be magnetized to pick up the layer, and (t), (2)
opposite 11 c! Work is done simply by applying a 4-yoke flat 26 and performing a 4-flow t-A
magnetization. On the other hand, when assembling, as shown in FIG. 8, if 19Il both 4rc blind
holes 27 and 2B], and the flange portion 29 is formed in the O middle part, it is a cylindrical
eyelet member having tactility 30 and one end 9 magnet plate 19 of this eyelet member 30. Yoke
gray) 31 and the electrode terminal strips 32j as well as extending through the face, and from
the eyelid of 111I, a diaphragm 5. Inner circumference space t33. The magnet plate 20, the yoke
plate 34 and the washer 35kd are inserted and then the mK 27.280 shell wall is expanded
outward as shown by the phantom line in the figure, Qa3 <Hillow force is fixed. Thus, the screw
ring 5 is fixed to the inner circumferential spacer 33 and 7 → flange 11129 by holding it at its
center 111 to -11)-', and the electrode ring 36 fixed to the stone plate 191111. And the magnet
plate 2011, and it will be held and fixed by the outer circumferential spacer 37, and the voice is
made via the turtle 4ka piece 3811-which is made to project from the electrode forceps piece 32
and the electrode ring 36 Take out the pressure suppression that is caused by the coil 6. Also,
the signal current can be supplied to the HaVoice coil 6. On the other hand, in the electric noble
metal converter according to the present invention, the spiral pattern of the voice coil 6 formed
on the diaphragm 5 and the spiral pattern of the a pole formed on the magnet plate 19.20 in the
assembly are the same. Even if it is slightly shifted in the circumferential direction, it hardly
affects the electromagnetic conversion efficiency in the final product.
Therefore, the product yield is extremely good t. That is, in the case of the conventional
converter, the spiral pattern formed on the wedge plate and the magnet plate has a radius of
curvature [the current is flowing as a normal spiral pattern to be increased] And the magnetic
flux formed by the magnet plate are exactly orthogonal to each other, the ll-of 9 is limited within
the extremely narrow range where the diaphragm and the magnet plate are in a 4I fixed
positional relationship. With slight displacement in the circumferential direction, the current
flowing through the voice coil and the magnetic flux formed in the magnet plate. Kli will not
cross at once in all parts of both boards. Even with this slight deviation of the spikelet (a
conversion efficiency is reduced. On the other hand, in the case of the electro-acoustic transducer
according to the present invention, as described above, the ring of each station of the winding
pattern formed by the voice coil and the ring of each station of the winding pattern formed by
the magnet are broken. It is formed in a substantially circular shape except for the return parts Q
and ˜ Q +, and the tP is also concentric with each other, and the supplementary winding pattern
of the diaphragm and the spiral pattern of the magnet plate face each other in a square shape. As
a friend, both of them are slightly offset from each other in the local direction from the layer.
Voice coil kfi '@ flow of the horn and the change of flux with the magnetic flux is transferred to a
small part of each A * putter 70 directly inward and the folded portion Q1 to Q4 in contact with
the ring, the remaining large In the part, since the members of Uuchiuchi and Ukuni face each
other, this part V is about Bo, -12-q! The angle between the current flowing through the j 'nys
coil and the magnetic flux is still maintained in the orthogonal shape M, and as a result, the
electromagnetic conversion efficiency in the final product is hardly reduced. Further, the present
invention is applied to a mono-acoustic transducer of a type in which the diaphragm is fixed to
both the central portion and the peripheral portion in the process of this embodiment, and the
central electrode member (this In this case, 7 rung sections 29) are located inside the ring
formed by the one-way annular coil, and at the center of the winding start end 101 of this
annular coil and at the end of the winding end V 187 m1 If the core IE pole material 29 and the
winding start end 10 of the coil are connected, the peripheral electrode member (Fi electrode 36
in this example) and the winding 8M 趨 18 of the film are identical. Conducting on the plane, that
is, using the photo-etching method, becomes ohm, and the coil shoulder pull-out structure is easy
to attach to 0 and t. That is to say that the drawer structure does not have any influence on the
vibration of the diaphragm 5, that is to say, if flJ, two at one end of the first flat coil bundle of the
conventional example of FIG.・ When 71% of coil ends are positioned at both sides and%, pulling
both coil ends to the outside on the same plane-trying to pull out from the beginning of one
winding, if it is tried Even if X, it can not cross the coil pattern and can not be used.
Also, for example, assuming that the winding start rod 10t-center portion of the coil and the
winding end rod 18 are placed at the circumference lss as in this one case, [the center portion #
3 of the ring of ring-like coils # Do not position on L pole member 29, as described above) Coil
o%! ! Iio, ist-can not be pulled out on the same plane. Furthermore, in the first embodiment, one
conductor kr * (≧ 21? l An annular coil t having a predetermined local length wound in an
annular shape, a coil point 11 positioned at the center m of any one point t loss mass plate 5 on
the circumference of this coil and extending to 00 points PL or both , 12, since a large number of
annular rings 13 to 17j are formed by using only one coil circumference 11t, the area occupied
by the folded nine-folded portion Ql-Q4 is one less than this. Of each ring 13 to 17 can maximize
the sum of the circumferences of the circular rings 13 to 17 and, as a result, make a relative
amount of .tau. During assembly, even if positional deviation in the circumferential direction
occurs between the two, the performance degradation of the final product is minimized along
with it, and the 6oJ [if equalization of the crushed product] may be minimized. it can. In addition
to this one more than one, my brother Akira first friend 1 愕 α 1 book 41t push-pull type
magnet system 【Adopted 7t-貴 変 換 vc vc C C C C. The present invention uses a magnetic
system of the type described above, which can be used as a% 1 for a spacecraft Φ or 56 °, or in
the above first embodiment-as described in point P or b both In the coil circumference 11.12
which is extended to the coil circumference, it is wound concentrically 吠 while being wound
every other round on only one coil circumference 12 but forming many concentric circles 4
using the coil circumference The pattern of the 6Ja series is twisted to this and it is not 0% 1 、,
and if it is l7Il, the 42nd j is shown to the 9th badness! As in the case of the drop example, both
of the four coil circumferences 11.12 are accommodated in both points at point P and the others,
and 1 / 1'- "out of 5 in 伽 III J 4-around 1 round centered on consideration Only round in a round
shape. Then, at point Q '+, winding Uulllr is reversed, and winding is performed in a perfect circle
for approximately one round along the ring 13' of the first dot of embroidery, and a winding
pattern such as the second dot 0, The same effect can be obtained as for the positional shift #C in
the circumferential direction when setting @. In addition, the description is omitted by attaching
the same reference numerals to parts that are identical to the first 1% right example with #: 9 :.
Further, the first and the j% 2 one case 1 invention is fixed to both the central portion and the
peripheral portion, and 6 diaphragm II-adopted and used for t 'air-acoustic transducer. The
present invention can also be applied to the separation plate converter 11114 of the first
embodiment of the third embodiment shown in FIG.
In this case VC. Both the winding start rod 10 and the winding department 9 end 18 of the coil
are arranged at the peripheral edge of the diaphragm 5 and the output terminals 711 from the
surface of the diaphragm 50 [extraction As such, according to the present invention, at least% A
disgusting acoustic conversion a is fixed at 7%, and a diaphragm supported so as to be capable of
taking an image and substantially all over the diaphragm. The voice coil formed across it and the
vector と of the current flowing through this voice coil are combined in the respective parts of
the voice coil with the same magnet L and the magnetic plate 1 which produces the magnetic
plate 1) The Heuss coil is an annular coil having a predetermined circumferential length of 4i1
Krn (522 turns wound annularly, and one point of the kind of the circumference of this coil is
positioned at the center of the spring plate. No, this one point work 9 to both the grinding At
least 1% of the circumference of the circle around the center point of the imaging plate and
wound around a full circle once, then reverse the winding direction i and the first ring rc old and
almost 1 odor Since a plurality of concentric rings formed by winding the coil as a whole in a
pattern such as the existence f6 as a whole while making one or more turns into a circle, the
diaphragm and the magnet plate face t During assembly, both i8J have some positions in the
circumferential direction, so that% t of htt can be obtained.
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