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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The accompanying drawings show an embodiment of
the coaxial speaker unit of the present invention, and FIGS. 1 to 3 are sectional views showing
different embodiments. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 ... Speaker unit for low-pitched sound, 11
... Speaker frame, 12 ... Cone type ¦ mold diaphragm, 13 ... Edge, 14 ... Voice coil bobbin, 17 ...
Filling material, 1B ... Concave 20: A speaker unit for middle to high-pitched sound, 21:
piezoelectric element, 22: diaphragm.
[Detailed description of the invention] In this invention ti facing shaft mounted speaker unit KIIL,
1 etc. * L <for the bass vibration part for middle and high sound I! The present invention relates
to a coaxial layer speaker unit applied to a drive unit suspension / scene. The coaxial layer
speaker unit is configured by arranging low-pitched, medium-high-pitched speaker units on the
m-central axis, and since sound images obtained from two resources are arrayed on one axis, it is
negative [4] is a feature that can hate the voice call. However, it is a support structure of the
speaker unit for the middle or high-pitched sound which becomes a problem in this coaxial layer
speaker unit. If you keep the coax am with the coaxial plate "y / /-l 'speaker for the case of a knit
O, the bass / sbi kayak to make up the suki kaeetto ■ / 龜 板 板 O O 中 に ビ ー ビ ー ビ ー ビ ー
会 エ エ ッ ト エ ッ トAlthough K is positioned to support the drive unit, it is also necessary to
use a frame that constitutes a low-pitch speaker unit. Therefore, it is structural KII miscellaneous
and must be expensive. Therefore, it is an attempt to provide a simple coaxial structure with a
unique coaxial structure, and it is necessary to provide bass for the bass. One algae of the
diaphragm is configured to be usable as a supporting member of Sbie kaenit for medium and
high sound, which is also zero. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the attached drawings. First of all, in the cross-sectional view of the
coaxial quantity slidera enit of% III figure 7 m, the speaker frame // W ton 瀝 @ @ / outer
periphery lIk of the core that composes the low frequency sbi ka enit 10 is covered via an edge /
J. Core / ffi diaphragm Ico inner peripheral mineral voice coil Bobby y / 41 Kfil fixed, this voice
coil Bobby which is supported on the speaker frame l / by this voice coil poby / l staffing / bar /
3 ; / / Lif 1 is driven by an audio wire supplied to a drive unit 74 formed by consulting. Then, the
cone layer diaphragm / the inner space is filled with an S-filler material such as urethane foam 1
and the like, and the sound radiation I 81 is flat and directed to the central portion, In other
words, a recess / l is formed concentrically with the central axis of the low-speed spi-kanite 10.
In this WJi 5t / I, the vibration element fJJ of the speaker unit X for medium height using the
bimorph as a drive unit, in other words, piezoelectric layer Sby- # is accommodated, or the
diaphragm for medium height The local portion outside the JJO is supported by the filler 110 @through an edge.
Mayo, 2nd @ la Low-use speaker unit tooa moving plate in the embodiment where flat mf I
moving plate / JoK is replaced, the center 11 Ktf mouth / l of this flat Ili diaphragm / J0 is
formed,% lN 111 Similarly to the embodiment, a diaphragm constituting the (Slavie for mediumbird sound) J6 is accommodated, and the piezoelectric element U is used as a driving unit, and is
supported by the curved diaphragm iw via the outer periphery * a edge force. 3-Falling drive part
also filler /? Or is fixed in a flat m11 m plate / 200 WJ 嘴 / I, and becomes a support member of
a filling material, flat-slip 11 l 4 k or a medium-high-pitched subei kaenit. Furthermore, the factor
1III (see the example shown in FIG. In the center of the diaphragm / J! ! lPir / I so-called
piezoelectric film. The diaphragm JJo for middle to high sound by bipoly i- is mounted and
directly fed to this. In addition, over Om Ming, and ,! ! The same member butterfly is shown in
FIG. Because of the above-mentioned configuration, the coaxial type Sbika ENIZ of the present
invention has the above-mentioned structure, so that the diaphragms II / 4% for bass and also
the O-drive ISJ for medium and high-pitched sound, and the diaphragm for supplying sound
signal current to each diaphragm. As can be clearly understood from the above description, it is
possible to drive independently the 1⁄4 and%, and% 2 sound images can be obtained completely
on the same axis, according to the coaxial speaker unit of this invention, the bass diaphragm 低音
1 The part is used as a support member for the middle and high frequency diaphragm. Since the
drive part of the diaphragm for medium and high sound is made up of a piezoelectric element, or
a piezoelectric film in which the diaphragm and the drive part are integrated, it is possible to
obtain a lightweight structure with a simple structure. 4. lllif) Simple 1kaa attached g- shows an
embodiment of the coaxial type Sbi-kaenit of the present invention, and FIGS. 1 to 3 are sectional
views showing different implementations. 10
············································· Fill material, 1 g ···・ Recession JO ・ ・ ・ Sviak unit for medium and
high sound ・ ・ Piezoelectric element, ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ diaphragm new
practical **** a + Pioneer Difference, 5-first Npj-3-2! / 9/7 \ / θy 4 / ,,. +1 ','; '/ L FIG. 2/132321'
2 /, 〃, 7. i: θ / 3 □ Fig. 3 奢; 1 / り 12 ヲ A ヲ / / 3 3/2 71a4: S, Fl / 4/611 + 11) 1), agent
Higashi + Q J J 1 6 District West Orijuku 1 'J-Eye No. 9 I2 5 No. 5-Person Requested Goods Hill 1.
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