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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention, wherein 9 is an edge and 10 is a thick portion provided on
the outer peripheral portion of the edge.
[Detailed description of the invention] The plan is the outside of the edge-a meaty part holding
the joint p-cough,-side Km mechanical reconnaissance? The present invention relates to an
improvement of a speaker for stopping and reflecting the reflected sound of the solid body and
the resonance vcf of the edge 1 at the time of an insect movement by making it wait. The
conventional edge is made by supporting the cone ridge so as to be off-center and to form an
overall thin shape so as not to disturb the vertical vibration noise. This edge is pressed from
above at the outer edge of the frame & part of the frame & part 1) 5 o 7 o 6 o ' For this reason,
the outer periphery of the edge is extremely used and the loss becomes small, and when it
vibrates, the fixed sound of the edge itself and the reflected sound due to NvC are generated, and
the housing characteristics of the speaker? Is it the cause of the M · · The disadvantage of the
above words i in order to completely tamper with the edge of the edge of the agent processed by
processing @ agent? Although this method has been carried out, such a method causes a
disturbance of the new free fall property caused by the damping agent, which is a problem in
terms of performance. Is seven tea a mechanical loss in the outer circumference of the work, Ji
(joining surface with the frame) / U insertion? With this action, from the fitting part of the edge
and the cone to the edge of the frame and the edge of the frame, the fixed reflection sound
caused by Cm movement is suppressed and the speaker f is prevented from producing distorted
sound. A custom written on the basis of Joh bamboo, which is a written version of JTh's
shortcomings. (1) is the speaker's yoke, (2) is the center ball integrally with this yoke (1) (31 is a
water mark, (41 is a plate, f511 j is a plate (41 on flame. (61はボイスコイル、(7)はこのボ
イスコイル(61? 4 '] 71-Da (2) A spider that supports and prevents pregnancy and pregnancy
(81 is corn feed). (91 is usually an elastic material such as foamed polyethylene, foamed
polyurethane, and upper 9: 2-n paper (the edge supported by the 81-year-old, its outer edge tiO1
thick? An integrally formed t-frame fixed to the frame is a dust cap. As described above,
according to the present invention, it is possible to suppress the fixed reflection sound 會
suppressed due to the hardness around the junction of the edge and f :! In this case, it is possible
to use the speaker's φ characteristics in full width, and also to use the remaining month of the
gasket at the time of machining and molding, so it is possible to use 1 bar. The practical effects
are also large from the economic point of view.
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