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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially enlarged cross-sectional view of a
diaphragm of the present invention. 1 is a fiber layer, 2 is a resin film, 3 is a resin, 4 is an
aromatic polyamide fiber, 5 is a pulp.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the structure of a
lightweight and highly rigid speaker diaphragm. Generally, in order to obtain a diaphragm with
large rigidity using high elastic fiber such as aromatic polyamide fiber, the one which mixes high
elastic fiber with SL into pulp has sufficient rigidity because sufficient bond of high elastic fiber
can not be obtained. I could not get the missing α. Also, a diaphragm formed by heat-pressing a
so-called prepreg, in which a fiber gap of a high elastic fiber woven or non-woven fabric is filled
with a thermosetting resin, is sufficient for 1 o · 6 o q 2 fiber-to-fiber bonding and high rigidity is
obtained. It was a drawback that the weight was heavy. In order to eliminate the abovementioned disadvantages in the present invention, the embodiment shown in the drawings will
be described. As shown in FIG. 1, the pulp 5 refined with 80% or less of the aromatic polyamide
fiber 4 is mixed. The fiber layer IK is impregnated with a thermosetting resin 3 such as IK
phenolic resin, melamine resin, and Evoquin resin. In order to make the porous structure of the
fiber layer 1 possible and to make the inter-fiber bonding sufficiently, for example, the
impregnation of the thermosetting resin 3 is carried out so that the thermosetting resin 3
adheres only to the fiber-fiber joint 4+. Must be kept to the minimum. It is a diaphragm for a
slider formed by heat pressing a thermoplastic resin film 2 such as vinylon or acrylic between
two sheets of the fiber layer with a scissors and integrating them. Since the copying board
according to the present invention is structured as described above, the fibers 1 to 4 have a
porous structure and are air-permeable, or the thermoplastic resin layer film 2 between fibers 1
and 1 and 1 Since it is designed to solve the problem of ventilation, it aims to increase the loss at
the same time, and it is possible to obtain a diaphragm with high strength and high rigidity.
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