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Description 1, title of the invention
Acoustic diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an electroacoustic
transducer, in particular to an acoustic diaphragm for a speaker, and more particularly to a
diaphragm material having a speed of sound faster than that of a conventional cone paper. is
there. Conventionally, a paper cone has been mainly used as a diaphragm material for speakers,
and in part, metal foils and plastic films have been used for high-pitched sound reproduction or
for special small-sized speakers. Although paper cones have appropriate rigidity, light weight and
large internal loss, they have a limit to the absolute velocity of sound (the square root of specific
modulus), and others, change with time, hygroscopicity, etc. Every noise generation has its
drawbacks. In order to remedy these drawbacks, the incorporation of carbon fibers and special
high elasticity fibers and the use of new adhesives have been carried out, but there has been no
significant improvement in performance. On the other hand, although metal foils are excellent in
sound velocity, they have almost no internal loss, so they have not been used, for example, by
bonding them with a visco-elastic film to take advantage of the original characteristics. Also, the
plastic film is inferior to the improved corn paper in both the speed of sound and the loss, and it
is often used except for special applications. From the above background, a diaphragm material
that is lightweight, has high rigidity, that is, has a high sound velocity, and has a large internal
loss has been desired. The present invention provides a novel diaphragm material which
eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks of the conventional diaphragm material. That is, the
present invention is characterized by using boron nitride (BN) combined with an organic binder
resin as a vibrating plate material and material, and the ratio of EndPage: 1 to that of a
conventional paper cone is extremely fast. A diaphragm having a suitable internal loss. Boron
nitride used in the present invention is a white fine powder obtained by a direct reaction of boron
and nitrogen or a reaction of boric acid and an amine, and is a compound having a crystal
structure of graphite development, and is 1 to 10 μm. Powders of particle size of are available as
commercial products. This powder can be used as it is, or depending on the purpose, it can be
used by surface treatment by ion bombardment, seed coat or other methods. A conventionally
known organic resin can be used as a binder resin for bonding the boron nitride powder. For
example, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester resin, diallyl phthalate resin, xylene resin, pheno- / I
/ resin, urea resin, various amine resins, alkyd resin, furan resin, polyimide resin, polyamideimide
resin, thermosetting acrylic resin, Polyurethane resin, polybutadiene resin, silicone resin Nato (T)
thermosetting resin, or fd, polystyrene, ° Hori chloride chloride vinylo novo poly (vinyl
acetate) polyvinyl alcohol, acrylic 26 (methacrylic acid ester alone or not) A combination of
various fibroplastics such as cellulose acetate ester, polycarbonate resin, polysulfone resin,
polyphenylene oxide resin and polyamide resin can be used.
In order to strengthen the bond between the binder resin and the boron nitride powder, it is
possible to use a treatment agent such as a run coupling agent or a (d titanium coupling agent).
The binder resin may be used alone or as a mixture (d) according to the use 51K of the moving
plate. The blending ratio of boron nitride and binder resin is preferably such that the ratio of
boron nitride to the diaphragm is 4 to 95% by weight. If the content is less than 40% by weight,
sufficient sound velocity can be obtained, and if it is more than 95% by weight, the binder resin
amount is too small and the mechanical strength is lowered, which is practical is not. As means
for dispersing the boron nitride powder in the binder resin, conventionally known methods can
be used. For example, there are various tri-blending, mixing by a mixer or a mixer, or mixed lines
by two rolls or three rolls. Composites uniformly mixed by these methods are converted into
note-like, cone-like I / 1 films by methods such as extrusion, calendering, compression, or casting
from a solution (dispersion liquid), if necessary. An operation such as heat curing is added to
form a diaphragm. The diaphragm according to the present invention has a high sound velocity
as compared with the conventional paper cone and has the same sound velocity as metallic
aluminum and metallic titanium, as seen in the examples, and in spite of that, It has an internal
loss more than 10 times that of aluminum. In addition, as an additional effect of the present
invention, the obtained diaphragm is white, and there is also an advantage that a speaker with
high commercial value can be made. The present invention will be described by way of examples.
Example 1 Boron Nitride (trade name of Denka Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. [dencabororen nitride
GP) 8. OjF, phenolic resin (Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. trade name [Sumilac PC-1J) 2.8. After
mixing F, monochlorohexanol 14 and OF, the mixture is kneaded with a 3-neck mill and a mill to
obtain a uniform-outer dispersion. Next, this dispersion is coated on a surface of an iron plate
coated with ethylene tetrafluoride using a doctor blade, dried at 150'C for 10 minutes, and then
the upper surface is coated with ethylene tetrafluoride. And pressed for 1 hour at C.
and K.sub.9 / crl to obtain a diaphragm with a thickness of about 100 .mu.m. This
moving plate was white and strong. From this shooting plate 16. A test piece of X4.50a was cut
out and subjected to a vibration test as a cantilever to measure the sound velocity and Q
(proportional to the reciprocal of internal loss).
The results are shown in the table below. Example 2 In the example 1, the table below shows the
results when the ratio of boron nitride to the weight of the diaphragm is 40% by weight. Example
3 In the example 1, the table below shows the results when the content of boron nitride is 95
weight EndPage: 2 amounts. Example 4 "Denka boron nitride GPJ 8.0. F。 Epokin resin (a equal
combination of NEL Chemical's trade name "Epicoat 828" and Ciba's trade name "Araldite ECN
1299") 1. yy, curing agent (Kadel Co., Ltd. trade name "Ef (-831J) o, 4y, Silang coupling agent
(Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. trade name [KBM 4 o 3 J) fo, o 3 y, cyclohexanol is, oy sufficiently
After mixing, they are kneaded by a three-roll mill to obtain a uniform dispersion. Thereafter, the
sound velocity measurement results of the test pieces prepared by treating in the same manner
as in Example 1 are shown in the following table. Example 6 "Dencaboron Nitride GPJ8-Oy +
Diallyl Phthalate Prepolymer (Osaka Soda Co., Ltd., trade name 1 Daisodanobu LJ) 1.9y, diallyl
phthalate monomer 0.1-y, dicumylonio-oxide 40mq The vibrating plate was 83 and so on (white
was clearer than that of the vibrating plate obtained in the above-mentioned Examples 3 to 4).
The measurement results are shown in the table below. For comparison, commercially available
ordinary corn paper (comparative example 1), high quality corn paper (comparative example 2)
similarly mixed with high elasticity organic fibers, aluminum plate (comparative example 3), and
polyester resin polyester (comparative example 3) The measurement results when Comparative
Example 4) is used for the diaphragm are also shown in Table 1 below. As is apparent from the
results in the above table, the diaphragm according to the present invention 751 has an acoustic
velocity force that is significantly larger than that of the goon paper, and is equivalent to or
higher than that of the cone paper while being equivalent to metal aluminum. Have a large
internal loss. Name of Attorney Attorney Nakao 61 power · 1 person EndPage: 3
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