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Clear MA4I 11. Name of light off piezoelectric buzzer mounting rod
4, a brief description of the drawing! 4's1 is a conventional barometer of the barometer of the
piezo-electric buzzer, 2 sit is a non-inventive pressure-the day of the pouser's chart of delivery,
the 6th section is its set 1 In a sudden reconnaissance map, ゐ 0 は 1 is a de-case, 2 is a
piezoelectric magnetic 伍, 6 is similar to 似 Ji 4. 4 is the upper case, 5 is the mounting foot e6as
6b, 14 is the lead e7ha 7b is the hole, 8 is the print base number, 9 · 16 is the storage pattern, 10
is the ring-shaped special member, the pouring member, the 11Q holding member, the 12 is
Locking claw, 16 is a person, 15 is a person. Special discharge applicants Canon French-style
company agent Fukude Tsuji EndPage: 2
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