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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a conventional flat panel
type passive speaker, FIG. 2 is a block diagram of the flat panel type passive speaker of the
present invention, and FIG. Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view of a cylindrical body 2 connected to a
vibro, Fig. 5 is an external structural view of a semicircular plate 6 'attached to the cylindrical
body 2, and Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional view of a stroke bearing. 1 is a stroke bearing, 2 and 7 is a
cylinder, 3 is a diaphragm, 4 is a damper, 5 is a frame, 6 is a pipe, 6 'is a light metal plate, 8 is a
reinforcing plate, 9 is an inner bottom, 10 is a center hole, 11 is a bearing ball. .
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a flat-plate, double-bump, vibration-type speaker, which is juxtaposed near the driving speaker
of the speaker box, in order to enhance the reproduction of the low frequency range. Heretofore,
as shown in FIG. 1, in the flat type diaphragm vibration speaker, as shown in FIG. 1, the outer
peripheral edge of the diaphragm 8 integrally formed by synthetic rubber 2 with the edge
portion and the image pickup portion is stuck to the peripheral portion of the frame 5 A light
metal reinforcing plate 8 made of aluminum or the like is attached to the rear surface of the
imaging unit of the plate 8, and the upper end of the cylindrical body 7 is stuck to the center of
the supplementary plate 8 It is held by the damper 4 stuck to the center and held in the center.
When such a half plate type non-circular diaphragm speaker ヲ speaker カ ー speaker box is
placed in the vicinity of a driving speaker, air vibration generated by the driving speaker It is
swaying three. In this case, in order to use the one having the weight of the support plate 3 and
the outside diameter of the damper t 80% larger than that of the damper t, the cylindrical body 7
is lighted by the spring of the diaphragm 3. There is a drawback that the damper 4 can not be
deformed so that it can not be held constant so that it strokes in the direction of the off power.
Also, if the outer diameter of the damper 1 is reduced, the cylindrical body 7 'f! : The holding
force which causes the power to move towards the metro (or the drawback is that the amplitude
of the lifting plate 3 is restricted or the characteristic of the speaker is deteriorated. 3 The
present invention was devised as a method for preventing the breaking of the diaphragm in order
to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and the embodiment shown in the drawings will be
described with reference to FIG. And the outer periphery of the diaphragm 3 integrally formed of
synthetic rubber on the peripheral edge of the frame 50, and the diaphragm 30 is attached to the
back surface of the sliding portion of the diaphragm 30 made of light metal such as aluminum or
synthetic resin. Form. The child end of the cylindrical body 2 is pasted in the center of the back
of the vibrator and F part is erected 1, and the lower part of the cylindrical body 2 is the lower
part by the damper 4 attached to the horizontal step 2 character correction part of the frame 5
The outer periphery is held and held in the center. The lower end outer periphery of the
cylindrical body 2 is shown in FIG. 3, a light metal vibro is attached or connected in FIG. 4 or
connected in FIG. 5, a semicircular light metal plate 6 '. And the lower end of the cylindrical body
2 to which the vibro or semi-arc light metal plate 6 'is attached is inserted into the center hole 10
shown in FIG. 6 of the stroke bearing 1 attached to the inner bottom 9 of the frame 5. It is a bus
beaker. The semicircular arc shaped light metal plate 6 'is attached to the outer periphery of the
lower end of the cylindrical body 2, and the mounting direction of the fc% combined speaker is
attached to the upper surface of the outer periphery of the lower end of the cylindrical body 24
so as to locate the semicircular arc light metal plate 6'. .
When this bath-spout force is placed in the vicinity of the speaker for small movement in the
speaker box, it resonates with air vibration generated in the drive speaker and picks up the
protein plate 8 of the flat-plate type passive diaphragm speaker. Pan knobs that contact the
bearing balls ll on the inner wall of the center hole lO of the hollow bearing or semicircular arc
light metal plate 6 'to correct the stroke position of the cylinder 2 and prevent the diaphragm 3
from being tilted It is a thing of great practical value by the improvement idea of the speaker.
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