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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of the present invention, a part is
a sectional view, and FIG. 2 is an inner side view of the present invention. 1.11 is a sound wave
outlet, 2.21 is a horn, 3,3 'C small speaker, 4, 4 is a headphone main body, 55 I head batt, 6 is a
head van) ", 7, 7' C rear cover.
[Detailed description of the invention] This utility model relates to headphones for listening to
music etc with better sound. The conventional headphones have almost the same structure as # 1
in which all small speakers are crimped directly to the pinna by the head pad via the ear pad, so
there are individual differences, but (1) My ears hurt if I use it for a long time. / 亡-′ (2) I hear
an ear when I hear it with a fat sound. (3) Because the ear pads are covered with the ear pads,
the high-frequency sound is absorbed and the sound is pulled in. (4) As the pinna is deformed,
the sound wraps around the ear and makes you feel unnatural. There were common drawbacks
such as The present invention was made in order to eliminate the disadvantages of the following.
If the drawing is described with reference to the drawings, a conical or hemispherical horn 22
provided with a sound emission port 1, 1 'near the central portion is a small speaker Headphones
4 fixed to the front of the 6.6 'and with the back cover 77' on the back and with the old cover 4
'attached to the headband 6 formed by the elastic band of reverse letter type 7 and the head pad
65) at the right and left inside of the head pad 65) with the appropriate size Hendpanodo 55
'fixed on the right and left, respectively, when wearing headphones in a bag, the sound outlet of
the headphone body 4a 11) Make sure that the pinna is fixed without deformation at a position
slightly touching or slightly touching the ear hole. Since this utility model is structured as
described above, its usage is almost the same as that of the conventional headphones, and (1) it
does not squeeze the pinna and its ear will not hurt even if used for a long time. (2) Even loud
sounds have few ears. (3) The low-range to high-range sound is sent without loss to the inside of
the ear hole by the function of the horn 2.2 ', so it is possible to open a bright and rich sound. (4)
There is spread. It has a great effect, such as a more natural presence, etc., and it has a feature.
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