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Description 1, title of the invention
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
moving magnet (MM) type pickup cartridge. In a stereo record, since it is 6 with a 45 ° -45 °
universal-type ditch, the magnetic circuits (coils and pole pieces) fl, L channel and R channel of
the power generation system of the MM type cartridge are orthogonal to each other. Due to this
orthogonal relationship, the arrangement of the power generation system and the vibration
system becomes large. It is an object of the present invention to provide a pickup cartridge
having a new structure which is not found in these conventional MM type pickup cartridges. And
in the present invention, a cross-shaped magnet is adopted, and a coil as a magnetic circuit
coupled to this and a pole piece are distributed in a non-orthogonal positional relationship.
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be specifically described with reference
to the drawings. In the pickup cartridge 1 of the present invention, the force / EndPage: the rear
end of the lever 2, a pair of cross-shaped pairs of magnets 3B and 3 on a plane orthogonal to the
axial direction of the cantilever 2; The magnet is fixed in a state parallel to 6RT 6L, and the
magnet 3R, 3m is magnetized in the axial direction of the cantilever 2 and one pair of diagonal
parts of the pair of madanets 3R 13L, for example, left and right corner parts A pair of pole
pieces 4R of high permeability corresponding to the one half channel sound groove 6RIC and a
pair of pole pieces 4L of high permeability corresponding to the sound groove 6L of the other
one channel are respectively disposed, each pole piece 4R. Coils SR, SL for generating 41 Vc? It is
wound and constituted. In this case, the pole pieces 4R, 4L are disposed so as to be located inside
the tips of the magnets 3F +, 31-. The cantilever 2 is vibratably supported as a fulcrum P2 center
by a damper (not shown) at the rear end portion, and the sound grooves 5R and 6L are traced by
the front stylus tip 2a. In addition, two coils of one million 531. And the other two coils 5L are
mutually [i]. Furthermore, a pair of pole pieces 4R and 4L are respectively connected at the rear.
The cantilever 2 has a sound groove 611. (When tracing iL, one pick-up cartridge operates as
follows. Now, assuming that the cantilever 2 receives the vibration in the direction indicated by
the arrow R corresponding to the one-side channel VC in the eleventh, at this time, the magnet 3
L, and the second direction of the arrow in the second attack only , There is no change in the
magnetic lines of force passing through the coils SL, SL.
The unmagnified 3R, as seen in the arrow in FIG. 3, has a rotational movement about its axis 3M.
Therefore, the N pole and the S pole of the magnet 3R come close to and separate from the pole
piece 4R, thereby changing the magnetic force 1i penetrating the coil 5R through the pole piece
4R. Therefore, the coil 5RK, the regeneration direct pressure is induced. Conversely, with respect
to the vibration in the direction of the arrow by the groove 6L corresponding to the signal of the
opposite channel, a voltage is induced in the coil 5L of the opposite channel due to the reverse
relationship to the above-mentioned operation. By the above operation principle, the pickup
cartridge 1fl of the present invention enables reproduction of a 45 ° -45 ° stereo record. In
addition, cross-shaped magno) 3R, 3L is the above-mentioned 夾 Instead of being integrated as in
the 1lli example, it may be configured separately. In addition, pole piece 4R, 4T-u, real on ml. In
the embodiment, they are located at the same diagonal position, but may be disposed at different
diagonal positions. In the present invention, since the power generation system for determining
the outer dimensions of the pickup cartridge can be disposed in a nearly parallel state as viewed
from the front without orthogonality, the pickup cartridge can be made flat and miniaturized, and
the component parts of LR are crosses It is arranged symmetrically around the magnet, so that
the separation ability of the channel signal and the output balance are excellent, and the magnet
of the imaging system remains flat parallel to the pole piece of the generator system. Since
displacement occurs, the power generation system and the vibration system can be as close as
possible, and the generation efficiency can be enhanced.
4, Brief description of the drawing EndPage:2
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