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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a right half vertical sectional view showing one
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a partial perspective view showing an
assembly of a voice coil and a tape. In the drawings, the same reference numerals indicate the
same parts, 1 is a lower plate, 2 is an upper plate, 3 is a magnet 4, 4 is a yoke, 5 is an outer
frame, 6 is an inner frame, 8 is a voice coil, 9 is a bobbin, 10 Is a spider, 12 is a diaphragm, 13 is
an outer peripheral edge, 14 is an inner peripheral edge, 15 is a lead wire, and 16 is a tape.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a structure in
which a flat plate speaker using a circular flat plate-like diaphragm sound is darkened, and in
particular, a diaphragm and a bobbin of a Heuss coil are locally attached. A flat plate speaker
with a diaphragm in the form of a flat plate is narrower in piston vibration habituation area Fi
than a cone type speaker, but since the vibration machine is a flat plate There is an advantage
that (1) town F, t pa. 7) of; i'-r can be obtained which has a flat tip and a flat phase-wave number
characteristic. In addition, the cone-shaped speaker is improved by using a honeycomb structure
that can increase the thickness and the thickness as well as a problem that the piston oscillation
region is narrow, as a coupling, or a material having a large Young's modulus can be obtained.
Have you been able to do the same thing, recently highlighted? It has come to bath. However, as
the bobbin is used for the purpose of hatching, because the thin material is used, the contact th +
wrinkle with the diaphragm can not be taken sufficiently, and it is only one rod to carry out bI
attachment between the bobbin and the diaphragm. there were. This device is a device not seen
in the above point 9 and uses a tape in order to completely carry out the inherent gold of the
bobbin and the diaphragm. Shown below 冥 7i! We will explain the details of this invention
according to one example. That is, in FIG. 1, +1 1 is a hollow disk-shaped lower plate (21 is a
medium circular plate-shaped upper plate, (3) a plate (3) and an upper plate The fixed cylindrical
cylindrical magnet 1, 141 is suitable to the outer shell 1j of the upper part (1 i 11+ is the above
upper plate) (2) (2) in the upper part; b open-lower part upper ic lower plate il + These are the
cylindrical yokes that are fixed in contact with the steel and the air is wound around it. (5; an
integrally formed outer frame having a shape in which a hollow disk-shaped supporting portion
positioned upward-1 and a hollow disk-shaped fixing portion positioned N downward are
connected by a plurality of angle portions, (6) is the above-mentioned upper plate (the inner
frame 21 is fixed at its lower end to the outer frame (5 (the same shape as the inner frame, (7) to
this inner frame (6) = = 84 speaker frame, (8) above gray) + 21 and yoke (41 voice coil provided
in the gap, (9) is cylindrical with the bobbin of this voice coil (8) ◎ ulJFi voice coil 181kliaffi has
a hollow disk shape and its fine 11n shape is corrugated corrugated spider, al, the outer frame
15i solidity t and ring shaped spider support with the end of the spider u 上 記1 to this support
ul- The first is that of.
[121'i hollow circular plate-like plate-shaped diaphragm so that its outer circumference! d Outer
frame 151K according to the outer peripheral edge Q4VC. Internal custody is fixed to the abovementioned inner frame (3) (· 猛 猛 (6,) by the inner circumference edge l. 115 + Fi Reed さ せ る,
which makes the voice signal to the human voice coil (8) 巌 は は 接着 會 固 層 6 上 6 6 6 6 6 6
6 [11] It is a paper tape which increases the pole. The configuration of the voice coil (8) and the
paper tape α6 is shown in a second frame. As described above, in the case of the flat-panel
speaker vc, the hoblin (9 (and the finger movement q2 and so on) uses a t-tape to increase the
number of blood spots. That is, on the inner peripheral wall of -thI ヲ hovin +9+ of the paper tape
0e, the end of the set tape u61 is stuck to the upper end of the hovin (9) as the upper end of the
hovin (9). This tape U & and the bobbin (91 and the upper 9 * [in the diaphragm 1121vc close to
the inner layer by the diaphragm 1121vc, so bv * lJI with the diaphragm 02] reconnaissance
becomes large, the diaphragm and the hobin (field The fixation of the voice coil (8) can be
transmitted completely to the vibrating plate. Moreover, the diaphragm plate and the bobbin
(910 巴 1 shield work becomes easy to work ま た. Also, the paper tape U で き can be used as it
is in a commercially available tape container. Furthermore, it is also possible to use a sticky tape t
(4) with a tackiness agent adhered to the piece l] 8 and in this case, the bobbin (the tape with the
91 can be more easily fixed). As mentioned above, these 4 plans are planer-shaped brows! Since
the tape is attached to the solid layer between the plate and the bobbin, and the contact surface
between the bobbin and the diaphragm Kamakurajima is put on, the solid layer is made into the
original metal and the voice coil drive is completely convex. I can tell temporarily and also 1i of
the diaphragm and the bobbin! i) The formability at the time of layering is also improved. 4
simple sheep sheep Figure 1 shows the right half vertical PJ [view] showing a loss of work of this
invention [Fig. 2, an assembly of voice coil and tape? It is a nine-minute, congratulatory view
shown. In the figure, the same reference numerals indicate 1w 1 part, (l) is lower, (21 is upper
play), 13+ magnet, (4) is yoke, (5) is an outer frame, ttilti inner frame, (8) is voice Coil, + 91u
bobbin, ui is a spider. 慎 一 1 1 敬, u 烏 is the outer cylinder end, 04 · is the inner cylinder end. [1
system is Reed 糎, ui is the take. (5) and one color 127141613 / ltI yo dat DI two colors b? · · 4
4956, applicants other than the above, applicants for utility model registration or agent inventor
address No. 2 14 No. 40, Ofuna, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd.
Product research institute Tanaka Nakasu 崎 Name: Tanaka Quasi-Address Name of same place
Ishiidou Road agent zip code 100 address Tokyo Chiyo t U ward Marunouchi-for 2) No. 3
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Moe name (7375) Patent attorneys Oiwa Masuo 7 ·, God 4 j t t −
) 1/3 · Gu / F
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