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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1A and 1B are side views of a conventional
speaker cord, FIGS. 2A and 2B are explanatory views of the electrical property of the same, and
FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of electric lines of force, Fig. 4 is a side view of a conventional
shield wire, Fig. 5 is an enlarged sectional view thereof, Fig. 6A and 6B are side views of a
speaker cord of this invention, and Fig. 7 is an electric force appearing in the speaker cord of this
invention. It is explanatory drawing of a line. 4.4 ′ ········· Core wire, 5, 5 ′ ·····································
Conductive paint, 7 ················································································································> Speaker cord s has
been produced
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sound
reproducing apparatus (one of them relates to the modification of a speaker cord connecting
between a speaker and an amplifier, and includes an inductance component of the speaker cord
and a color line). The sound quality is inferior due to the charging phenomenon generated on the
surface: The purpose is to falsify the human body and to equalize the electromagnetic field
generated around the speaker cord, thereby also falsifying the high quality deterioration. . As
shown in FIGS. 1 (A) and 1 (B), the conventional speaker cord is a parallel electric wire in which
the core wires z and 1 'are mutually insulated by the insulator , 93 / g) or twisted wire
(see (B)). For example, as shown in FIG. 2 (A), when such a speaker cord V and voice overflow are
made to flow, the core wire l is in the state of n potential, core + fit or θ position as shown in
FIG. Considering this, this conventional speaker coat: very high insulation property, and secondly:
as shown in FIG. Even when it becomes a little remaining, it acts on the signal in reverse and acts
as a reverse, it is transmitted as a distortion, and when the signal is reproduced as a sound, it is a
so-called "slippery" and so on. Exert mother. In addition, focusing on the electric lines of force in
the above case, the 31st line is not shown)-the lines of energy are not emitted by 1 ri on average
from the central portion of the speaker cord, ie, the core wires 1 and 1. , The shortest distance
between different kinds of opposite charges; (It is a known fact that many gather. Therefore,
considering the influence of this case, there is a possibility that the charging of the
aforementioned charge may be concentrated on a part of the insulators 2 and 2. Also, the
concentration of the electric field lines (2) r increases as the degree of insulation of the insulators
2 and 2 'increases, and a force according to Coulomb's law also works between the charges of the
insulators 2 and 2v. Therefore, the conventional speaker cord has many adverse effects on the
sound quality as electrostatic capacitance, inductance, charge direction and so on. Also,
conventionally, in order to eliminate such evil U41, a shield wire may be used as a speaker cord.
As shown in the fourth country, this field wire is used to insulate the core ID outside solid with
the insulator 2 and the entire surface of the insulator 2 is a metal net woven with a metal wire.
Coated with This /-field line Hiroda) top view is the fifth #! As shown, micro gaps are generated
between the gold / gold wire 3a and 3a constituting the shield body 3 and between the gold @ 1
wire 3a and the insulator 2, and the insulator 20 surface surface type load There are places
where it is easy to move and places where it is easy for the load to move to the end, which
appears as distortion of sound.
This: 4 nest is to provide a speaker cord which eliminates the above-mentioned conventional
problems. (3) That is, the speaker cord of this invention is shown in FIG. 6 (薊, (as shown in 0,
parallel% lines (m + D; l, core wires 4, 4 are respectively insulated by insulators 5, 5 Or a speaker
cord 7 in which a conductive paint containing an organic solvent, for example, a carboncontaining conductive paint 6, 6 is applied to the entire surface m of the insulators 5 and 5 of the
twisted wire (see the color chart) I will cut it. In the case of this conductive paint / D paint Q, its 4
verses; ヰ paint 6, 6 is slightly invaginated on the surface of the household 5, 50 slightly and
makes the change of dielectric constant gentle. In addition, the surface of the conductive paint 6,
6 'is not as in the conventional round line, and there are almost no fine irregularities and it is
smooth. Therefore, since the monotonous force and the glands generated inside the insulators 5
and 5 'become uniform, the charge acting on the surface of the insulators 5 and 5' becomes a
minimum of -5fL. Still, the surface direction of the insulators 5, 5 '(/ C is because the conductive
paint 6.6' is completely in contact with the surface, so the charge to be charged 6 on the surface
of the insulator 5.5 'is It is discharged instantly, and eventually, the surface of the insulators 5
and 5 is not subjected to electrical (4) resistance, and there is no influence on the signal. In
addition, it has an adverse effect on the audio signal 2. ■, DC due to the proximity effect of the
electric wire of pole e, 7) Drift current, as shown in Fig. 7, always affects the electric wire.
Cunning fish. This device, as described above, has a parallel structure of 45 cm separated by an
insulator, and the entire surface of the insulator of the wire is twisted. Loudspeaker cord: The
speaker cord in which the core wire is conventionally insulated by simply soldering the core wire
by means of five wax books, or the core wire is insulated (thereby by The sound quality was able
to be equalized as compared with the so-called speaker cord consisting of a so-called line, in
which the entire surface of the a.
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