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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a diagram showing the basic configuration of a
conventional transmitter, FIG. 2 is a connection diagram of the configuration shown in FIG. 1, and
FIG. 3 shows an embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 4 shows an example of the structure
of a telephone transmitter using the configuration of FIG. 1 ...... electrodynamic microphone, 2 ......
cancellation coils 3,6 ...... cancellation coil 2 output terminals, 4, 5 ...... kinematic Output terminal
of the electric microphone 1, 11,... A whist coil of the electrodynamic microphone 1, 21 .. ..
winding of a cancellation coil 2, 101. 102! ........
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention relates to a transmitter used for a
telephone, and in particular 1 g! Using a 1g-type microphone, the microphone used to be
connected to the amplification Ii1 is a microphone in which the microphone and the
amplification rod are housed in one-piece 11 bodies. Conventionally, this no-electric-phone uses
a-peripheral microphone or an electric a-type microphone 1 -..-.-.- / l.rho. 2 so that the output to
human voice is small and the external television, radio or induction The noise due to hum can not
be ignored, and various measures have been considered as this measure. That is, the whole
microphone is made of metal such as permalloy, and a method of shielding the microphone from
an external magnetic field or winding another coil around the microphone to induce
electromotive force in the winding of the microphone and induced in the surrounding coil A
method of mutually canceling out with the electromotive force has been used. While the former
is applied to an electromagnetic microphone as a raw and the microphone is coupledly enlarged
or hard to make, the latter is mainly used for an electrodynamic microphone and externally;
There is a drawback, such as lll1i need to lead to a rise. The purpose of this study In the case of a
peristaltic microphone, attention is paid to the fact that a printed j & board for incorporating an
amplifier outside the microphone is prepared, and a special item, configuration, etc. to avoid the
influence of the external S magnetic field. In order to provide a telephone transmitter capable of
eliminating external induction noise without making it 2-\ @@, the transmitter according to the
present invention is a printed circuit board disposed around an electrodynamic microphone A
spiral wiring pattern for forming an inductance is prepared on the top, and the voice coil of the
microphone and the wiring pattern are connected in a direction in which electromotive forces
induced by an external magnetic field cancel each other. Next, an embodiment of the present
invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram showing
a basic configuration of a conventional method in which a coil is wound around a microphone. In
FIG. 1, IFiJim is an electric microphone type microphone microphone, 3 and 6 are terminals of
the coil, and 4 ° 5 is a terminal of the voice coil of the microphone 1. @ 2 Figure 2 shows the
power of the transmitter ii shown in 1sIII, 11 is a voice coil of the microphone 1, 21 is a cancel
coil 20, and the electromotive force generated by the external Na field is canceled each other It is
connected in the direction to meet each other. 3-3-9 (When the microphone IK voice is input in
FIG. 1, an output is generated at the terminals 4 and 5 according to the principle of a
conventional electrodynamic microphone.
However, since there is no change in the magnetic field in the cancellation coil 2, no
electromotive force is generated, and the output of the microphone 1 is output to the terminal
3.4. On the other hand, when the transmitter is placed in an external magnetic field, for example,
a magnetic field such as an induction ham from a commercial power source, an electromotive
force is generated in the microphone 1 and the cancellation coil 2. Therefore, the microphone 1
and the cancellation soda / l. ! It is possible to cancel out each other and reduce the induced
noise from the external magnetic field by appropriately selecting Jl: L, the coil diameter of the
cancellation coil 20, and the number of turns. Fig. 3 shows the telephone transmission Il! ! Fig. 2
shows the principle of the fermentation of rice straw, (a) is a plan II, and Fig. 2 is an elevation.
101 is an electrodynamic microphone, 102 is a printed circuit board for mounting a vapor
component forming an amplifier, 103 is a helical coil composed of a print pattern provided on
one substrate, and there are 4-1 ◎ The microphone 101 and the spiral coil are connected in
such a direction that they cancel each other as shown in FIG. In FIG. 3, the printed circuit board
102 is arranged concentrically around the microphone 101, and a spiral coil 103 is formed on
the printed circuit board in order to obtain the same effect as the cancellation coil 2 described in
FIG. 1s1. The influence from the external magnetic field can be removed by 1 jR. FIG. 4 is a
principle diagram for facilitating understanding of the structure of a telephone transmitter
according to the present invention, wherein 101 is a mu microphone, 102 is a printed circuit
board including a helical coil, 104 Is a forward facing hippo and 105 is a rear hippo. 4Iii!
As an example of the structure of the i transmitter is shown in FIG. 1m4, the electrodynamic
microphone alone has high sensitivity for 11 L and needs an amplifier for the outer 11. It is also
desirable to place the amplifier close to the My 5-1 • Hafucrophone in order to reduce the noise
from the microphone which is short-circuited from the t-microphone and reducing the lead noise.
The present invention utilizes the structural features of such a telephone transmitter, and it is
possible to obtain the same effect as in the prior art by appropriately selecting the pattern width
of the spiral coil 103 and the number of helices. . As described above, in the present invention, it
is also necessary to prepare a coil or the like, in particular, by forming a spiral coil on a printed
circuit board for mounting an amplifier and connecting the microphone and external magnetic
field in a direction to cancel inductive noise. It is possible to provide an inexpensive and easy-toconnect telephone transmitter.
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