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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1A and 1B are front and rear perspective views,
exploded perspective views, and marks showing the basic configuration of a radio receiver
attached force tape recorder to which the present invention is applied. The perspective view
which shows the use form made into the installation type using the floor cord, the perspective
view which shows the use form which made only the set main body portable, the perspective
view which shows the extension cord, and the use form made into the installation type using the
extension cord 7 is a rear view showing the state of use using a standard cord, FIG. 8 a? b is a
perspective view showing one embodiment of the connection cord according to the present
invention, and is a sectional view taken along the line A-A of FIG. 9, and FIG. 9a to f are rear
views showing different usage forms of the embodiment. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 80 ...
Connection cord, 81 ... Code part, 81a ... Guide, 81b ... Bending rod, 81c ... Cord, 81 d ... Leaf
spring, 82a, 82b ... Connector, 83a , 83b · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 30 body 31 · · · · · speaker box.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a connection cord
suitable for, for example, a stereo radio cassette recorder, etc., in which the set body and the
speaker box can be separated and assembled and can be portable or fixed. Recently, so-called
cassette tape recorders with a radio receiver (commonly known as radio cassette players), in
which a cassette tape recorder and a radio receiver are integrally incorporated, are rapidly
collapsing. Also, in this case, the portable type with a simple% type of percentage tends to be able
to achieve so-called high-fidelity and high output, which become dull. And, in the case of
achieving high fidelity and large output in this way, there is no demand for the main body,
speaker box, content @ and ij @ portable and wall-mounted with wall-mounted type, which is
desired next. What you get is that it is easy to use and can perform many functions. In other
words, this means that it is desirable for users to be able to try independent arrangements
according to the place of use and purpose, and it is necessary to make it easily possible. . For this
purpose, it is necessary to make the configuration of each part of the set organic, and to be dosed
with the appropriate four items. Considering the connection cord connecting between the set
body and the speaker box as an example, in order to satisfy the above-mentioned demands, the
connection cord is easily and reliably removed and at the same time the connection cord The
connection cord of this kind is flexible, and it has a length of VC and a length of 1 nect. It is also
important that when the main body of the set and the speaker box are connected, they do not get
in the way and that the eyes are kept in good shape and kept in good shape. However, the
connection cords conventionally used to connect between sets in the so-called system component
type stereo playback apparatus between the set body and the speaker box have been used to
connect the two lead wires. Since the connection is generally made through the terminal of the
artificial nail, it does not have the above-mentioned requirements. In some cases, connection
cords with connectors at both ends may be used, but this is often weak due to bending or
bending, and it is easy to break the internal core wire, and in particular, the root of the
connector. It has a drawback that it has a structure that is stressed and mechanically broken or
easily broken due to stress, and that the above-mentioned requirements can not be satisfied and
the reliability is poor at one end. I was involved.
Therefore, this device is not considered as above 7'I 7 J I), debt-5; easy and reliable, as the hand
of a worker is working 1 In addition, it is all 1i 勺 信 逼 逼 逼 禰 VC VC 極 め て VC rich,
extremely good 涜, to provide the code. Hereinafter, this example −− =% r @ Example 1 1 )て
′! [Thin thicken 3 [Thin thicken and make 1 thin, and look. X1m (all (bl is this consideration, 7
接? By the line, the code shows the basic configuration of a cassette tape recorder with a radio
code for -fl, 1 out of 21 1); This seven-node body Tsuno KL1 cassette tape recorder B "JJJ and
radio reception and shoulder pain 112 are provided. And as shown in jl E 11 'l J (al, as shown in
the front panel of the cassette tape recorder 殴 j 13 described above, the storage portion 12 of
the casetoteg which is not shown in the figure and the effect of scorching t of this cassette tape
cau A variety of one ladder 13 is provided. Further, on the front panel of the radio reception side
112, a dial display button 14 and a tuning controller J5 * are provided. In the figure, 16 through
9 are operators for adjusting bass, treble, balance, and volume, respectively, and 20 is a chromenormal switching operator of the front two cassette tape, 21-one stereo-wide switching operator,
22 A stereo-monaural switching operator, 23 is a power on switch, 24 is a headphone jack, 25
counter, 26 # 'fV'U and the same level meter. In addition, as shown in Fig. 1 (b), on the back
panel of the main body, a battery storage @ 27, a plug 28 for input / output with an external
device, a connection terminal 29 to an FM external antenna, etc. It is provided. Furthermore, the
pair of speaker boxes 30.31 placed on the upper surface of the set main body Lu is subjected to
the hinges 34.35 provided at its first corner 32.33 so that the upper surface corner of the set
main body Lu 36 and 37 are provided rotatably and detachably in the direction of the arrow in
the figure, and can be used in various usage forms (portable or fixed) to be described later. The
upper side of the rear side of the above speaker box 30.31 and the main body L of the set are
connected by the standard connection cords 311 and 39 at corresponding portions below. A
portable handle 42 is detachably provided at the second corners 1a4o and 41 of the speaker box
30.31. Furthermore, in a state where the speaker box 30 ° 31 as shown in FIG. 81 is placed on
the main body of the speaker box 30. 31 as shown in FIG. In the case where the speaker box 30,
3J is mutually swayed or hampered, the connection support 45 is detachably provided.
FIG. 2 shows the cassette tape recorder with radio disassembled into a set main body, a speaker
box of 30 ° C., connecting cords 3B, 39, a spindle 42 and a connection support 45. Then, as
shown in FIG. 3, the cassette tape recorder with a radio removes the spindle 42 from the state of
FIG. 1 by turning both the speaker boxes so and sJt and putting them on both sides of the set
main body as shown in FIG. It can also be used as a brazed type. In addition, as shown in FIG. 4,
the upper surface corner 936. 37 of the handle 42 and the set main body No is also detachable,
and the set main body upper may be used alone as a portable cassette tape deck. it can.
Furthermore, if an extension type connection cord 46. 47 as shown in FIG. 5 is used, as shown in
FIG. 6, it can also be used as an installation type in which the set main body 1 and the speaker
box 30.31 are separated. it can. By the way, when the standard connection cords ss and ss are
used as described above, the set main body can be only used as shown in FIGS. 1 and 3 as shown
in FIG. Not recommended because the free arrangement of the speaker box 30.31 is limited, and
the extension connection cords 4g and 4yt--only when used alone, the speaker box 30.31 for the
set body 37 is free In the case of using standard connection cords 311 and 39tt, 1iK is not
limited, but connection cords 46.47 are loose and meandering and tend to be wicked and
appearance is unsightly too I do not hesitate with good things. Thus, the connecting cord portion
according to the present invention is shown in FIG. 8 (al, (a flexible guide 81a having a helical
shape made of resin as shown in bl and a lead or the like inserted inside the guide 81a) Flexible
rod JJb having a cross section Nort shape, and a cord 8Je and a leaf spring 1tJd, which are
inserted and disposed inside the guide 8 ′ ′ along the upper valley and the bottom of the bent
rod JIJ11. The connectors 12m and 82bt are provided orthogonally to each other via joints 83 *
and 83b at both ends of the cord 8 which is made flexible as a so-called flexible (flexible) ruler as
a whole. (Here, the joint J3 ap 83 b is, for example, the connector 82 a. It is integrally formed
with the outer sheath t of the ssb, and is firmly joined with both ends of the bending rod 8 "t of
the cord s8" and the guide 81a, and the cord Jtje is fixedly inserted. The connector 82m, 82b
serves as a clamp portion leading into the connector 82m, 82b.
Then, in this case, it is electrically connected to the 19 coaxial pin jack connector 82 *, 82b,
which is not coaxial with the cord 8Je. In other words, because the connection cord go formed in
this way is a connector type, it is easy and reliable to attach and detach, and it is possible to bend
it by pulling on the stress and pulling it back and forth to restore it. Because of the retractable
structure, it has both the functions of the standard cord 38.39 and the extension cord 46.47
described above. As required, the speaker box 30.31 is set to a main body JJiC as opposed to a
single connector with a single connector 82a. 82bvi-It is possible to place t + <free position in
any way in the connected state, and since the connecting cord itself is bent and maintains the
hole shape n unless stress is applied, l1 pJ, cord go It becomes possible to maintain good
appearance on the mantle without getting in the middle and getting in the way. Furthermore,
since it is shrunk to a minimum length when not in use, it is an easy-to-use and easy-to-store
book that is extremely convenient. In addition, it is convenient to use the connection cord go
itself so that it is possible to freely award any amount of the speaker box 30.3J to the set body
work jK while keeping the connector connected as described above. In this case, the bend or twist
1 applied to the connection cord 80 is absorbed by the bendable cord portion 81 although it is
made flexible. In other words, the cord portion 8J is rich in flexibility, and it has f + which secures
the squeeze resistance and the smallness resistance, and the t-slip hand is improved for the first
time. Then, the inside of the above-mentioned bending self-hardening cemented cord 80 guide 8
(toward the cord 8J is inserted for the necessary length and the tapping t arranged along the
bending body 8Jb both independently become independent In addition, since the cord portion 81
is formed at the junction a3 *, 83b, and the remaining portion between the 0s is formed, the
stress is not transmitted at the junction rt, so that the protective effect such as disconnection at
the junction W8 Although it is a connector type, it may be reliable. This is further facilitated
because the junctions @ 83 *, 83b outer cladding are integrally formed by an outer sheathing
which is adapted to cover most of the perimeter of the connectors 82m, 82b. In FIG. 9 (al, several
use forms S that can be made possible by using a freely connectable zero-corrected-to-zero 8 o,
as described above in FIG. The use condition (a, l + figure) corresponding to FIG. 3 and the use
condition (e figure) corresponding to FIG. Its utility is enormous because it can
Therefore, as described in detail above, it is possible to provide an extremely good connection
cord 1 that is easy and reliable to wear and remove, is easy to use, is easy to use, is strong in
torsion during bending, etc. and is highly reliable. I know.
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