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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a general plan view of a flat type drone cone
screw, FIG. 2 is a plan view of a flat type drone cone speaker of the present invention, and FIG. 3
is a plan view of the embodiment of the present invention. Fig.4, Fig.5 and Fig.5 show an
embodiment of the present invention, which is a sound absorbing material 1.9, 2 a diaphragm, 3
a gasket, 4.7.10 a reinforcing plate, 5 a frame, 6 a corrugation damper , 8 is a cylinder, 11 is a
free edge.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a flat m-type drone cone speaker which is placed in the vicinity of the speaker for the bass of
the speaker box in order to extend the reproduction of the low range. Conventionally, the f-type
drone cone speaker is constructed as shown in FIG. 1, and the peripheral portion of the fine
movement plate 2 integrally formed of neopreno rubber or synthetic rubber is integrally formed
of a breath edge portion and vibration '; 1; The peripheral portion is glued, and the gasket 3 is
stuck to the L-A disc-shaped reinforcing plate 4 made of a light metal such as aluminum or
synthetic resin is attached to the back of the shooting door of the moving plate 2 Is the center
cylinder 2 of the plate 4 stuck and is the cylinder sweet? The が 28 is held in the center by the
middle step portion of the peripheral part frame 5 (· two dampers 6i attached to two). When such
a flat type drone cone speaker is in the vicinity of the bass speaker of the speaker box (when
placed side by side, the air vibration generated by the bass speaker is taken together and the
moving plate 2 of this flat type toro / cone speaker Vibrates. In general, the diaphragm of the
drone cone speaker is designed to vibrate at a low frequency range (600 Hz or higher), or the
vibration at a frequency of 1441 frequency range is also shared. It was strong. Hon-Nto is each
plan of the flat type drone cone speaker which made the distortion i be a minimum by removing
the defect of Toki. If two practical examples shown in the drawings are explained, Fig. 2 ( As
shown in Fig. V, the peripheral part of the diaphragm 2 in which the free edge part and the
vibration part are integrally molded with Lee Oblen rubber or synthetic rubber is attached to the
peripheral part of the frame 5 or two. There is. J & J's moving part 2 back surface: a light metal
such as aluminum or a peripheral part made of a synthetic resin is right-angled at right angle
(this is bent or molded and a disc-like reinforcing plate 7 is attached) to form a vibrating part.
The cylindrical body 8 to which the cylindrical body 8 is stuck at the central part of the
reinforcing plate 7 is held at the center by the corrugation damper 6 whose peripheral part is
stuck to the middle step part Q of the frame 5. A sound absorbing material 1 such as foam oil
resistant, glass fiber, acetate fiber, cotton or the like is attached to an annular portion between
the 111 tl folding portion in the peripheral portion of the reinforcing plate 7 and the cylindrical
body 8; Sticky ¥-There is a drone cone speaker on the board. When this speaker is placed in the
vicinity of the bass speaker of the speaker box, the diaphragm 2 of this flat-plate drone cone
speaker is photographed and moved due to air vibration generated by the bass speaker. Sound
absorbing material 1 (It absorbs unnecessary high frequency distortion sound above IKHz, so low
frequency sound of 600 Hz or lower is played back. This makes the output sound from the
speaker box in the low frequency range. Is extended.
In Honchi, as shown in Fig. 3, the back of the reinforcing plate 4 is attached (a sound absorbing
material 9 made of foamed resin with a hollow inside for inserting the center square cylinder 8
with a square outer shape). This case is also included in this case, and in this case, it is more
effective by eliminating the beating distortion sound of sharp divided vibration. In the present
invention, as shown in FIG. 4, the flange 11 is formed of neobrene rubber or synthetic rubber,
and the inner periphery thereof and the outer periphery of the disk portion of the reinforcing
plate 7 are adhered to each other. When the sound absorbing material l is attached to the
annular portion between the peripheral bending portion and the cylindrical ring 8 after the i6
'contact vibration printing plate, that is, when the noise insulating material is attached to 15 after
the vibrating portion Is also included. In the present invention, as shown in FIG. 5, the inner edge
of the free edge 11 and the outer periphery of the reinforcing plate 10 are attached, and the disc
portion which is the vibrating portion of the reinforcing plate 10 is cedar-like 114/9 In the same
manner, when sticking to the back back G second-class sound material of the same part as the
back part, that is, a part of the ring part sound absorption material 1 between the bending 1
minute and the cylindrical body 8 Is also included. As mentioned above, the non-soiling problem
is not necessary because the two-finger moving plate is used for taking a picture (1) affixing a
sound-absorbing material behind a back plate or a reinforcing plate to be attached to a
reinforcing plate or a vibrating portion. It is an improvement of the flat type drone cone speaker
that absorbs high frequency band 5 wave numbers and extends low B 実 用 1 'JI curve value)
people. 4, i'21 just close description Fig. 1-· General flat-plate type doroconos beaker groove or
Fig. 2 is a flat-type doron cone speaker construction diagram of the present invention Fig. 3 is a
practical healing example of the present invention 4 and 5 show the construction of the
embodiment of the present invention. In FIG. 4, the sound absorbing material 2I, the
photographing member 3, the gasket 4.7.10, the reinforcing plate 5, the frame 6, the corrugation
damper 8 Cylindrical body 11 is a free edge utility model registration applicant Onchiyo Inc. □□
arrow 30115325y,-□□ 175325 × 6, 11 creators other than the ■, creator address ■ Osaka
Prefecture Neyagawa City Nisshincho No. 1 No. 1 Onoyoko stock In-house name Ikei Akira Ike
Akira third base-· パ ""
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