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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The attached drawings show an embodiment of the
speaker diaphragm according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is an exploded oblique view, FIG. 2
is a plan view, and FIG. 3 is FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view showing an enlarged portion of FIG. 3
and FIG. 5 is a diagram comparing the output sound pressure frequency characteristics of the
speaker diaphragm of this invention and the conventional diaphragm, FIG. FIG. 7 is a plan view of
another embodiment, and FIG. 7 is an enlarged cross-sectional view taken along line 6--7 of FIG.
1 ······ Damping layer material, 2, 3 ······ Elastic layer material, 2 ×. 3x・・・・・・スリット。
dB 2 o 50 toop 571 ti I-I-1 1 ■ T 10002 m 0 5000 / M 183 & number (Hz)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a loudspeaker diaphragm,
and more particularly to a cone-type loudspeaker or a diaphragm suitable for a dome-type
loudspeaker 3. In the conventional loudspeaker diaphragm, carbon fiber is used. An elastic layer
formed of a reinforced glass-tick, a material having a high sound propagation speed such as
aluminum, titanium, etc., and a damping '4 formed of a material having a large internal loss has a
sand-inch structure. Even when using such a peristaltic sheet metal, one-part vibration should be
completely eliminated from the rotating shell-like diaphragm such as a cone type or dome type, \
= λ! (1) Yes / 困難 /, · · · · was very difficult. For example, in the case of a cone-shaped board
provided with a damping layer between elastic layers, the elastic layer causes expansion and
contraction in the circumferential direction, since the deformation caused by divided vibration is
along the circumferential direction of the cone. Since the damping effect of the layer is not so
effective, the suppression effect of the divided vibration, I could hardly expect. Also, in the case of
the dome-shaped vibration 4Iivc6, since the king's deformation component is along the radial
direction, the elastic no will cause radial deformation, and the cone-type peristaltic plate same
sweep split fitting motion Therefore, this device can not suppress the vibration of the speaker
diaphragm, particularly the cone diaphragm and the dome diaphragm, regardless of the change
of the material, the division of vibration due to the improvement of the structure 1 A purpose is
to create a small number of diaphragms, and therefore, a predetermined number of slits are
provided at a predetermined position as an absorption margin for absorbing this deformation
with respect to the fC1 elastic no ^ shape. It is. (2) Hereinafter, the description will be given along
with the details of the present invention attached. First, FIGS. 1 and 2 show an example of
provisional application of a cone-shaped peristaltic shape, a cone having such a shape and size
that the braking layer / VC can be closely attached to the inside and the outside of the braking
layer material l formed in a predetermined cone shape. The inner elastic layer material co and
the outer elastic layer material 3 are made of the elastic layer material Y of the mold, and the
outer elastic layer material 3 is a slit 2x which is opened by the outer peripheral edge a and 3a
and does not reach the inner peripheral edge b and Jb. A plurality of 3x's are formed at equal
intervals, and SLINOTOCO's x, 3x are at positions mutually offset in the circumferential direction
centering on the damping layer 1, and not at overlapping positions. In the cone-shaped
diaphragm having such a configuration, when the y-shape of the elastic layer material 3 and the
y-shape of 3 is translated in the circumferential direction of the cone due to the vibration of 41 j,
deformation occurs in the arrow direction shown in FIGS. However, since the elastic layer
material 、, 3 is constituted by an independent piece by the slit x and Jx, the deformation is
partially suppressed, and the deformation is a deformation due to the displacement with the
damping layer material l It is absorbed and the deformation does not propagate throughout.
Thereby, the divided vibration is suppressed, and the output sound pressure side) 2, -r, i, n7-(3)
wave number characteristics are improved. For example, comparison of the output sound
pressure frequency characteristics of a conventional imaging board with an imaging board using
an elastic layer material, carbon fiber reinforced plastic for 3 and an acrylic resin-based adhesive
material for braking layer material I It is shown in FIG. According to this, it is recognized that the
peak and the dip are improved. In the case of the dome-shaped diaphragm, deformation occurs
mainly in the radial direction, so a plurality of slit cores x and Jx formed on the elastic layer
material core 3 and 3 are provided concentrically along the circumferential direction. Make it a
thing (Fig. 6, Fig. 7). As is apparent from the above description, the loudspeaker diaphragm of the
present invention 7L is a cause of the divisional imaging movement in the elastic layer in the
laminated type moving plate in which the elastic layer is laminated, as opposed to the damping
no. Since the slits for absorbing the deformation are formed, the deformation can be kept within
the local range, and the diaphragm as a whole can be made smaller by the deformation C. The
shape, size, etc. of the slits can be made without changing the material. An arbitrary output sound
pressure frequency characteristic can be obtained just by selecting the number. 41
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