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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1A and 1B are a schematic plan view and a
longitudinal sectional view, respectively, of an example of a conventional headphone, and FIG. 2
is a magnetic flux distribution of a lower magnet in the headphone shown in FIGS. FIGS. 3A and
3B are a schematic plan view and a longitudinal sectional view of an embodiment of an acoustic
transducer according to the present invention applied to headphones, and FIG. 4 is a view shown
in FIGS. 3A and 3B. It is a figure for demonstrating magnetic flux distribution of the lower
magnet in a transducer. 1as 1b · · · Magnet · 3: diaphragm · 4a '+' 4b '· · · · effective magnetic flux,
5a', 5b '· · · main magnetic flux, 6at 6b · · · soft iron disk.
【Detailed description of the invention】 The cattle jig is divided into a tube tube, and a transfer
plate is added to the mouth of a half-cut x-ray stone, P diaphragm, and an 11- + J-- This is to
make the first commandment in order to take command of the commander) In addition to this, it
is necessary to follow an acoustic transnusea that csss one A's seasonal A floor, which is divided
into two parts. 11) and 1) show (1) L + IrJl, iro / 1 outline plan view and Sakamachi surface view
of one row of headphones of stool rice respectively. In the figure, 1a. In the disc noise of lb +
Yuheite, the number of dogs is squeezed 2 anti-Q 2 in a circle to decipher the de L 2 in a circle, N
懐, S 慄 慄 日 同心 同心 T T 2 L 2 Two days, two days, two years, two years, two days, two days,
02 to 03 days, a soul between two friends is identified. Reference numeral 3 is a diaphragm, and
a spiral voice coil (not shown) or an etching temple j.守 守 す 1 1 1. Where-stone ta. lbicL 米 A US
4 as 4 b · Etai Afram 3 f C Voice coil flows through the installed voice coil 方 直 j j 几 几 几 こ 、
フ ラ ム 3 -No., size of IIL redundant t stone white stone 1a, 1b) 5 same, support diaphragm,
diaphragm 3Q low cut, II '#' & valve l2 as a repair liki and Narita 7 ' L. However, C) ornaments
1a, 1111 used in conventional headphones, voice coil of diaphragm 3-emotions 瀉 宋 4a, 4b in
addition to caramel 1a + lb shell dia, ram 3 The magnetic flux 5a and sb which are invalid for tI
11 ++ 's mochi and ko boi (2) scoil is formed nl. For this reason,' l = 1M flux 4a, 4bi construction,
the tree is due to the M effective ui flux 4b of the footstone 1b Magnetic flux portion 4 old
construction in Figure 2 ボ + + (+ N 悼 and S 侃 侃 IT late 申 申 申 誠 誠 誠 均一 な I I こ こ こ −
− − − − −. Of these, the voice coil flipping bee rice 反 was still β at 600 Gauss 度, and there
was an entry point of → which can not adequately scold a letter. +: Inferior line or the abovementioned entry point is red-toned, and congratulations are shown in Fig. 3. ・ 3 wards-2
seasons V 斤 斤 ト ラ ン ス-'% My of the transducer! l + Headphones] show the cause of the
apocalypse. In the same figure, for the same reason, use the same-numbered symbol for the same
t-t + + ta and-4 parts, and make a self-defense. Figure + P, 6a, 6b, Yoichi, AAsg?
Cba small Gi '2kmFB of you disk, the position 2 facing the hole 2 of the meteorites 1a, 1b, the
acoustic aperture 7 is provided, the pairing with the diaphragm 3 and the ulli of the skillful This
one is 9ml. Since the wiping autumn circle and the modified fia Wtib are transmitted la and lb +
this image is reversed, no magnetic flux 5a 'and 5b' emitted from the seven la and lb come to the
soft disks 6a and 6b Because the bee is here, d, because of this, the ineffective magnetic flux 5a ',
5b' becomes the O King's Seikei Circuit's Q King's scream, and the obstacle stone 1a. lblこお
りfる。 The gutter bundle is 弔 1 四 4 お 番 元 元 + 元 不 7 7) (compared to less). By this,
Taiafosom 3-Z late Z size I auxiliary vehicle 4a ', 4b' is more thick than circular 1 side side effect
bee end 4a, 4b, v v is 4 effects of magnetic i 1 b · · One bundle or song by 采 4 b 不 1 is not good
for the 4th, 勺 勺 こ こ こ こ こ こ こ 」」 」」 」 One point between N 滉 and S 可. このため、
ボイスコイル112! Iの、。 宋, 琥 · · · 1000 Gauss 4, 4 + 7 and 5 t, L US vl + r C シ テ enough
to dive in the energy. l ・ ・, Niro used for the book 4 husbands, a philite architeclist or a joint
force, or a Samariwamu cobalt absurdity, the sword-is the # 回 回 times V! f? , J11, and the one
which is sufficiently magnetized to penetrate through the back opening, can obtain juvenile fruit
of lavae 7). My father, + j5 鑞 鑞 鑞 憾 ま ま ま ま 疋 ま ま 疋 ま 儲 ま 同 (儲 疋 b b b · b · 円 べ 円
S S S 4 4 数 数 (4) number one time Father It is also good to use a kerosene made of ore. In
addition, 杢 (not yet headphones, ク リ ー 急 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ 急 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス
ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ). 史 土 土 釆 土 土 土 01 01 01 01 01 貝 貝 諺 諺 諺 諺
諺 諺 諺 諺 諺 頬 頬 頬 頬 頬 頬 頬 、 + 4 stain: 嘗 る 嘗 ジ ュ ー 嘗 嘗 恨 1 1 石 ダ イ ア フ ラ ム l
l ll ll lll 'l Jf 此 此 此 メ 此 函 函 1- L, from the mouth V υ υ Mutomu · 2 · 1 King is a 潟 潟 乗 潟
板 の ダ イ ア フ ラ ム ダ イ ア フ ラ ム ダ イ ア フ ラ ム ダ イ ア フ ラ ム ダ イ ア フ ラ ム 失効
失効 失効 失効 失効 失効 失効 失効 失効 仮 仮 式 式 式 式 式 式 式 式 式 回路 回路 と な り と な
り と な り と な り と な り と な り と な りFrom this, from this, the diaphragm (this emitted M
magnetic field powder is made to accumulate more than that of the rice bran, the diaphragm
screw J turns l, the A terminal j '5 field;-J-strain,鑞 付 近 付 近 付 近 つ つ つ こ こ こ 守 守 守 守
十 讐 讐 讐 讐 讐 捗 捗 捗 力 力 力 力 力 啼 (こ (こ 大 き く 大 き く 大 き く 大 き く 大 き く こ
こ こ こ こ こ こ こ) 911 without -宋 萬 j 潜 because it is possible to dive, oysters 2 · women and
headphones ヘ ッ ド ホ ン · I I で す す 府 府 1 1 p 0
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