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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a speaker according to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ......... I magnetic
circuit, 6 ......... Frame 8 ......... diaphragm, 9 ......... voice coil, 12 ......... magnetic gap, 13
··································································· Aromatic
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention arranges a fragrance in an
equalizer placed in front of a diaphragm, and diffuses the aroma using changes in air pressure
caused by the vibration of the diaphragm. Relating to the speaker. In the past, perfumery
products have been used as cosmetics in cosmetics that impart fragrances to the body, clothes,
etc., and perfumes have been used by dissolving or mixing b as a solvent in a group -9 agent.
Quasi-drug field, industrial field (offensive odor prevention! >,, Fl town) φ 7 Yayoi for land, for
security odor, for feed) etc. A wide spread development 2 has been done. The present invention is
intended to measure the development of such aromatic products in the field of audio equipment
and to further enhance the pleasure and moisture of music. Hereinafter, embodiments of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. 1 is a magnetic circuit, and
this magnetic circuit 1 is a great one having a center pole 2. The frame 6 is connected to the
magnetic circuit 1 and the frame 6 is connected to the magnetic circuit 1. Bonded by an adhesive.
A voice coil 9 is coupled to a central portion of the diaphragm 8. The middle portion of the voice
coil 9 is an outer damper 10.b. The inner damper 11 is supported on and supported by the inner
damper 11 and engaged with the magnetic gap 12 of the magnetic circuit 1 without eccentricity.
The inner damper 11 is made of a non-air-permeable material. Further, in the center hole 16 of
the center ball 2): mounting of an equalizer 14 made of aluminum or the like comprising hollow
spherical bodies having a large number of lattice-like pores 13 having 3 mIn on one side The legs
are 16 inset. In the above-mentioned equalizer 14, a solid liquid b is stored as a liquid fragrance
17 which is impregnated in an object such as glass wool. The incense which is a solid fragrance
product as the fragrance product 17 is constituted by the composition shown in the following
table. Raw material blending amount (iP) Flower wax 3 Deodorized pork fat 1 Natural rose 2
Blended rose 1 Synthetic musk o, 1 Perfume as a liquid fragrance product is constituted by the
composition of the following table. 訛) Minyomi 4 ′ ′ ··· Raw material blending amount (JL)
Bergamot 0.7 and Mon 1.7 Neroli 1, 0 Rosemary 0.7 Water 40.0 Water under water Wet alcohol
200-0 Such composition By this, it is possible to diffuse the fragrance emitted by the fragrance
17 forward of the speaker by the pressure change of the air generated by the vibration of the
diaphragm 8 and to give the listener a fragrance.
Generally, below the primary resonance frequency of the speaker, the diaphragm B vibrates with
a large amplitude to change the air pressure on the front of the speaker, so the aromatic
molecules out of the equalizer 14 are effectively diffused to the front of the speaker. Besides the
incense which is the solid aromatic product mentioned in 2 above, perfume powder, rhombus
aroma, fragrant tablet, Hyakuhana incense. Or 1) can be used as a liquid fragrance other than
perfume, etc. = 1 can be used as a lawn, a smering salt, etc. Further, the equalizer 14 can be
configured to be able to be half-opened so that the fragrance product 17 can be replaced freely.
As described above, the speaker of the present invention is configured, so that the fragrance of
the fragrance in the equalizer is diffused forward to the vibration of the diaphragm, and the
listener enjoys the pleasure and moisturization along with the moisture and pleasure by beautiful
music The effect that can be given is n1 a practical value dog.
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