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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
bushing, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the bushing according to the present invention. 7
...... core, 11 ...... bottom, 8 ...... coils, 11a ...... male thread portion, 9 ...... bottomed tubular body, 12
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · magnetic metal diaphragm, 10a · · ·. Corrections 53,
1.0, 23
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is to make the vibration of magnetic
gold jlk & moving plate by the interaction of alternating magnetic field and direct am field to
generate a pregnancy movement sound 14 I 14 As is known, what is shown in the turtle 1 figure.
That is, according to the conventional O-busa, the iron core 2 wound with the coil 1 is erected on
the disk-shaped yoke 3 and the cylindrical 1-2-permanent magnet in the outer 1ll & 1 side of 1In this structure, the magnetic metal bonded plate 6 is adsorbed and suspended via the ringshaped spacer 11 and the open end 4aK of the permanent magnet 4 and the magnet 4 is
magnetically attracted. Since the DC magnetizing bias is applied by the permanent magnet 4, it is
possible to generate a sufficiently loud noise by flowing the coil IK small electric wire, and the
pregnancy moving plate 6 collides with many members. As it is * a that does not generate a
peristaltic sound but generates a vibrational sound that depends only on the peristalsis of the
pregnancy moving plate 6 itself, it is possible to obtain a good gestational movement sound with
less distortion of the ear, etc. . However, the essential configuration 4 IIs cylindrical permanent
magnet 4 and yoke 3 etc. of this Buza is not backed by a heavy abrasive metal material, and it is
necessary for the entire Buzzer not necessarily It, its shape etc. Is a drawback that Especially this
Buzzer, is a pager? Since it is used by being incorporated in a watch etc., it is necessary to reduce
the size as much as possible, and the conventional one can not fully respond to this I & A request.
さらにブザOrL? The structure is supported by the magnetic metal plate diaphragm IIt, which
should be called a visceral part, and a rigid permanent magnet table yoke that has no cushioning
property, so the magnetic gold jII peristaltic plate 6 is susceptible to damage, etc. The
shortcoming of that also met. Another object of the present invention is to provide a cheap and
easy-to-use buzzer that can be worn, worn and at the same time, while keeping 4141 the
aforementioned advantages of this type of zipper. The magnetic gold all diaphragm t% can be
effectively protected from impact etc. It is to provide a reliable buzzer because it can be
effectively protected. Uninventive ji! Another object of the present invention is to provide a
buzzer which can generate a high quality vibration sound t-generated when sound is generated,
such as III harmonic distortion at 4I. The essential purpose of the present invention is to provide
a buzzer capable of adjusting the sound pressure of peristaltic sound, the number of techniques
such as the number of techniques, and the like and desired value Kg 4 upon the user for the
above purpose. In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, in order to achieve the present
invention, Buza stands on the bottom of the bottomed cylindrical body having a bottom sK with a
loss of 5 ts and a magnetic core s facing the core. #J moving plate wrs') is mounted on the upper
opening of the bottomed cylindrical body via a ring-like rubber magnet, and the screw amount
between the cylindrical portion and the bottom is adjusted to w I 4 to set the iron core And
adjusting the air gap distance between the magnetic gold aS moving plate and the magnetic gold
aS moving plate.
The contents of the present invention will be described below with reference to the
accompanying drawings which are examples. FIG. 2 shows a cross-sectional view 1 of the bush
according to the present invention. In the figure, 7 is an iron core on which a coil 8 is wound, and
9 is a bottomed cylindrical body. A bottomed cylindrical body 9 # i, a lower inner periphery 1iliK
# IIa child 1110ak of a cylindrical portion n formed in a cylindrical shape n, and a bottom
portion 11 provided with the female screw s10aKm screw portion 11a is screwed and configured
is there. The iron core 7 is erected on the axial center of the bottom 11111 by, for example, a
screw port. Reference numeral 12 denotes a ring-shaped rubber magnet, which is provided at the
upper opening of the cylindrical portion in and is fitted into the round annular step Jab.
Reference numeral 13 denotes a magnetic metal moving plate, which is an upper surface Km of
the rubber magnet 11 which is magnetically adsorbed so as to face the town through the iron 7
and the air ma. The gap G is adjusted by adjusting the screwing amount of the bottom portion 11
to the cylindrical portion 13 by K. By the increase and decrease adjustment of this sky NG,
dimensional error of each part and the awarding of the magnetizing force of the rubber magnet
12 or 4s, 8 are absorbed, and the magnetic metal plate 131 is vibrated at a predetermined sound
pressure level and frequency range. be able to. The bottomed cylindrical body 10 is not a
permanent magnet as in the conventional example shown in FIG. 1, and is not a book because it
is a book that must be configured as a yoke. In essence, rubber magnet 12, metal diaphragm 13
and iron IL? It is sufficient to shoulder a mechanical strength # sufficient to support 7 mag.
Therefore, it is possible to * H with a nonmagnetic material such as plastic, or to use a thin plate
magnetic material imitating magnetic considerations. 14 ij sound emitting hole, which is bored in
a part of the bottom 11 formed between the inner surface of the simple s 10 and the outer
peripheral surface of the coil 0 0 As mentioned above, the Buza scent J of the present invention
has a bottom Since the cylinder @ is not to be a magnet or a yoke, it can be thinned within its
mechanical strength tolerance, and its internal space can be expanded to 1w1 due to the weight
reduction. Therefore, even if the acoustic housing t81K is not provided, it is possible to utilize the
bottomed cylindrical body itself as an acoustic housing and to emit the external sK from the
resonance vibration front tube sound emission hole 14. In the present invention bushing 1 of the
above-mentioned configuration (in the coil 8, the alternating current Rtat, the distance of the
hollow 1 [G between the iron core T and the magnetic metal vibrating plate 13, By adjusting the
screwing amount of the bottom 11 to 1110 and adjusting wI 44 [-, the magnetic gold Jlitr
dynamic plate processing 3 is moved up and down by the interaction of the magnetic field
generated by the iron core 7KJ1 # and the DC bias magnetic field of the rubber magnet 12 It is
vibrated by K (in the figure) and enlarged by the resonance action of the bottomed cylindrical
body 9 which is also used as a sound-in-time butterfly acoustic body, and is emitted to the
outside through the sound emission hole 14.
The vibration noise at this time depends on the company that vibrates the mountain metal swing
plate 13 and does not include the collision noise. Therefore, a good vibration noise of undistorted
ear can be obtained, and the buzzer according to the present iI plan has a coiled iron core 7
erected on jEIIl 11 of the bottomed cylindrical body 9 so as to face the iron core γ. The magnetic
metal vibrating plate 13 is mounted on the upper opening of the bottomed cylinder through the
ring-shaped rubber-stone 126, and the following effects are obtained. α] Cylindrical permanent
magnets and yokes, which conventionally accounted for the majority of the puffer weight! By
replacing the thin and light rubber magnet 18 and the bottomed cylindrical body 9, the weight of
the bush can be remarkably reduced. The rubber magnet 12 and the bottomed cylinder% I have a
capacity Kf! Because it can, the product cost can be greatly reduced. ■) Magnetic gold kI @ 蚕 *
atat, because it was mounted via the rubber magnet 12, buffer with the outer tube rubber
magnet 12 against the gold 11 & working plate 13, gold hammer & moving plate 13 [effectively
from the impact force You can be jealous. At the time of l'Ili, it acts as a damper material of
rubber scale 1Mk + and it can be included in the vibration sound so that it can be absorbed by
the frequency distortion etc. and the vibration sound can be excited with good quality. (4 plus
1llaK mentioned above, cylinder with bottomed cylinder 9! 1110 and this TLK 11 fit HWbxx and
release z'p "c # I, adjust the screwing amount between the cylindrical portion 10 and the lower
portion 11 and adjust it, the iron IL? The distance between the front and rear magnetic metal
diaphragms l3 [The adjustment is made so that the processing dimension of each part, assembly
error, fluctuation noise of the magnetizing force of the rubber magnet K and the coil 8 are
absorbed, and magnetic Sound pressure level of gold l & vibration & 13 places, vibration in
frequency range, 1m + I property can be improved.
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