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Specification 1, title of the invention 2, #iPF Claim 1 High strength f 鷹-Sheet-like willow 41v of
revenge material consisting of 艮 t & よ り and thermosetting C 尉 ld! A single-boiled sheet made
of I4 sheet with one side or 1 face-to-face habituated layer. In the claim of the claim 1 in which 2
high-A covered coral reefs are arranged radially in the radial direction of the mass thin sheet, the
1st A machine's 4-abrasive-5-4-for Sperm plate 06 ^ . 4ffi fiber invaginated fibers are arranged in
a concentric circle, and the electric 1 of the 1st mark of the blue water's width circle 1 is a
diaphragm for exciting the change. 4 high A history 1 range of holding 碓 碓 ら れ 碓 哉 碓 water
range in which a long-eared eagle is arranged in a mesh-shutter. The range of 1st quest-1st-The
Qingfeng verge veterinarian for which the 7-shaped proboss of 5 multi-materials is squirted in 4
minutes on the lamella thin plate. A detailed explanation of the invention, 11: thread on 1t @
letter A plate for letter A, holding a high fidelity reproduction 1 to 1 D: Namix Bee force gold
14am plate II4 It is. In general, one of the major causes of the sound-reproduction inertia of the
Danamik-type speaker with ε6 is also one of the main components of the speaker's diaphragm.
14th grade. As a grade to which a loss 0 board for high-fidelity acid reproduction speakers
should be A-weighted, that the Young's console I average is large, Dense tt? )) Is small, ■ inner
door loss (JIS) is large, rash 4! -You can do it! The main component of the cone type speaker is
the main wave band, the sound pressure 4 ffi, the inertia, the efficiency and the distortion (above)
(with the sense of nature))-the prefecture. 1! ) Fo which centralizes the low-pass world of the
raw t ˜ waveband is a difference-system (!! g) capacity of a plate, a pump, a panel, and a
conglomerate of a support system (Etsuzo / y-par), C19 F scale can be done, It is common
practice to increase the size of the support system's knob 21EndPage: 1 anth, which is
undesirable because doing so will increase the efficiency and strain. The false four-fold center f
of the re-mastering castle is expressed experimentally as 伽 a. Here, the pigeon is a swing of a
bowl. The dove is "辰-鳳, S is the root of the 1 f R baffle, a is the cone" Pilj circle, and h is the
thickness of the diaphragm. J Re-speaker) 限界 Acid regeneration limit 1 To enlarge the
regeneration frequency band The E of the top plate is made larger. ある。 Sound l five-frequency
nature plays a role in the valley of 1 middle sound '(The sound pressure is F when the diaphragm
and the edge are moving in antiphase) From the small 9 ′ 'medium sound valley' at a load, to a
frequency of J1 m, in fear a beak four de four four dkg N, a small Q * f, e?
It produces a peak (beak), and at a frequency higher than I, the sound pressure beats down.
Immediately the sound pressure wave a% of the disturbance that is in the four wave number
imperial zone higher than this 'and the valley of the sound',-by the ゐ 板 ス コ ス コ ス コ 動 動
動 動The best i! J advances to the four sides of the excitation plate, and n and the reflected waves
from the peripheral portion interfere with each other to produce an eif E from the excitation
plate. ま7t/RIC? The decision is due to the discussion of the fixed plate of the diaphragm
with the 11th edition of the inside of the 1st edition of the section of the section becoming larger.
In these two cases (the acuity of the eyelid depends on the ms of the moving plate, and as IaS is
large / C, the pressure frequency inertia generally depends on it. How to make nI It is needless to
say that d must be small. Pressure in the frequency band of fo, 1 valley of midtone 'and J), Jl, 4
waves changeability (i, flat, but 1A wave distortion is increased). This is a rule that causes a socalled "divergence C" in which a diaphragm plate having a small thickness h of the diaphragm
has a small diameter in the radial direction. In the case of juice printing 舊 = 2.4.6 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・There is no
harmonic distortion. The bending bendability of the diaphragm is a straight line which is in line
with ghs, and this value tends to generate balance harmonic distortion which is small. Assuming
[[l density is -4 of the penetrable plate 1! ! ♂はE/! It is necessary to make B7gg large without
the difference of tiWs, ie, to make # # itself itself small as Tj 逗, since it compares to 3. . The
material used in the 4-pressure dynamic speaker speaker auxiliary plate 1 is a sheet of paper,
plastic, and a conference board, so it is a flat sheet. This back, lottery fi assistant + R is used in
the speaker for P pigeon because it has a 爵 calk that one side of Fi / 9 is 10 times larger than
that of paper compared to that of paper. Λ wax as stated? もっている。 Oh A4 (in A1) is smaller
than that by one digit or less, so the sound of high-frequency side C of the f4 raw frequency band
(the peak of the lossy mountain valleys is also high. . This is the playback sound of Unas Beka, d,
and Kyoon and f'Lm colored and r'Lfc colored, and the diaphragm's compensation and the
distortion based on C are also worn and clear. There are several ways to eliminate this
shortcoming It. The bell is easy too long I, playback frequency? It is a shame that only the zone
where the # zone 1111a and the diaphragm prevent the piston 1) is used. This is +1 due to the
disturbance of the pressure wave tampering resistance, 1) degradation of the tonic sound, J and a
if conversion, but t '/, j' large 櫨 4.
The purpose of using TR-plates and regenerating leases is offset, and eventually the 1'4 main
band narrows. The next is a metal-clad 1 plate · I ff 1 la agent and Ii soft soft finger, natural
scissors, rubber filter cloth 9, 6 ribs or 2 gold # 4 diaphragm scissors , In a way to forgive the
apparent internal f member loss. However, if one agent is used in this one method, effective Basto
will not be effective if it is not effective, resulting in the addition of vibratory plate agitation and a
low F of 1 base rate. Well. This braking agent has a large change in temperature with respect to
warmth, and the characteristics of the speaker! , F sensitive to changes, unpreferable. Yet another
way is 1) Collusion. It is a method to cancel by A-like resonance. crtは。 -4 resonance is
arranged as a single resonance peak and resonance frequency. It is necessary to control the
height of resonance 4 and @@ Q, and it is said that it is a real compatibility. Gold l! The second
defect J of II & moving plate J, because a is large, its ff, / y'l is smaller than iii / qN of the paper
diaphragm with the same surface density W and the low noise of the reproduction frequency
band Generate many harmonic distortions on the side. When the thickness of the diaphragm is
increased, the amount of Q] ヒ increases by a large amount. If the Lm diaphragm has a shape
that is strong to cedar, then the 1-wave reproduction band will narrow. The O 6 mermaid of the
wave-type swaying plate has a large F, / y, and when it is excited with an excessive copy,-9 It is to
cause mechanical destruction. The 40th person of the portable vibration plate is easy to attach
by pulling, etc., and it is easy to break, and it is easy to break. Therefore, 9-RpjlJ, which has a
high defect rate in the speaker assembly process. It means that productivity is poor, such as
needing acupuncture and ff techniques. In the present invention, i. The purpose of this is to
reduce the deterioration of the reproduction ability of the speaker due to the small bite S and the
large y, taking advantage of the feature of the 4 digging Q plate that the a ′ ′ / y = is large. Is
intended to provide a diaphragm which is highly resistant to mechanical failure and breakage. In
order to achieve the above object, according to the present invention, the bit S of the plating
plate is larger than that of the metal, and the specific strength button (tensile / turbid / distance /
dense f) is higher than metal. A fiber of high strength fiber is heat-cured for 1 @ and a 7-like
material of composite material is laminated on one side or both sides of Is-moving plate.
Thermosetting 1 省 here is a phenol tree 11r + Ejoki / decompensation fat, unnatural polyester
necropsy, polyamide!
I believe in Mano high strength ■ fiber specifically, glass fiber, carbon fiber, turbid ・ garden of
aromatic polyamide 礒 碓 DrJCr'Lf'rL1.4X10 '+ 1.7X10' + 1.9X10'z Squirrel is more than
1.5x10'cldt of cuboron fiber, which is also the ratio method t of #l high in snails. By laminating a
long fiber of 01 and others high strength fiber on the gold 41TR blocking plate, it is possible to
suppress the friction of the hard-vibration plate and to hear the ringing S of the gold 14 vibrating
plate and An equal effect is obtained, and a speaker having 11 flat characteristics between sound
pressure is obtained. This m-meeting, the ten thousand tenors of Mr. Wei Qi's, can be arranged
according to the purpose to be achieved. In order to prevent the radial vibration in the low
frequency fIL late region due to the vibration of the diaphragm in the low frequency fIL late
region, it is possible to concentrically distribute the long fibers 1 at L (, in the high frequency
region) In order to prevent the cogging in the circumferential direction due to the expansion
difference of the peristaltic plate, it is necessary to make it 7 μm in a radial direction, such as
dμ. Also, to prevent + sub-resonance over the entire frequency pattern band, do not hesitate to
write 几 and 間 に 間 に in between? 0τ60τ45 or ° ······ shifted to a straight root Ozeru, Rorui,
it is also movable to use a woven fabric of the top court Wei. I will make a uniform compensation
for the whole length of the steel plate of the long plate of the steel plate, and the 7-bit brow of
the shingles of the double-piece material. It is not necessary to make 1-to-1 large, but it is not
necessary to make 1-to-one across the entire surface, and it is necessary to focus on the solid
pieces necessary to make a sense of careless + 荊 滌, According to the child in terms of the index.
Next, the central 11lilyll according to the present invention will be described with reference to
FIG. Figure 1 of C is a piece of a piece of material d (2) into a part of f1. I'J vc 涜 I-The row shown
is 69+ (a) is 11 circles, (b) is a radial, (C) 4 mesh-shaped and shows nine rows. In addition, the #
4 properties of composite materials with the above-mentioned high-rise (粛 and thermoset I11.y
+ J epoxy m1ft are shown in Table 1). The specific elastic modulus W / Yu contains aluminum
(Aj), chita 7 (TA,), and a single screw close to beryllium (B-) at 7 or more Hr, etc. or 7 HrL.
Therefore, the composite it 噴 I ら ら ル E E は of C hela on the あ る い は g = a plate other than
IJ 17 ummelon is I 4 尋 or more. Also beryllium, boron @ sweet uses carbon four-fiber material, if
E / E will rule, but the celebration of the kernel is small. -5 ル る 復 の 材料 の!
Is less than money? A: I wait for I I J J4 Jade board and composite material bonds,-Acupuncture
is a meeting @-of the board? Therefore, the IC / fa of the 11th cross becomes larger than the IC /
yi of the explanation diaphragm and the bending property of the diaphragm is increased to
prevent the juice dust and wrinkles due to the bending and the distortion factor Can be reduced.
EndPage: 3 ま-會 4 @-mechanical, d + 11 and breakage of the plate can be made almost all ^
because long fibers of high-strength 41 fiber are injected on 2 surfaces. The invention will be
described with reference to the following detailed F and F. Immersion in a liquid of 100 parts of
epoxy tree, 6 parts of a curing agent, 6 parts of a curing agent, 4 parts of 1 oo part of the
confectionery 実 鐵 charcoal 鐵, and look at the direction of the release fiber by immersing in the
liquid. After removal of the fa agent by drying in 1 L order, prehardening at 160 ° C., staining of
15 rashes, and proceeding with a unidirectional prepreg with a thickness of 105 m. At this time, I
will use Takefumi Vfd, 55. In a press bowl that has been cooled to 175 ° C. In the shape where
the carbon fiber radiates in the radial direction of the diaphragm, two grips of the abovementioned grippleg are set on both sides of the cL1 flL groove 1 aluminum AdJ plate, and the
pressure is 10 Kq / cM "* 175'C14Il! ') Perform Ik 41 cY, / AIIA molding 4 When a part of the
plate was removed from the mold and the 4-plate constant was measured by the -tan lead
method, a part of the excited plate was cut off as shown in Table 2. . The aluminum sliding plate
is α1 fear, J titanium, 1 table steel plate, carbon fiber 1! ! 6 # poly-p-7 rubber / terephthalamide
41 # in one of the nylon-d polyamide fibers. With regard to heaving, I made a bow (a swing plate
made of sweat and made a sweat, and I saw a second flame of fire. 夷 71J row 5 A4-112, change
the polybarfenin / terephthalamide squeegee into a glass, make a steel sheet of the same
attachment and make 4 squares in Table 2. 犠 + / kl 4 ° A, 6v-t to mt 7111 · · of carbon trading!
峨 Xia't poly-P-phenylene terephthalamide flat radish cross ((L1 groove cricket J changed to
grippregne, α1 sacrificial l aluminum bond plate on one side of the bond layer 1 Table 2 to the
east 4 friends. Change to the Al 9 mini-cum vibration plate in the central part of the central part
IFl 11 and use vacuum evaporation method 4 9 (Ll) 5 Han 1 Ribe IJ 11 # The board is made and
shown in Table 2 1 9 49. Table 2 eCt '14m Ha mdJ plate f) mMR t' 2.5 x 10-"17 cm" Toshi and tF
continuous specific gravity.
Nan, 2 in the second flame, right? In the present invention 1-1 plate according to Iji 1 In the grip
of that F, the sign of the tailing plate is shown to the real part A6 practical right example 1? Cut
one direction Grigregue of rumored charcoal guard yearly to 5 out of 50 mm, 1 ingress 160 t *
tdi) in front of Al O nium cone type 4 旙 Im plate. -Place the carbon fibers in a radial direction,
and perform cold ripening in the same manner as A control 1. Using this diaphragm, it is
rumored that the speaker unit is built on a scale of 111 shown in FIG. 2 by a loss of aluminum
only-using a plate, flatter than the sound pressure drop characteristics of the speaker unit t. In
FIG. 2, sPi-] is the sound pressure modulation of the loudspeaker according to the present
invention! j is a real symbol, and (A symbol is a broken line showing sound pressure frequency
inertia of the conventional speaker. As described above, the best board to which the present
invention can be applied is the board of the king and the king! IJ 4 IT o φ is more specific than
that, and the density f is 2/3 to 6/4 @, bending stiffness E is (2) 6 to 6 times ems 5 is 2 to 10 It
has an excellent one-embedded property. In the case of the speaker according to the present
invention, the high frequency limit of the reproduction frequency band is equal to or higher than
that of the sparrow @ diaphragm. 2) The sound pressure frequency a is f- 泪 and the high fidelity
with little distortion without single color (t-reproduction becomes aT function). ・ 3) River 4:
High-A wave worms on the reduction side of the frequency area are threatened. t4) @s scraping
4I: Compared with the conventional method of increasing the internal loss, the amount of
attached UO applied to the plate is small, so 1ItS4 is not reduced and the stomach braking effect
is reduced. Be heard. Because heat resistance is used, heat resistance is high, and the
temperature (dependency becomes small) of 1 tv reproduction inertia of the speaker. t6) m There
is no need to give examples of the skin of the moving plate, the frequency of the lawful codigging, the pitching Q, and the height of Sakaizaki. -7) Also for the vibration with the 4 big
bending and 鴫 of the loss board. Because the high St moth is being jetted 1-heroic destruction is
unlikely to occur. (8) Mechanical resistance-Because it is strong against tearing, special assembly
and construction work ^, technology 4 is absolutely necessary, and it is possible to assemble a
speaker in the past of the conventional I, and it has + 4 * n. (9) Thermosetting properties and
shields have high chemical resistance, so they are resistant to weathering, even if they are
susceptible to cracking. You will learn various features to take. Its pond performance, efficiency.
(4) Even if it is sPi at any point in Jiji, it is a vibrating plate. 4, ii5 detailed description of the
drawings Fig. 1 shows each one according to the present invention!
It is a top view of the diaphragm of the six lines shown in the example of the lump (a diaphragm
for the acoustic acoustic 4 Fig. 2 shows 4A indicating the sound pressure frequency a # of the
speaker. 1 is a relief board and 2 is a multi-part IT department. Outgoing 13 people Columbia
Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Hiromi Yamaguchi. 3 JEndPage: 5
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