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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 illustrate a condenser type microphone,
FIG. 4 to FIG. 6 show an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. Fig. 4 is a front view, Fig.
5 is a block diagram showing an electrical connection, and Figs. 7 to 9 are views showing other
embodiments of the present invention. 101 ...... case, 102 ...... first magnet -103 ...... second
magnet, 104 ...... filler, 105 ...... Vibrating film, 106 .. .. coil, 107. 1 (a) (b)
[Detailed description of the invention] Directionality to this invention? It relates to an
electromagnetic microphone by filtering at 1 c @ I electrically. Conventionally, a condenser W (1)
microphone is known as a microphone capable of performing electrical VC control of directivity.
This capacitor type 7 rod-1 · 6 ° '' '1) 1-circle · 1 7 × 1 · · 1 as shown in the sectional view of
the ring pole outer pole 1, that is, a vibrating film on one side of the case 2t is stretched, and this
vibrating membrane 2 is maintained for a predetermined period of time, and the back electrode
3? Power is distributed on the relative plane l-. And i: between the extraterrestrial pole 1 and the
back V4i3? Nurture a unity 4 [7, and the space between the back electrode 3 to the shooting tll
film 2? A continuous single hole 5 communicating with the outside is provided. And by the
vibration of the vibrating membrane 2 due to the sound protection, the above-mentioned sound
wave from the change of the stationary volume of the peristaltic membrane 2 and the back
electrode 3 and the (7) curve! It is something that is turned into a disgusting signal. And the
directivity of this one capacitor type microphone is 11! In the case of pneumatically controlling,
as in the cross-sectional views shown in wl and 2ryJ, two pairs of microphones are integrated
back to back so that the back electrodes 3 are connected in a co-A connection. Then, as shown in
FIG. 3, connect the source vC11 irf M of the Vcar variable resistance 6 of the schematic diagram
to the source 7 and connect the middle point tap of this variable resistance 6 to the back
electrode 3: There is. Then, the slider of the C1Tf resistor 6 is connected via the resistor 8 to one
jχ drive film aIC, and the other diaphragm is connected via the positive terminal terminal
resistor 9 會 of the awardable resistor 6. Connect 2bK to Vh. Furthermore, each vibrating film ffa
described above. The other diaphragm 2 bt̶the grid of the pre-amplifying vacuum tube 11 and
the positive electrode of the power source 7 are connected to the canode. Then, when the slider
of the aJ variable resistor 6 is varied, the potential VC of the back electrode 3 is smaller than the
potential VC of one of the diaphragms 2a. When the unidirectionality, the positive potential, and
the potentials of the vibrating membranes 2m and 2b are equal to each other, nondirectionality
can be obtained. However, in this case, it is necessary to use only 4 kinds of DC power supplies as
soon as it receives the influence of temperature, is star etc. in order to be a condenser type
microphone, and if the handling is insane and careful attention is required There was no
problem. The present invention has been made in view of the above circumstances, and aims to
provide a directional stable "lk" w1.a microphone having a robust structure and a stable
operation. It is
The following 1 of this invention! The cross-sectional view IfIl is shown in the fourth し て 6), 伽)
and the details will be described in detail with reference to the front view. A ring-shaped first
magnet 102 is provided along the inner circumference of the case 101 with a ridge of 1011 ring
ridge. 103u in the center of the first magnet 102! It is a ring-shaped second magnet in which the
direction of the magnetic pole is arranged in the opposite polarity to the magnet 102 VC of 1.
And 1 o 4: rx above 曵 1. The second magnet 102 · 103 · · · W filler, such as the integration of
these fillers such as Derurassoksaku, 105μ of the case 101, both end face VC is a vibration Wl
failure. As shown in FIG. 4 (b), the surface 106 of each vibrating rod 105 is attached with a coil
106 made of a conductive foil in a spiral shape, and from the winding start and the winding
mystery of this coil 106, I am leading h lead @ Ioy. Then, as shown in FIG. 5, the wire-y wire 107
of each of the coils 106 is connected to the switch 61 for lifting the desired 61-finger tube. As
shown in FIG. 6 (a), (b) and (e) of this switch 10 # a, each vibration rumor 10BVC is attached to
both ends of # -XIOI, and each pair of coils 10g is provided with only one coil 10g. In-phase II 綬,
anti-phase I! 接 続 い 接 続 接 続 切換 切換 切換 切換 指向 指向 指向 指向 指向 指向 指向 指向 そ
制 御. In addition, it is a communicating hole which makes the gap between each drive @ ZOS and
the filler 104 continue in a row. With such a configuration, the sound field generated from the
outside b is processed and driven together with the peristaltic coil 105 μ coil 106. The coil 106
is then driven by the first and second magnets 102 and 103 to form a magnetic flux which is
driven by an electric current signal according to the upper two sound pressures. It is possible to
beat from the coil 106. Then, the output signal of each of the upper F coils 106 is processed by
the switch 8 to switch and peep to obtain the desired directivity. In this case, as shown in FIG. 6
(a) VC, if only one coil 106 is looked at, it will be uni-directional, if FIG. 6 (b) K shows both coils
106 in phase, all phrasing By connecting both coils 106 in the opposite phase, as shown in FIG.
Note that the present invention is limited to the example of t allocation right, as shown in the
cross-sectional view shown in Fig. 1i 箪 7, forming irregularities on a part of vibration @ 105, coil
A-21 "106 Even if the inside of the 11iJ surface of the magnets 102 and 103 is cast, it is worked.
In addition, when the plan view shown in FIG. The second magnet 102. 103 may use a pole-like
magnet or the coil 106 may include an additional component.
Furthermore, this God's electromagnetic microphone is likely to be affected by external noise as
soon as possible, particularly causing hum contamination due to the commercial power source
wave number. In this case, for example, as shown in FIG. 9, the coil JO 6L stays at a distance from
the photographing w 105 and is processed and held on the measuring member t and the burr
case 101 to hold the canceling coil 110 in general. The company In order to cancel out the
external noise and to have a good S / N ratio fes, it is possible to work on warping the leverage
coil 110 for the coil zo6Vc reverse phase WC @. Also, it is possible to continuously switch the
signal supplied from the pair of coils 106 into a continuous variable resistor 3 to switch the
directivity of the signal supplied from the pair of coils 106 into a totally continuous pattern.
Rishi, switch with a pair of coils 106f parallel monuments and book] As described in detail above,
this note r intersects the magnetic flux that is caused by the magnet of the village 19ri 2 A pair of
coils attached to the shooting movement wx driven by the king is provided, and the outputs of
the pair of coils are cut with a cutting device to cut off the connection to control the finger m 4 In
this way, it is possible to provide an electromagnetic microphone which is robust in structure and
stable in operation, and electrically controlled in directivity as well.
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