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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a dome
diaphragm according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a frequency characteristic diagram of a
speaker having a conventional dome diaphragm, and FIGS. 3 and 4 These are the frequencycharacteristics figures of the speaker which comprises the dome diaphragm of this invention. 1 is
a diaphragm base cloth, 2 is an inorganic minute hollow sphere, 3 is a viscoelastic resin layer.
【Detailed description of the invention】 This ministry 詑 j 水 出,) · · 1, synthetic い 父 父 ン 父 不
倦 倦 倦 振動 振動 振動 ノ ミ ノ ミ ノ ミ ノ ミ ノ ミ ノ ミ ノ ミ ノ ミ ノ ミThe formation of the
dome plate I is to i% '1 and its purpose is to strike a flexible +4 gauze of 14 variations on the
base plate for slow motion, an internal loss for photographing assistance and 41j property , Fi's
L'I · vf of the light insects to light J, 1 "t ド ー ム ド ー ム ド ー ム ド ー ム 時 ヒ ヒ ヒ 11 11 44
キ ー 44 44 44 (44, (((こ). -'The cotton, river, synthetic'-! It is well known that it is well known to
use fiber cloth or non-woven cloth made of fii: 6 and so on, as the conventional dome diaphragm
of this god, '>' (J- /, =, ...含浸 '2 heat 岬 f 1 住 住 = 含浸 含浸 含浸 含浸 加熱 加熱 加熱 加熱 加熱
加熱 加熱 加熱 弾 弾 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以 以
以 以 以 以 以 以 以 弾 弾 弾 弾 弾 弾 弾 弾. The surface G has a viscoelastic resin such as silicone
resin, which has a single structure. Such a 1-piece dome swing plate is made of silicone; when the
application of sebum is increased, moderate softness and force injection and inside 7 capital
losses are given 1.1 while silicon, after II4 Specific gravity of 1 or more F (this, the vibration · LJJ
plate becomes + l'r (the output pressure level decreases). On the contrary, if the amount of
application is reduced, it is impossible not only to provide 4 flexible elastic 1 "IE, J note, internal
loss but also to maintain airtightness or temples. In addition, in the application amount of # 1
degree, it is not only one minute of the inner 1110s but also the shortage of 1i11 life, in the
quarter finger area in the quarter quadrant area A solid part of the heart Iljjl :, l condensation,
wavering phenomenon, harmful conflict of conflict; 41: The second saving is the removal of such
a minor defect, and the flexible and flexible nature of the diaphragm spreading plate number one,
the inner radius loss, F! l Hold the sex and reduce the amount of R of the diaphragm 3 tt, sound
′ ′, l! (1) A point to reduce the abnormal abnormal vibration of split common sales and strike
phenomenon S by setting the spread ratio to be parallel and reduce it. Below, the present
invention will be customsified in the figure. The present invention is shown in Fig. 1 (This is a
mixture of inorganic micro hollow spheres (2) in at least-· M of the front and back of a flexible
board base fabric (1) having the same bond as that of the conventional structure). elastic ·
dimensions j1 Matatoeba silicon small iN is applied viscosity ', Seung 1% 4 bile: t'V (3) to 1
chome a Mizoke that form lJk a, Q4f'j Keicho hollow sphere (2) is For example, using inactive pistable silica as -t [min, and using this as a hollow sphere of 5 to 300 microns, its chemical
composition is 50% to 61% flumi + Al2O: +) 26-30!
'6 Fluka 1 (Na 20, 1 (20 T 0.5-4.0 X iron oxide (Fe 20 ·) 4% (max)') 'n 17) (> Of + 1 L f f · · こ の
quantity 12) is 叶-(ratio · ′ ′ / U 1.35 to 0.7), high hardness (hardness (Morth) 54), so 咥 ′
(conversion is desired, and 11111′i It possesses the physical properties that sang as a light j
drop agent to improve. The second part: '4' is the dome diameter 50 mm 1 (J: 0.45 g vibration
base fabric (silicone: 0.84 g of oil resistant resin applied to the conventional structure of the
dome moving plate, j4 I Poetry: Raw drawings, Fig. 3 show the same moving board base cloth I!
II: Solid wave number custom-made figure, Fig. 414 in the case of 衾 76 of silicon squeezed with
silicon at 40 ° C 8g mixed with 15% of 4B, B, and a ratio of small hollow spheres (2) (silica ratio:
0.3). Is a frequency of 10 t ′ ′ Elm in the case where 8 g of silicon 1 lii 0, which is 30% of
inorganic t 1 micro hollow spheres (2) is squirted. It seems like the following (two, this η slope
(if according to two → no contribution → hollow hollow sphere 11 ζ (2) dead! cod! Since the
resin of L resin-(3) is reduced and the 4iIIJ plate becomes lighter, as shown in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4G,
the electric hollow ball (2) has an IR ratio of 15% The sound pressure efficiency rises by about 2
dB when mixed, and by about 3 dB when mixed with 3 ON, and the acoustic radiation efficiency
increases as well. (5) Inorganic q micro hollow powder body (2) squeezed: iii 訃 · r finger layer (3)
(this modest IIIU property is imparted, therefore, harmful abnormality such as juice-1 resonance
or hissing phenomenon) −7-7 す 庄 さ ら に さ ら に さ ら に さ ら に さ ら に 1 li li li li li li li li
li li 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 で で で で で で で で で でIt is good for the sound quality to be reduced. ++ ら
と も 少 な く と も 少 な く と も 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 4 → The number of people
who has made 414 is 4 notes Jl! Since the i layer (3) is formed, 41 of the old---, ■, main-size 1
cap (3) is lightly supported and the base cloth (1) (+: 11 of the double strength is The speaker
that J's this 414 IJJ board is straddling 1 ', and if the power conversion efficiency is' rjL, jl: i, this
kind of wave of one season's rebellion, 1- a y also Yi Ta ... power c to rl = - with a real 1jl) IJ point
was Ui possible. Fig. 1 shows the structure of the public dome layer-· I 11 + anti reverse of Fig. 1
and Fig. 2 · 4 shows the moving plate on the dome 4 with a large diameter.
Fig.3 and Fig.4 show the frequency stability diagram of the speaker with the dome diaphragm of
6 east, 6 (1) is the diaphragm base Cloth, (2) is a hollow hollow sphere without any controversy,
and (3) is a dead-bulk resin layer. 32/2! 1st mouth 2nd record III) → [【41 111 first-time
field shame 2611 sosomls age mR5 & number [Hz] · · · · "17. 乙 2 公 田 本 "20056011 X) 0211 g
D 蜘 M 291! Number 151 [H2] 3d lightning "°. Δ Δ 田 Δ 塾 塾 02 弦 02 Do 勝 勝 輿 輿 数 数
(HzJ * 4 IQ, シ, −6 -6 other than the above inventor (1) inventor address Osaka Prefecture Neyya
111 City Nisshincho No. 2 No. 1 NOKYO Co., Ltd. Hino Masanori Name Hino Masanori HJ IJ /, sQ
/ 7 ''
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