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Description l Title of Invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of the
speaker cone. In order to appropriately give internal loss to the cone and to suppress abnormal
resonance of the cone, the cone is attached to the entire surface of the cone with a resin mixed
with resin or inorganic substance of a certain thickness, or the above substance is attached near
the center. The corn is' s-well-known. 1. In the case of the former cone, a resin mixed with a
resin or an inorganic substance adheres to the entire surface, which causes a problem that the
mass of the cone is large and the sound pressure level to be regenerated is lowered. In the latter
cone, the rigidity at the center of the cone is large, and the high region is reproduced from the
center of the cone. The middle and low regions are regenerated from the entire cone. However,
since there are portions having two different and constant constants at the central portion of the
cone and the outer portion, it is often the case that unevenness in the frequency characteristic
occurs in the middle and lower regions. (In FIG. 1 showing the characteristics of sound pressure
level versus frequency in the conventional cone, unevenness occurs in the vicinity of 2 KHz. The
present invention provides the surface of a cone with a plurality of annular zones having
different thicknesses represented by a resin mixed with a resin, a foamed resin and an inorganic
substance, and the cone having an appropriate internal loss, and the mass increase of the cone is
small. Although it is a turtle, it smooths the frequency characteristics. The present invention will
be described below with reference to the drawings. FIG. 2 is a view showing a cross section of the
cone of the present invention and the periphery thereof. In the figure, 4 is a cone in a broom, and
the cone number is made of paper, metal foil polymer foam or the like. EndPage: Material
attached to cone 4 is vinyl acetate, acrylic resin, epoxy resin or the like. In the case of a small
speaker, the above-mentioned resin foam is often advantageous in the case of a small speaker,
and in the case of a large speaker, powders of oxides or carbides such as MpO, MyCO5CaO,
CaCO3 etc. A relatively high density material mixed in is suitable. In both large and small cases,
by providing a plurality of annular bands having different thicknesses on the surface of the cone,
the mass increase of the cone is minimized, and the unevenness of the frequency characteristic is
reduced with little decrease in the sound pressure level. It can be done. Next, practical examples
will be shown for a 16 cm, 25 cm aperture speaker to clarify the features of the present
invention. In FIG. 2, a one-piece voice coil bobbin, a two-d voice coil, a damper 3, a No. is a cone,
a numeral 5 is an edge, a numeral 6 is a frame, and a piece is a material. (1) Example of 16 cm
speaker ■ Weight 3t of cone 4 3 Voice coil 2, edge 6, damper-S1 adhesive agent, total weight of
air load mass t 1 resin material 1 mass 1 y (2) Example of 2 acm speaker ■ Cones weight 152,
■ voice coil 2, edge 5, tamper -3, voice coil 2, edge 5, tamper-3, adhesive, load mass of air total
18 y loudspeaker Effective mass of the present invention cones of the present invention 乍 嘲 乍
乍 71 乍 l 坤 麩 C 16Cff1x 10 s 10 g 11 g 10% 25 cm speaker 33P 38 p 15% The characteristics
of each of the above 16 cm and 25 cm speakers respectively.
As shown in FIG. 4, it is clarified that the cone of the present invention slightly reduces the
unevenness of the frequency characteristic without substantially reducing the sound pressure
level of the speaker. The above (lX2) is an example of a paracurve type, (1) is a case where there
is no resin material, and (2) is a case where there is a resin material. In the conical cone speaker,
the cone of the present invention is found to be more useful as shown in the following example.
ψ) Example of 16 cm conical cone Para-curve ff1: In 2-one, it is necessary to make one sheet of
paper or form one cone, 4 production facilities! ! It will be the beginning. Since it is possible to
use paper, metal foil and polymer film which are produced in large quantities by cutting into fans
and using glued cones, it is easy to obtain a homogeneous material and cone manufacturing
equipment can be relatively installed in partial layers . However, the thickness of the cone is
constant, and the shape is limited to the conical cone in order to combine the fan shape, and in
the conical cone speaker, the frequency characteristic in the high region is well known as the
turtle well known in many documents. It is normal for a large amount of piles to occur. It is
apparent that high frequency peaks on the frequency characteristics are dumped well when the
resin of the material shown in the present invention is attached to a conical conical cone speaker.
x scma セ 合 セ conical corn ス ビ ー ー カ ー cone weight 3 # ■ voice coil, edge, damper,
adhesive, air load quality 10 total 〒t '■ resin material weight 1 t (foamed resin) 16 cm conical
combed Effective quality of cone speaker! Cone mass increase resin according to the present
invention Before adhesion to resin flakes lo 211210% The characteristics of this speaker are
shown in FIG. Curve (1) indicates the case where there is no material, and curve # (2> indicates
that the material is attached). As described in the above three examples, according to the present
invention, the cone having a plurality of annular bands with different thicknesses formed by the
resin in which the resin is foamed and the resin mixed with the inorganic substance substantially
decreases the sound pressure level. It can be seen that the frequency characteristics can be
smoothed by suppressing the abnormal resonance of the cone without doing so.
1 is a diagram showing frequency characteristics with respect to sound pressure level by a
conventional cone, the second section is a cross section of the cone according to the present
invention and a cross section around the cone, FIG. 6 is a speaker 166a, FIG. The figure shows
the frequency characteristics with respect to the sound pressure level when using a cone
according to the present invention in a 25 cm speaker, FIG. 5 EndPage: 2 fi, and a 16 cm conical
in the combined cone speaker. 1: voice coil bobbin, 2: voice coil, 3: damper; 4: cone, 5: end, 6:
frame, ma: resin material. Attorney Attorney Atsushi Fukushi? Hn11Pz mouth to the end 3
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