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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention.
FIG. 1 is a side view of a baffle plate and a speaker, a longitudinal sectional view of a part, and
FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the baffle plate and a box separated. Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig.
2 of the conventional speaker unit, and Fig. 4 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of a
disassembled state for explaining assembly of the conventional baffle plate and the speaker. In
the drawings, 10 is a speaker unit, 11 is a baffle plate, 13 is a speaker frame portion, 20 is a
speaker cone, 27 is a magnet, and 30 is a box.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the speaker unit of the present invention. More specifically in history, in a small speaker unit,
a speaker frame is formed on a baffle plate and a part of the wound surface of the speaker hox,
and a speaker frame is formed by combining speaker 7 and Madanenot Temple with it to form a
speaker. Then, mounting the speaker on the baffle plate 1′L abolished, simplifying the
structure, reducing the cost, the speaker unit relating to the same of the sound box 10 , <−,
j− / Jt. For II. The third problem is a perspective view of a small storage-type speaker unit with
the previous baffle removed in a positive manner. 4V to the baffle plate of the speaker in the
large-sized speaker unit kf female beaker unit Is performed as shown in FIG. That is, the front
side of the wood J11]] · · · · Nofur 愼 1 is provided with a hole 1 、 2, from the army side of this
to erase the outer peripheral surrounding portion 4a of the speaker frame 4 of the speaker 3,
this portion 4a The screw 5 is placed in the set stop hole and the speaker frame 4 is fixed on the
periphery of the surface of the receiving hole 2-. -The following opening of the speaker Hosox b
is lost, and the four corners of the baffle 1 are stopped with a screw 7 to form a closed speaker
unit 4. The above-mentioned well-made spill car unit has the need to screw the front speaker
screwed like a shading baffle, and there is a public safety that this at least four stops. For this
reason, the assembly work of the speaker is dml, and in the case of a small-sized speaker unit for
the load, the 2- and 4- '7-beakers are also small, and the frame width of the frame outer
peripheral portion is baffled It is very difficult to get a rough layer on a board, and it takes
Shinden and a hand-made chestnut. As described above, there is a delay in installation of the
speaker, and there is a complication, and this ultimately affects the cost and the improvement of
this is desired. In addition to the above, the number of parts increases because 511K is prepared
for the baffle and all speakers ˜, and there is a risk that the screwed part may be loosened if it is
used for 9 flights by repeating the vibration of the speaker, It is not strong, it will be done in a
certain manner, but it will be a complete self-defense. In addition, since the pamphlet plate toss
beaker frame is a separate member 09 and the baffle plate is also limited in selection material,
the father also tries to make the sound quality of the small speaker unit equal to that of the small
speaker unit. I'm sorry. In view of the above-mentioned problems of the Kotocha @ Ha Kore
speaker unit, it is a matter of disbelief to solve this T effectively.
A speaker frame is formed integrally with the panful plate of both times of the speaker box in a
small-sized speaker unit 3--one plus circle unit where one city of the Hundred Beams is to be
made a speaker cone, Macnet Temple provides a busy speaker unit that has been assembled to
form a speaker. The purpose of the +4 beam is to attach the speaker frame to the baffle frame of
the speaker frame and make it into a baffle plate and speaker. As a result of assembling the
production bespoke unit by Toshi, same as above for mass production, same as above for mass
production, s + J reduction of parts cost, simplification of construction, and cost reduction for
history, the speaker unit is provided. The purpose of this 2m book is to use the front baffle plate
and the speaker frame τ- 犀, and integrate the speaker and the baffle plate in an integrated
manner to optimally install and purchase materials for the wearer. Sculptor, provides a speakeryounotoke that contributes to the quality of small speaker units. According to the preferred-real
image 91 declination figure mouth of this o'clock below; , -2 (will be described in detail. Fig. 1 is a
longitudinal sectional view of the main part of the speaker unit according to the present
invention 4, Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the baffle plate and the speaker pocket removed ○
Speaker unit 10u Speaker box 30 and speaker-km A heavy-cover baffle 11 is made up of a pair of
double-ended speaker units. Baffle plate 11 is formed by press forming of steel plate or die-cast
of light alloy 114, or plastic molding by indiechnoyon molding, etc. The main body 12 of baffle
plate 11 is formed into a flat plate, and its central upper side The speaker frame portion 13 of
the funnel method is integrally formed on the inner side (back side 1). The speaker frame portion
13 is embedded from the end face of the main body 12 to a span length of 10,000, and slits 14
are radially formed in the frame portion 13 to the front end 10,000 times, and the shell portion 7
Is a mounting hole IS / J: r. Also, a concave step 111i is annularly provided on the inner
periphery of the @ end of the frame 13, and a cone which forms a low-duty plate at this end, a
concave provided on the outer periphery of a so-called speaker cone 0 The outer side of the roll
engine 21 is pressed against the bottom end s22 and inserted into the presser link 23 steps 16
from the outer side, and the outer peripheral capital of the speaker cone 20 is turned ○ and
funnel-shaped co-720 Inside the 11 · part of the frame through the 7 Tyanoop 24 to get rid of
the frame part 13 + t4L15, from inside to the center pole 25t1 and from the outer periphery
voice coil 26, ring bow macnet 27ThaK combined and fixed, speaker idk Form.
The father above the body of the baffle & 11 12) integrally forms an open Ll,-, s17 under the
speaker 27 and emits the vibration on the front side of the speaker 28, the composition of the
line from here to the outside, and It prevents sound and resonance. The surrounding projecting
piece 18 projecting to the surface m1) 1 of the opening 17 is also integrally formed with the
main body 12. Mounting holes 19-ヲ are formed at the four corners of the main body 12 of the
front baffle 叡 11 which is integrally covered with the above 一体 I speaker-28 pieces, and are
taken 6-6-in the front four corners of the west hook 30! 31. The part 31 is completely formed,
and the baffle plate 11 is subjected to the opening curvature of the box 3U, and the screw 32 is
used to couple the baffle plate 11 to the hox 30 front circumference to form the speaker unit 10.
According to the present invention, as described above, the baffle plate and the speaker frame
group are integrally formed, and the frame portion is integrally coated with a scaker cone, a
cone, a center ball, a magnet, etc. Since the car was structured, the speaker was not attached to
the panful temporary, and the baffle plate made by the speaker Kuranai was added only by
roughly layering the box, the same as the assembly workability of the speaker unit, mass
production To contribute to the cost reduction of this. In addition, since the speaker is integrated
with the baffle plate, it requires a baffle plate and a rough layer joint member of the speaker, and
it is poor in city score F] ll W, and the connection with the rough proof temporary and the
speaker, the rough layer defect and the inspection thereof Blue confectionery, etc. will also
disappear, and there will be no public safety where a speaker frame will be installed separately.
In addition to the above, it is manufactured in combination with a speaker frame using baffle
temporary material, and the obtained speaker e is obtained in a uniform and good speaker
unison llr stool, 曲 1 song only for roughening to a speaker e = a baffle plate storage box.
Furthermore, since the speaker frame and the pan-flat machine are integrally molded of the same
material, both are molded of the same material, and are appropriately selected in combination
with the speaker frame without being limited to the baffle sheet material table and sound quality
The speaker and panful board form an integral unit in terms of appearance, and a desirable
externality can be obtained, simplifying the life of the product.
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