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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of an essential part of a
speaker diaphragm according to the present invention. 1 ······ Plate-like member, 2 ··········
Cylindrical member. /\
[Detailed description of the invention] Molding with synthetic resin using carbon fiber as a
matrix, LThIF "f5 # hjtLKQ comparison L? The present invention relates to a diaphragm
combined with an fflb-(/ J az cylinder 31-like member). 21 <multi- /,) '3-. There is a diaphragm
formed by interposing a honeycomb structure between two plate-like members. The honeycomb
structure uses a material having a smaller ρ / ρ (N: Young's army, ρ: density) in comparison
with aluminum carbon fibers. The reason for not using carbon fiber in the honeycomb structure
is mainly due to the difficulty of the manufacturing method. The object of the present invention
is to provide a lightweight and highly rigid speaker diaphragm in which a short-cut tubular
member made of carbon fiber is interposed between plate members made of carbon fiber instead
of a honeycomb structure. It is to provide. In the figure, it is a plate-like member molded with a
synthetic resin using IFi carbon fiber and Kevlar partial fiber (trademark) high elastic fiber as a
matrix. The plate-like member 1 may be a braided li '5 (A, A', 79 or non-woven fabric optional),
and is usually formed by heat pressing in combination with a heat-soluble resin. The shape is flat,
dome or cone shape. As with the plate-like member 1, a cylindrical member 2 is formed by
synthetic resin using high elastic fibers as a matrix. Preferably, the tubular member 2 is obtained
by cutting a long tube having a circular cross section. The diameter and length of the cylindrical
member 2 are sufficiently smaller than the size of the plate-like member 1. The nodal members 2
are disposed in contact with or separated from the two plate members' ij, and are adhesively
fixed to form one vibrating rice. At this time, a part of the cylindrical member 2 is completely It is
also possible to place a substance with a large internal loss attached to it. As described above, a
cylinder formed by cutting high elastic fibers such as longitudinal fibers into a cylindrical shape
and cut as compared to a diaphragm using a conventional aluminum; The diaphragm of the
present invention using a center member as a central member is not only easy to manufacture
but also of the diaphragm itself] KI7. Since (KI: flexural rigidity, γ: area density) can be
increased, a speaker with a wide piston vibration area can be obtained.
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