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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cut away side view of a stereo
earphone according to an embodiment of the present invention. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is convenient to carry on stereo listening 麿
stereo earphone KI11. Stereo listening is inherently performed using a Ktff speaker, but if a loud
volume is not acceptable, or a portable tape recorder is used (υ / 4.-jj7. 7). For example, in the
case of listening to the playback sound or monitoring in a whistle, a large number of stereo
headphones are tossed in K. However, it is bulky because of the form consisting of the
headphones that connect the headphones, the sound generator and the bands that connect them,
so it may be said that it is suitable for carrying. This device is a hand-held w [f-dong, and when
trying to use a stereo t-ear earphone that can obtain the same listening effect as a stereo
headphone when used, an example of the drawing is shown below The rod lI indicated by
reference numeral 1 in the drawing to be described with reference. SFi, the left channel terminal
3 and the right channel terminal 4 are attached to the tip of the cylindrical common terminal 2 in
a mutually electrically insulated state, and this is a bladder for a common stereo group for rad
phones It has the dimensions defined in the uniform standard. Then, the holder 5 is mounted on
the base 10 of the rod portion 10 in order to facilitate attachment / detachment to a jack
mounted on a stereo device such as an amplifier or a tape recorder. -12 (Powder) Furthermore,
the left channel earphone 3 is for the left channel 3 and the common terminal 2 via the cord 6,
and the right channel for the right channel 4 and the common terminal 2 is the right channel via
the cord 8. By inserting the rod part 1 into the headphone jack of the stereo device and attaching
the earphones 7 and 9 to the ear, the same stereo effect as in the case of stereo written
headphones is obtained. In the holder 5, preferably made of a plastic and in the form of a fem, a
binaural effect can be obtained. l?! By closing the @ 10 which can be closed, the inside
storage section 11 is opened. Since the storage portion 11 has a sufficient volume to store the
cords 6 and 8 in a folded state, the cord 6 and most of the mouth can be stored in the storage
portion 11 when carrying it. In this case, the rod portion 1, the holder 5, and the earphones 7
and 9 can be handled as one unit, and it is easy to carry or carry-in = 1 + 3)-2). Further, although
the dimensions of the holder S slightly increase, the earphones 7 and 9 may also be configured to
be housed and danced in the housing portion 11.
As described above, the stereo earphone according to the present invention is remarkably light
and compact in comparison with ordinary stereo headphones, is suitable for carrying, and
provides a listening effect close to that of stereo headphones. In addition to being used as a
contact stereo device, if you carry it along with a portable stereo device such as an FM radio or a
tape recorder, a sufficient stereo effect can be obtained outside the mold. Because it is small in
size and light in weight, it is less fatigued by long-term use, and is also suitable for monitoring in
the product inspection method of stereo equipment.
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