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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of
the configuration of a conventional cone-shaped speaker unit, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of
the main part of the prior art for explaining the conventional edge, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a crosssectional view of the main part showing the configuration of one embodiment, and FIG. 4 is a
diagram for explaining the same embodiment. 9 ...... edge, 9a ...... junction, 9b ...... projections.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention is a so-called free-edge speaker unit!
Kt!!! The invention relates to the improvement of the used speaker edge. In recent years,
the edge is formed separately from the diaphragm (corn paper etc.), and the peripheral portion of
the vc = vn plate is adhered, i.e. a free-edge type speaker unit is used. For example, as the wedge
and the edge, for example, foamed polyurethane is pressure-heat-formed is often used. As an
example of such a speaker unit, an example of a cone ai speaker unit is shown at $ 1 aiI, in the
case of -1 ling-2) 'no', JFi ring magnet, 2 is fixed to the lower surface of ring magnet 1 and
central sK center pole A lower plate 211 is provided with a protrusion S, an upper plate fixed to
the upper surface of the ring magnet 1 n an inner peripheral surface facing the outer surface of
the front end of the ball 2a, a frame 4 and a cone 5 as a diaphragm Paper, 6 is a voice coil
section provided in the central base back face of cone paper 5 and disposed in the gap between
center pole 2a and top plate 3; 7 is a damper for supporting and braking cone paper 50 base And
8 is an edge which is made of, for example, the aforementioned JJIA foam polyurethane and
supports the peripheral portion of the corn paper 5. In this case, the edge 8 is a Q-shaped edge
having an Ω-shaped cross section, and the outer peripheral portion is fixed to the frame 4 and
the peripheral edge of the corn paper 5 is attached to the inner peripheral back surface as shown
in the second section. To be worn. It is necessary to support the cone a5 so that this edge 8
vibrates like a cone paper 5 place foot and unnecessary vibration does not occur 611. The cone
paper 5 is vibrated appropriately in accordance with the operation of the voice coil unit 6 to
obtain a good reproduced sound 6 at a weak portion. By the way, in the conventional edge, as
shown in FIG. 2, both plate-like #JR cities are joined to the bond ratio of the cone paper 5II 11
part to the edge 8 using an adhesive etc. Because it was only stuck, adhesion! ! (1) It is easy to
cause peeling of the sticking part because summer is not strong enough, and in particular, the
vibration direction of the corn paper 5 is perpendicular to the bonding surface as shown by the
arrow shown in 2-9 I was at a loss. Also, when the adhesive at the sticking part protrudes to the
edge 8 (Fig. A), a part of the edge 8 becomes sharp and the movement of the edge S becomes
unstable, so that the edge of the paper 5 is 伽 4JJK shadow The problem was that the
reproduction characteristics were deteriorated. The present invention is based on this kind of
feeling, and it can be said that the bonding strength with the peristaltic plate, in particular, the
strength of the peristaltic plate against the ice 1171 can be increased with a simple
configuration. It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker edge that can also
prevent falsehood wisdom due to sticking-out of adhesive or the like.
Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. 11; this edge 9 has substantially the same shape as the conventional edge 8 shown for
example in FIG. 2C using the foamed polyurethane described in IIU and in this case the cone
paper joint 9a of the inner ring As shown in the figure below, a projection 9b is formed on the
back surface of the outer surface of the bonding surface, which protrudes substantially along the
direction of contact of the paper 5 as shown in the figure, and is integrally molded. In the case of
pressure aging, a sheet of foamed polyurethane is used as a material. . As the thickness is about
15 to 140, the protrusion 9b does not have a convex height and the protrusion 9b is easily
formed by a molding die. it can. When attaching this nK cone paper, the edge 9 of this
configuration abuts on the outer peripheral end of the cone paper 5 at the projection @ 9 bK, and
the back surface of the projection 9 b and the joint 9 a and the outer ljA edge of the cone Ja 5
And glue together. If this is the case, the area provided for the contact 1i between the edge 9 and
the cone paper 5 becomes larger than that of the conventional work 9 and adhesion + i! The
degree of J is improved by having the adhesive surface substantially along the pulsating direction
of the cone 6 as shown in FIG. Also, since the adhesive from the adhesive part is also the same as
-B, there is almost no dignity of n4y that has been largely expelled at edge 9 @, and regeneration
due to the extrusion of the autogenous adhesive It is also possible to prevent negative effects of
character-\. Furthermore, in this case, the rigidity of the peripheral portion of the corn paper 5 is
also increased by the adhesive portion as compared with the conventional case. It is needless to
say that the present invention can be implemented with various modifications within the scope
not changing the gist without the plus and minus signs of the embodiment described above and
shown in the drawings. + 9 II if on ml Example Ic? Although the projection 9b has been described
as being continuous along the outer periphery of the contact group 9a, it is a storm even if a
plurality of projections are arranged side by side with a slight gap between them. In the
embodiment vCΩ, an omega-shaped edge will be described, and any edge such as the friend aashape can be implemented in the same manner as the above-mentioned three-size Buddha.
Furthermore, in the same embodiment, it is assumed that the edge is formed using the standard
polyurethane, but even if it is flexible even if it is another material, it will be the same as above if
it is a molding line. It can be implemented. Not only the cone type speaker but also an edge
supporting a diaphragm of a dome type or horn type speaker or the edge of a passive radiator
can be used as an edge.
As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to increase the frequency of
bonding with the diaphragm with a simple structure, in particular, the vibration for vibration of
the diaphragm, and to use the adhesive of the adhesive portion as well. It is possible to provide a
speaker edge that prevents the affection of love on the subject, etc. (4) Brief description of
mischief Fig. 1 is a # view showing an example of the configuration of a conventional coneshaped speaker unit, Fig. 2 is a conventional edge part of a conventional nineteenth part, and Fig.
G3 is a present figure. FIG. 4 is a view for explaining the configuration of one embodiment of the
invention. 9 · · · Edge 9a · · · Junction 9b · · · · · projection part-human agent patent attorney
Takehiko Suzue l β θ 54 C /? No. 2727θ2 □ i), No. 4B 'to 165621 No. 127c17 (4Z Deputy
San-Shu Electric Co., Ltd. 璽 1kL 鰺 1-+-756 documents 11 fl, 0) # (1' * 1 '(2) One specification:
1.4 □ □ lit, 1i 11 116 116 × 96, 4 ° 78 □ 114, 1 °. 4 48.。 8 □ 84, □ □ □ 1: ■
Agent f 爽 Shihonishi, Minato-ku, Kyoto · Saiho Sakurachocho No. 17 Mori Building ", □: r, '; +1',
l, Name ( 5743) -fl'Fv ± E * R male, l address same place j (name (6881)) January's month,
month, month, month, month, month: 1 effect 'F>-/ 1 r12-no 1-i ', i procedure correction book
(system) 1st group, 51- 01 長官 Secretary General of Patent Office Katayama Ishibe 1, display
case of the case 51-73682 No. 2, name of the invention speaker edge 3, correction Relationship
with the case to do utility model registration applicant Q Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. 4, the agent
address Minato-ku Tokyo Shiba Nishikubo Sakuragawacho No. 17 Mori Building 〒 105
Telephone 03 (502) 3181 (large representative), ,. Name (5847) Patent attorney Takehiko
Suzue? (2) Date of the Sound Order 7 October 5, 1959 6 The object of correction m'si 7 The
content request form for correction Attach the drawing number Figure 3 to the attached
drawing of the attached sheet as it is not distributed. Shine (Gi U U Shiko / / / / ρ θ S 4 C /? )
29 pens 3gθ 2 C 悶 rkam 16 562 S T こ (this, 2-2 定 r r / 7 MJ '2 j 21? ) 2
7 r 4.3 Applicants
Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. Park 1
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