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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of an electronic musical instrument
showing part of a cross section to explain one embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is
a characteristic diagram of the vibration of the main spring full plate, and FIG. 4 is a frequency
characteristic diagram. In the figure, 1 ··· body · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · main baffle plate,
9 · · · · · · secondary baffle plate, 12 · · · · · It is a speaker.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a 1-character 4116
character especially for a speaker e device of a child instrument ◇ (1), -92- "A conventional
electronic musical instrument is the front of its main body Although a configuration in which a
speaker connected to a baffle plate which constitutes a part of the side is viewed is made, the
baffle plate is usually very large compared to the baffle plate of a general speaker box. Since it is
difficult to perform sufficient pressing, and furthermore, the baffle plate itself has been thinned
with the weight reduction of electronic musical instruments in recent years, it may be unpleasant
to cause a confusing vibration on the baffle plate as the speaker shakes and moves. One
character correction noise was generated. One of the fields of the present invention suffers from
the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks, and suppresses the generation of harmful
vibration on the baffle plate that constitutes one side of the main body, and even in the history,
even with the small JY'J speaker An embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, 1 is a main body of the electronic musical
instrument, and a head 2. The left and right side plates 3, 4 and the front side are structured (2),
and a main baffle plate 6 and a bottom plate 7 (having a groove) are provided with the sound
release holes 5. 8 is a saran net affixed to the front of the main baffle plate 6; 9 is a sub baffle
attached to the left plate 8 and the bottom plate 7 at a distance from the main baffle plate 6 by
the fixing member 10.11. Reference numeral 12 denotes a speaker attached at a position facing
the sound release hole 5 of the main baffle plate 6 of the sub baffle plate 9, and reference
numeral 13 denotes a lead wire for supplying a musical tone signal to the speaker 2. Next, in his
self-organization, he next clarifies his play work. With the deduction of the electronic musical
instrument, a musical tone signal is supplied from the lead 13 to the speaker 12, and the speaker
vibrates to generate a 2-character added 2 musical tone. However, since the main baffle plate 6 is
not directly attached to the baffle plate 6 and the baffle plate 6, the main baffle plate 6 hardly
causes harmful vibration as shown in FIG. That is, in FIG. 3, the horizontal axis represents the M
fixed distance (centimeter) from the left side plate 8 of the main baffle plate 60, and the vertical
axis represents the vibration amplitude (3) (micron) of the main baffle plate 6 The broken line
shows the case where the interview speaker 12 is attached to the main baffle plate 6 as in the
prior art, and the actual case 4 shows the case where the speaker 12 is attached to the sub baffle
plate 9. As is apparent from this figure, the conventional one vibrates largely at about 80 microns
in two places of the main baffle plate 9 in particular, and the one of the present real bird cage is
7 Miku at any place. It is less than one character join Ron and less than one tenth.
In this graph, for both lines, at the respective measurement positions, the joint key of the Pepe
musical instrument is 141. The amplitude is measured each time by pressing all d at a time, and
it is created by plotting the highest amplitude value among them, and the measurement position
is the lower end of the noise release hole 5 shown in FIG. The position of the sound output hole 5
is about 22 cm from the left side plate 3 as shown in FIG. Further, in the present embodiment,
the outside of the auxiliary bath plate 9 is further added after the speed correction (4) -car 12 in
addition to the sound output from the speaker 12 directly to the sound output hole 5. The axis
that is output to the one-character correction soft 放 sound emission hole 5 is added, and the
frequency at which the phases of both E of two characters ar and E coincide is approximately
100 self two-character correction Since the size of the baffle plate 9 is determined, as shown in
FIG. 4, even a small speaker 2 can sufficiently output low tones. That is, FIG. 4 shows a
conventional 本 with the speaker 2 attached directly to the main baffle plate 6 in which the
frequency (hertz) is taken on the ↑ horizontal axis and the two-output correction (decibel) is
taken on the vertical axis. What is filled in a broken line, and the shoulder of the frequency
characteristic drops from about 110 Hz, while the frequency characteristic in the present
embodiment extends to about 70 Hz, which is indicated by a solid line. As described above in
detail, in the present embodiment, the sub baffle plate 9 is provided, and the MW of the speaker
2 is provided there. In the small speaker 2, even if the small-sized speaker 2 is used, the sound
output from the sound release hole 5 is output by inverting the phase of the correction character
(5) by turning the outside of the auxiliary plate 9 out of the output sound. The bass can be output
sufficiently. As described above, the shutter instrument according to the present invention can
suppress the generation of harmful vibration on the baffle plate that forms one side of the main
body, and can sufficiently output low-pitched sound even with a small speaker. The effect is
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