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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the present invention, and
FIG. 1 is a microphone input terminal, 2 is a microphone amplifier, 3 is a stereo input terminal,
and 4 is a device for eliminating the sound located at the center. 5 is a mixing amplifier, 6 is a
stereo left channel input terminal, 7 is a stereo input ground terminal, 8 is a stereo right channel
input terminal, 9 is an output terminal, and 10 is an output terminal. Correction 51.8. 23
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This device is a device that uses a transformer to
erase a sound located at the center of a stereo, such as a singer's song, and to put in his own
song. Conventional devices are complex, expensive, use high voltages and currents, are large and
heavy. The S draft is designed to eliminate these drawbacks, and if this is explained in the
drawings (a) If you look at the configuration diagram (Fig. 1), a stereo signal enters from ■, and
the sound in the central part is at ■. At the same time, the signal from the microphone enters
from the other, is amplified by 2., the signal from 2 is mixed with the signal from 2 and the signal
from 2 is mixed and sent to the amplifier. (B) In FIG. 2, to explain {circle over (1)}, connect {circle
over (2)} to the left and right earths such as the output of a stereo record. Connect the left
remaining terminal to ■, and connect the left remaining terminal to ■. (C) This transformer has
an impedance of 00 made equal to that of the output of the stereo device, and so on. In addition,
■ is in the middle of 00 o'clock. ■ The impedance between [phase] is made the same as the
input impedance of ■. (If the song with dl right and left sounds on the same record is in the
same record, the number of turns in ■ ■ · ■ ■ is the same, so the number of turns in ■ ■ · ■
■ Since the current is the same, a current of the same magnitude opposite to the direction flows
between the [phase] and is canceled. When the left and right sounds are mixed in with the song,
only the different sounds come across the [phase] of ■. (E) If the impedance of the transformer
is matched to the impedance of the device connected to this device, it can be used for anything,
echoing, etc. can sing like a singer. If this principle is used and a transformer is connected, it can
be converted to a stereo output type. This unit is fun to use as it is built into a stereo cassette or
stereo portable radio, as it will work with four dry batteries if it uses an amplifier that is used for
an ordinary low-voltage cassette coder, etc.
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