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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an enlarged view of foam metal, FIG. 2 i is a
cross-sectional view of a diaphragm, and FIG. 3 is a partial cross-sectional view showing an
embodiment of an electrodynamic speaker according to the present invention. And る。
Explanation of major drawing numbers, 1 ..... Dump material, 2 ..... Foam metal diaphragm, 3 .....
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrodynamic
speaker, and more particularly to an improvement of the electrodynamic speaker using foam
metal as a diaphragm. The characteristic conditions required as the vibration plate material of
the speaker include rigidity, electric quantity, western loss and the like. In order to obtain a
reproduced sound faithful to the original sound, it is necessary to operate linearly over a wide
frequency range with respect to the diaphragm of the speaker or the input signal, so that the
diaphragm is light and has high rigidity. is necessary. f2−、/227Q 62スピーカの!
Hard paper has been widely used conventionally as the weir plate. On the other hand, the rigid
paper had a feeling of →, while the hard paper had a relatively satisfactory characteristic in
terms of 4 weight. Also, light metals such as aluminum, beryllium and titanium have been used as
diaphragm materials in place of hard paper. However, the above-mentioned light metals can not
prevent an increase in the amount of concern in order to obtain relatively large rigidity over a
wide area, which is not sufficient for application to large diameter speakers. The present
invention was made in view of the above-mentioned point, and electrokinetic: using as a
diaphragm of a type ¦ mold speaker the lightweight C and the large rigid metal foam metal, this
foam metal is an acrylic type and rubber-type bipolymer resin The electrokinetic speaker that has
been sealed by impregnating with a dumping agent of The foamed gold crucible is manufactured
by a foaming process such as rolling one piece of a powdered gold powder such as nickel, iron,
copper, etc., placing it in a furnace and sintering it, and it has individual porosity of 90 to 984 It
is possible to manufacture a material having a pore diameter of α08- to -3. Thus, all the pores of
the foam gold are in communication, which has the advantage that bending and cutting can be
simplified. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the
drawings. FIG. 1 is an enlarged view of the foam metal, and the grid-like black part in FIG. 1 is a
gold crane, and the white part is a void. In the case where this foamed gold part is used as a
diaphragm of an electrodynamic speaker, among the properties possessed by foamed gold ring,
the point of being lightweight and the point of high rigidity are mainly used. That is, as shown in
Table 1, the density of the foamed gold portion is extremely smaller than the density of other
materials conventionally used for the diaphragm. 111 Material name density (, FA) paper 0.2(L5 titanium 4.54 = 9i # '· 84 Q, 088 ζnium Q, 05 aluminum 2.694 or that the rigidity of the
metal foam is high Is proved by the method described below. That is, the deflection (J) generated
when a concentrated load is applied to the end of the cantilever is represented by the following
equation (1 formula%), where M: Young's modulus l: breaking 1 j 112 next moment!
= Beam length stomach: As apparent from the magnitude of the load and equation 11, the
amount of deflection is inversely proportional to II, so one comparison indicates that the strength
of the material of the diaphragm material can be compared to 11 It becomes. Now, select nickel
as a material, 99% foamed nickel, paper (corn paper), measure the size of II with constant weight,
and, in the case of nickel b),, (,) ' , 120400 III--bh "-m--q08 hk" 12212 5000 ... + 21 o) 991 in the
case of foamed nickel 1 EI--bXk "XI krbk 'X 20-10 bk'-3) 122" paper In the case 1) 3, 6011-bx (X
"p-bk" X 4. g is 122A, 25 lower, b, wr @ width, k, 哨 匍 ^, °----141, Substituting t2 M 31 141 into
Equation 111 and comparing them, it is clear that bending is the smallest in foamed nickel,
which indicates that the rigidity is the largest. As mentioned above, foam gold which is light hills
and has high rigidity is most suitable for the diaphragm of a speaker, but unfortunately the foam
metal is porous and has air permeability. As it is, the speaker's vibration is not good enough.
Therefore, it is necessary to block the metal foam to prevent ventilation. Although the simplest
method for eliminating the air permeability is to stick a thin sheet of paper or plastic, it is not an
effective method in terms of process and workability. In the present invention, as shown in FIG.
2, a dumping agent (1) consisting of an acrylic polymer resin IIC such as a polynormal butyl
acrylic rail or a rubber polymer resin etc. is added to the holes (3) of the foam gold 11 + 21. It is
impregnated, and thereby, the foamed gold 111 + 21 is closed so that it can be effectively used
as a diaphragm. Thus, the dumping agent 11) merely has the effect of blocking, and also has the
effect of being able to provide the diaphragm with a predetermined braking action. Therefore,
the parasitic vibration is prevented and the natural vibration of the diaphragm is prevented, the
acoustic characteristics of the speaker become flat, and the normal vibration frequency range of
high and low frequencies can be expanded. An electrodynamic system having a foamed metallic
diaphragm (A partial cross-sectional view of a cone-shaped speaker is shown in FIG. 3 as an
example of a speaker. In FIG. 3, (4) is a foamed gold part diaphragm, (5) is The edge connecting
the diaphragm (4) to the frame (6), (7) is a damper, (8) is a voice coil, and the voice coil 181 is a
coil bobbin (9) connected to the diaphragm (4) Is disposed in the magnetic circuit aa, and the
diaphragm 14+ is closed by dumping agent.
The neck portion of the diaphragm (4) may be extended, and the coil bobbin (9) may be
integrally formed. In this case, in order to prevent 7 adverse magnetic effects, use a nonmagnetic
material as a metal foam metal When a magnetic material is used as the foam metal, it is
necessary to demagnetize the surface of the bobbin. Although FIG. 3 shows an example in which
a gold foam diaphragm is used for a cone-shaped speaker, other electrodynamics such as a
dome-shaped speaker (speaker can achieve the same technique). As described above, the
electrodynamic speaker according to the present invention is a special one having a metal foam
diaphragm sealed with a dumping agent, and in particular, the dumping agent has a sealing effect
and the diaphragm It is useful having the effect of damping ¦ braking and expanding a frequency
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