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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a speaker apparatus
according to the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
example of mounting and assembling structure thereof, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a
connector. FIG. 3 is an explanatory view showing another attachment structure, and FIGS. 412
and 45 are partial cross-sectional explanatory views showing another example of the speaker
attachment. In the drawings (1: speaker case, 2 inner wall, 3 upper lid, 4 inner cylinder, 5 inner
cylinder, 6 yoke cup, 7.・ ・ ・ Diaphragm, 8 ... 0 ring, 9 ... connection 410, ..., screw, 11 ...
transformer, 12 ... bolt, 13 ... natto, 14 ... speaker attachment, 15 · · · -A thumb screw.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
device, and more particularly to a loudspeaker device having a novel assembly and mounting
structure. 1- · Ay //) J tac l everyone · Generally the speaker body is a magnetic circuit, a
diaphragm. A speaker unit comprising an upper cover, an inner cylinder, a middle cylinder, and
an impedance / matching e transformer if necessary, and an outer cylinder, a unit cover or a
speaker case in which both are integrated, assembly of the speaker unit and the speaker case is
When the speaker case consists of an outer cylinder and a unit cover, overlap the inward flanges
of the outer cylinder small diameter female and the outward facing flanges of the unit cover open
end with a plurality of screw holes drilled in the outer periphery of the back of the upper lid The
whole is connected by screwing. When the speaker unit is connected to the speaker case
integrally formed with the outer cylinder and the unit cover, a metal fitting engaged with the
outer periphery of the upper lid is fixed by screws from the outside of the back of the speaker
case. When a speaker body having such an assembly structure is attached to any of them, it is
common to first fix an arbitrary speaker attachment to a unit cover or a speaker case and to fix
the attachment at a place where the attachment is attached. 2-) Therefore, the conventional
speaker has a complicated assembly structure and mounting structure, and another improvement
has been desired. In the case of an everhorn speaker, for example, in the case of an Everhorn
speaker, the upper lid provided with the speaker unit is hooked to a connector for fixing to the
back of the speaker case combined with the outer cover and the unit cover. It is intended to
provide a structure of a speaker device that also fixes a speaker attachment fixed to the back of
the speaker case by a single bolt, which not only simplifies the assembly structure but also
includes the attachment structure in the assembly structure A speaker device is provided. Next,
the details of the present invention will be described below based on the embodiments shown in
the drawings. In the drawings, reference numeral l denotes a speaker case which also serves as
an outer cylinder, and has a tapered inner wall 2 expanded toward the open end, and a speaker
unit is accommodated inside. The speaker unit has an inner cylinder 4. fixed to the front surface
of the upper lid 3. Middle cylinder 5. The O-ring 8 is fitted on the outer periphery of the upper
cover i, -3-) 73 and fitted in the speaker case 1. A U-shaped connector 9 as shown in FIG. 2 is
fixed to the outer periphery on the back side of the upper lid 3 with screws 10 at its both ends,
and is fixed inside the connector 9 by a screw hole provided at the center of the connector. The
transformer 11 is deployed, and the connector 9 is in contact with the bottom of the speaker
The port 12 fixed or latched to the connector 9 protrudes outward, and the speaker case 1 is
fixed with a nut 18 from the back outer side. Furthermore, the center of the two-shaped speaker
attachment 14 is inserted into the screw portion of the port 12 which protrudes further, and is
fixed by a thumb screw 15. The U-shaped speaker fixture 14 has a portion 16 bent at right
angles to the horizontal direction at both ends and a portion 17 extending vertically as it is, and
the corners of these bent portions are the inner wall of the speaker mounting hole 18 from the
inside It is fitted to. On the other hand, the flange portion 19 provided at the open end of the
speaker case 1 is in contact with the outer side of the speaker mounting hole 18 with a mounting
plate from the lower side on the drawing. Most parts in the speaker case are fixed to the upper
lid 3, the connector 9 is fixed to the upper lid 8, and the transformer 11 is fixed to the connector
9. That is, since all parts in the speaker case are integrated with the connector 9, the port 12
projecting from the connector 9 is fixed to the speaker case 1 with the nut, and the speaker
fixture 14 is further screwed to the bolt. As a result, the speaker case, the speaker unit and the
fixture are fixed by one pole 12 by tightening. Therefore, if the nut 13 is firmly screwed in, the
upper lid 3 having the O-ring 8 on the tapered inner wall 2 is firmly fixed to the back. Next, the
connector 9 is shown in FIG. 2 as an example, but it has a U-shape and is fixed to the fixed leg
portions 9b, 9b bent at right angles in the horizontal direction at both ends and having screw
holes 9a It consists of two vertical parts 9c bent in the shape of a rib and a horizontal part 9e
having a bent part 9d at the center for holding the head of the pole 1-12, and its width is the
width of the bolt head) 12a It is sufficient if it is an interval of the eyebrows so as to be a stop.
When this connector is fixed to the 5-) frame 20 of the cone speaker 9 as shown in FIG. 3, the
fixed leg portion 9b is bent at an angle along the inclination angle of the frame 20. The mounting
structure in FIG. 8 is the same as in FIG. 1, 21 denotes an impedance matching transformer, and
22 denotes a front plate. The speaker fixture shown in the embodiment of FIG. 1.3 is not limited
to the U-shaped ceiling plate shown by 14 and the shape for attaching to the wall surface, but
two fixed angles as shown in FIG. Various things such as a shallow U-shaped bracket 24 for
holding the middle part of the speaker main body between 28. 28 and a band-shaped attachment
26 for attaching to the columnar body 25 as shown in FIG. 5 are considered. Be done.
As described above, the speaker device according to the present invention connects the speaker
unit, the speaker case 1 and the speaker attachment 14 by the single port 12 fixed or supported
outward by the connector 9 attached to the upper lid 8 In the speaker apparatus having the
above-described structure, the mounting hole peripheral edge portion is pinched by the tip end
of the substantially U-shaped speaker attachment and the open end flange portion of the speaker
case, thereby ceilinging the speaker. 6-A structure attached to a watch wall or the like, and a
structure similar to the above one in which the connector is also used as a transformer
attachment member, and a speaker unit, a speaker case, and a speaker attachment can be
coupled by a bolt of common wood firstly Therefore, the structure is simple, and it is possible to
measure cost dance in manufacturing, and furthermore, assembly and mounting are extremely
easy. Next, the peripheral portion of the speaker mounting hole is pinched by the flange portion
at the opening end of the horn speaker outer cylinder (the same applies to a cone speaker) and
the image tip portion of the substantially U-shaped speaker fixture, Since the speaker is firmly
fixed by screwing, the embedded attachment to the panel of the speaker is extremely easy.
Furthermore, since the mounting means of the transformer is completed only by mounting on the
connector, the speaker structure is simplified and the cost of the speaker can be reduced.
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