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Description 1, title of the invention
6. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a headphone, a sealed
headphone and the like. In the case of the conventional closed headphones, the back of the
speaker is completely sealed by the case, and the hll Illl is also completely sealed by the listener's
# 1 music when the 2 I 11 temper earpad is attached to the front of the case and mounted. It was
a thing. Therefore, when the speaker is driven and emitted, the sound is accumulated in the air
chamber formed by the earpads, and the drop before the low range is particularly bad l! 2. IAvkThe problem is that there is a lack of clearness before low range due to the action. The noninvention was made on the oblique point, and its tenth object is to control the stiffness of the
pressure chamber at the air chamber and to control the stiffness of the membrane and to
dampen the step that occurs at the co-dig frequency of the control jJ membrane. The purpose is
to provide a headphone in which the frequency axis in the low frequency region is flattened.
EndPage: The second object of the invention, the sound 41 passage is formed in the wall f 111 of
the airspace formed by the damping membrane and the damping group, the sound pressure
applied to the control thl gland is adjusted, the damping group There is a VC that provides a
more totally noise-prevented headphone. An example of the next VC original clear will be
described along with the section. (1) A non-dome type diaphragm 0 υ, a magnetic circuit 112 +,
a voice coil (j and a well-known speaker composed of a frame U (turn)), L 21 is fixed to the scrap
1 of the speaker (1) 7 チ 奴 洲 υ ノ ノ ノ ノ ノ ノ + + + + + + + + + vJ small holes (31a) VC
formed by the sound passage passage Pine 7 L's peripheral axis C υ and several supporting
plates- The outer body @ 01 VC is an integral form of the inner circumference which is integrally
formed and avoided, and the attachment body in which the frame area of the speaker (1) is
attached to the zone j @ w @ 蓼, (4) is A non-ventilated ear pad (5) is attached to the front face of
the newspaper-like front face fixed to the sewn body (3). An air chamber (6) is formed by this ear
bud (5). (7) The inner periphery is fixed to the attachment body (the inner periphery of the front
end of the attachment 31 (31), and the outer periphery is superior in air permeability to
mesomesh, urethane, etc., which is completely sandwiched by the outer periphery 41ll13D and
the iT1 face plate (4) Ring-shaped damping material, (8) is the inner circumference of the
attachment body and the outer circumference of the ring-shaped polyester film, which is fixed to
the rear end edge of the outer circumference @t 311, such as nylon (9) is a case attached to a
punishment fence 14), and a multipurpose advancing hole OIJ is formed on the back and a
speaker at the center with a certain degree of stiffness of a certain degree. Protrusions are
formed for the valve.
There are several stages of corrugations formed in the inward direction on the 't' moving group
t81. Next, the operation will be described based on the above configuration. When there is no
interest rate moving object (7), when the speaker fil is driven as described with respect to vC,
prayer occurs in the air chamber (6). Since this sound pressure is n based on the listener bmvc
on the opening side, the sound pressure V causes the braking group (7) to vibrate the
transmission group t5 and the braking group (8). Therefore, one product of the sound pressure
in the air chamber + 6 + radiates to the outside space, and the closed type of the cylinder 1 n-1US, ie 1 fr 11! The -NFE frequency characteristic l- of the Air Channo 2- (6) is changed as
compared to the state without vI gland 18). That is, in FIG. 4 (the characteristic of OJ is the
characteristic of rice-closed type I of the rice-closing type, and (the nature of N is a case where a
damping group (8) is provided). As can be understood from this badness, the sound pressure is
very low at the low frequency in the characteristic of VC (C). However, the l / J characteristic can
lower the back pressure level in the low region, but in this case a valley is generated around 120
Hz due to the resonance frequency of the damping group (8) itself. Therefore, in the present
invention, the braking member (7) having air permeability such as mesosea, urethane, etc. was
rearranged on the front surface of the braking member (8), and the braking member (8) v
resonance frequency was dunked. This nature is the (BJ characteristic in FIG. 4). From this figure
as well, the characteristics are flattened, as the valley of 'foolish' disappears like 44 "6. In this
case, the scream of the vacancy that can be made between the braking body (7) and the braking
$ + 81 becomes pressurized, and the pregnancy activity α II of the speaker (1) is large at the low
frequency. When it vibrates, the damping group (8) vibrates to a large extent, and there are six
bands that generate noise on the damping film (8) which is a film alone. Therefore, in the present
invention, EndPage: 2nd (in order to release the sound pressure in II, a sound # passage formed
with a small hole (3Ia,) which is different from the outside is formed. As a result, there is no
possibility that the 侶 蚕 U sound will become excessive σ pressure and thus the generation of
noise as described above will be eliminated. In particular, the noise of the damping film (8),
which tends to occur when wearing headphones, also eliminates the unpleasant feeling at the
solution C angle 9 o shoulder. FIG. 5 shows the relationship between the number of the small
holes (31a) and the sound pressure frequency characteristics, and the tAJn property is similar to
the tBJ% property of FIG. 4 without the small holes (31a: ing. (B)% shows the case where four
small holes (31a) in one bottle are set up, and the following (C) custom-made is eight pieces (D1%
of 16 small holes (13a) are all useful) It is a characteristic chart showing the case.
If the number of small notes (i3a) increases from this axial property to the number 6 of the small
notes (i3a), a drop in sound pressure is seen in the low range (20 to 50 Hz), but this is the
diameter or number of small holes (13a) It is possible to harmonize the sense of feeling → the
nature and the generated noise by appropriately treating the pre-notice resistance such as.
Moreover, since the decrease in characteristics can be suppressed in the ultra low region of 50 H
2 or less, the decrease in low region characteristics (more but less) is more effective than the
noise caused by noise. is there. Next, consider the above-mentioned preface thread converted into
a prayer circuit and consider C. Fig. 2 is a circuit when there is no small hole (31a, 31 J, and Fig.
6 is provided with a small bill (31a). I'm going to 6 brothers. In the 2nd and 6th defeats
(Gradiance is 袴 詠, (Ll) to (L,) V'i temple, (0+) to (C,) r, f'4j = 1 rn + / (tifness, (R1) ˜ (R,) U
equivalent resistance. Therefore, the vibration plate αυ is (L,) (C,), the damping body + 71f−1
(R2) (L3), the damping group (8) is (c,) (h,), the air chamber 161iu (C3), xut + can be trained to
ltP as (C4) respectively. Incidentally, (C2) is an air chamber on the back side of the peristalsis
.alpha.B in FIG. 1, and (L2) (R,) is an equivalent circuit of fC / J and a hole formed on the frame
(14+). In the second factor above, (C3), which is the air chamber (6), and the damping group (in
the 8th, 66 (CJ (L 4) (! :) m 9 UI f EJ path ) are connected in the evening ( ). ]] (Western
character 'jlc + 20 Hz phrase closeness produces concurrency straight). However, according to
the present invention, by connecting a tally circuit with a phrase (R2) (L3) at a l1itl dedicated bar
f71, it is upspoken by the above-mentioned 圓 1 圓. In Fig. 6, the sound pressure of (C4), which is
a space solitude of 1 Il j, is released by L (axa) and the (L, X R,) curve 1 "circuit. The body sound
of the family (8) is a ceramic g7'L4). Here, (L,) cuts the area frequency and passes only the low
frequency, so the high frequency is not affected by the temple. As described above, when the
damping material such as mesh, urethane or the like is disposed in the air chamber 1 'as
described above, the il VC moving group such as polyester film, nylon or the like is also disposed
on the back surface of VC. With the pressure a7 funroll and the contingency frequency of the tell
station, by removing the required tinog with the J J motion book, it is possible to flatten the
number zone characteristics, and also the braking body and the braking. Because the sound
pressure within the entire 1iij formed by the tribe is covered by the plaster passage, the braking
tribe is not affected by the i4 excessive sound Ff, and thus the noise due to the braking tribe is
completely prevented. You can do EndPage: the effect of 3 temples in the city ao4.
The sloppy illustration of 凶 ■ 夾 夾 夾 ヘ ッ ド ホ ン ヘ ッ ド ホ ン ヘ ッ ド ホ ン 、 発 明 吊 吊
吊 吊 吊 断面 断面 吊 吊 吊,,,,,, FIG. 6 is a circuit diagram of a yarn in which a yarn is converted (C
converted, and a fourth and fifth 1J 1st pressure 1st cycle pressure number characteristic
diagram. 11) ········· Speaker (5) ······························································································ City IJ @ membrane
(3] a) ····· small dimensions L (II ····· 仝Itarishiri fFj five primary input Tokorozawa Azeko
Engineering 菓休 弐分 company representative your field force Tama EndPage: 4
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