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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a
charge type electroacoustic transducer according to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... Vibrator, 2, 3 ... Ring for spacers, 4,5 ... Hack plate, 9 ... Support body. Fig. 1-83-
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention ti! + It relates to the improvement of the
electro-acoustic transducer, and it is possible to prevent the distortion of 1 十分 sufficiently to
prevent the distortion of 1 CL. Generally, electrostatic! ! 1Mm air acoustic converter, hydraulic
water at L's conductive plate such as Ax meinem 蜂 配 配 配 配 配 配 配 配 配 配 叡 叡 虻 ハ ハ ハ
ハ ハ ハ and と 叡 ハ, l '! It is difficult to arrange the i-3 distance parallel to the horizontal axis to
prevent the horizontal axis f-or to maintain the parallel W # of the diaphragm and the back plate
precisely. tl + By the way, this pole-turtle-like electro-acoustic variation! ! ! It is the gear knob
between the bank slate and the & moving plate that determines the variation in sensitivity in the
case, and if the baggrate is integrated and super-fine 1 is obtained, then not only the acoustic
characteristics will be improved, but also Assembly work is also facilitated. However, since the
support of the bank plate is formed of heat 611m (characteristics of the resin (ll BS)) in the
conventional clothing, an ultra-flat surface between & 1 歇 and hack-flat can not be obtained. It
was not enough to get a bribe. Therefore, in the present invention, the novel plate proposed by
the present applicants is used to form a flat plate O support and a support having a unit housing
inside. r, the present invention Vc 1 molds the upper 1 support & Lb Llv as unsaturated polyester
resin and hot opening] plastic 11 & resin component consisting of cuffs fiber and inorganic filler
material Z6 M strong soil whole body i strain Is a composition obtained by adding 1000 pieces of
P-type injection, release preparation, thickener, l @ initiator book, and ell λ for the upper light
distribution cross agent is a long-lasting karunyuium, 1-supply barium, 1-carbon barium / Um,
Fre + 2) a) Inorganic materials that are damaged by silica, talc, etc., and the type and combination
of rice should be properly selected. 11 The weight of the defeated cedar product obtained from
the defeat can be increased, and (L physical properties and appearance can also be changed. In
the whole area of thin ji 1, select appropriately within the eye of 35 to 771 alt, and then select
the resin fraction # i @ in this composition as well as unsaturated polyester i14 and heat II resin.
It is used in the weight of # 眸 which occupies 15 to 35 electric charge Ls in the whole
composition [If it is less than 11 minutes or 15% by weight, it can not be molded and it can not
be obtained, 35 Jifi- If the amount of the molded product to be obtained is less than 1%, the
amount of usage of i ** is equivalent to 20 to 30 wt. If it is done, this 1st heat mixed with Vt in
plastic part 6 ■ plastic resin is used to keep low shrinkage δ to reduce the shrinkage J1 of the
hair of a loss-shaped forest fc · · 伽 J is used Of the unsaturated polyester resin, and X Body,
(meth) acrylic ester 1 diallylphthalate 1; is disposed Yokukai skewer 曾性 monomers such ().
Thermoplastic Itwi I # solution is 25 to 401 mixed with resin in a resin component, and its
thermoplastic 411 fat is preferred to be 25 to 50 cars in its crosslinker solution. In addition, as
the heat aJ plasticity 11 は, a known resin used to impart low shrinkage to a polyester resin
molded material having a period of 10, for example, (meth) acrylic I! ! Fat, Sf-/ @ lft. Saturated
polynisnal tsir, polyvinyl chloride 1M fat, last-minute resin, etc. are used. In addition, as
unsaturated polyester resin, unsaturated dibasic acid removal and tank weight (The well-known
general-purpose resin obtained from a glycol and combined use of more I dibasic acid is used-n-of C) The inside yr limit 11-· ◆ 1 so + '-1'J. 3 惨 惨 惨 惨 ー 惨-r 6 Cuffs 1 ト 址 ・ · · · CI CI CI CI
CI........ 吸収 吸収 吸収 吸収 吸収 吸収 吸収 吸収 ・ ・ ・ ・East 1 bkejr 'L 8 ˜ 40 V of rumor 1. If
the η of the season 1 、,〕]-̶-'; 1I = n + or 8-less than one 1 f I / / 悸 7. It becomes difficult to
knead the light filler with the two-piece S '+ 1 min, which is more than 40 cycles, to f, and i also
becomes JIIi <6- · -1 =, 41 where With regard to the specific structure using the arrangement
parabola, it is collected according to FIG. Edge 1 ', 1b)' I V V's Spacer Nog 2, 3v · 挾 71 芒 71 and
4 and 5 L tlTrt Mini Neem, etc. Conductive sand gres 7 III: By 8 This is a bank plate in the form of
b ', and tlo · ク ル ク ル ー ト 4.5 伽 & 対 対 ii 1' r '+) 閤 6, 1 t は 振 振 缶 缶 缶 音波Radiative, の
lv pores 8 pervaded, left open, ら t バ ン ク Bankflate 4.5ki on ii テ of zHalF 6.7: 8i · 6y +, 7hf * toe 'imr- here also 1J-I1 one (Ni亡Ri · Ll Li 16 ゝ -, 1 [) the υ eyes litL out -b, and are. tして
(5□バック71. −ト4.5.. I, 振 1 to 1 挾 4 4, 4 pacer-use 7 · gu 2, 3 & N's set up γL
ゆ-こ い Uni / Tono · · · /! rJk-A (˜ 1 to 7) is placed on the support 9 that has been used. The
bearing support S + 9 is an insulation wire, and its composition is an integral fC, and its
composition for spacer / gear (5) 2.3 and. I have secured. That is, this support body 9-direction
section 10 or cedar-made t-back 7 rate 6.1 of VIJ IU ii 6b, 7b is small and a part 6a, which is
uplifted by the hack plate 6.7, Contact with [email protected] 1 One end of the plug 11 is cedar-made
integrally, and the pack -7 rate 6.7 and the rings 2 and 3 for the spacer.
The edge is secured, and the other side is 12 in a ring for spade ring 2, 30 per side. By the way, it
is necessary to maintain a flat plate 4 having a super scale in order to block a pack plate 6.7, a
diaphragm 1 and a child's φ generated # 'i. 10- ', so that the support ring 90 for the spacer ring
2, 3 is the support surface 12 and the other 12 (2) is a flat + III forest f (-q ((t t · ズ J Two flat
supports 9, 90 contacts (3) 12.11 "The flat area with the same size 1 is also supported by the
rings 2 and 3 of 1 Svayer. Thus, the vJ support 9 can be made only with ki 序 b 址 1 t I, with ki
[[b 組成 1 t I, d 6 made only with ki 序, and extensive cost reduction due to stiffening 9 C of post
processing costs Or you're a niece. (6) The low convective surface flatness and size of 8 degrees
are good, thick-wall molding is also possible, and heat is conventionally used from the viewpoint
of design and in terms of design. It is more advantageous than I resin, and its heat resistance is
also excellent f1. Then, this molding material composition absorbs machine-like shear vibration
so as to obtain a large cedar product having a large internal loss and a low resonance sharpness
Q or low, and a manuscript feature can be obtained. Excellent at t. As a result, it is possible to
provide a negative charge-type electric resonance variation aS that has sufficiently prevented
money-to-money--a simple 1i2Ij1aP1 FIG. Fig. 1 · · & mK 2, 3 · · · Spayer-ml) knob 4.5 · · · ·-Tuck
plate 9 · · · · Support bridge piece φl '4-' f; Toh Sapon man Nonie 6 company deputy company
Erie Dan-ili oil bowl (7 evening Figure 1 6 b 8 e? 4811. , X), 6 ′ ′ 11 ′ ω 6 b 21 :. 1b,
la121076118 う lj 5811, 7 b ゎ b 1 utility model registration applicant Sony Corporation
representative person law attorney Doe Kei, +7) 32 餉 · inventor other than 餉 サ サ カ ワ
address 奈 曜 1 川 幸 トOgura 614 Su bayon o name Chiba Yoshio
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