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3, inventor ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-1453120 Published Japanese
Patent Application No. 51. (1976) 12.14 Application for patent application SO-C 333 @
Application dated application, #, (i97 勺 1.7 examination request existence (all three pages)
Office internal reference number 64-65 !, 5 specification 1, Title of the invention (2) by changing
the pressure partially l? iI--A method of manufacturing a slider-IMJ plate, wherein the thickness
of the entire TaJ plate is changed on the inner periphery.
Loudspeaker diaphragm plate manufacturing method 2, a slider diaphragm for a slider having a
portion having a single mass and a partially different thickness per unit area per unit area per
unit area.
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a steel plate for a slider,
and in particular, it is flat and flat in a high range! 5! It is an attempt to gain the ability of Suhi
cane to have a characteristic. t '5 The slider wedge in the conventional art is as shown in FIG. 1
(at a bottom 2 to an edge 6 of the image # I 1 or the thickness is united, or FIG. 1 (bl ]] 1 勃 6 has
changed to the old. Furthermore, some have concentric I-LI cedar corrugations, but they are both
axially symmetrical in the circumferential direction. In such a structure, if the frequency exceeds
a certain IH constant, the divided vibration occurs (the concentric vibration mode is generated,
and the vibration is generated in the high frequency range to deteriorate the characteristics).
According to the present invention, in order to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional
defects, the pressure t-locally and at the time of manufacturing the diaphragm is changed, and
the vibration mode is totally dispersed. The purpose is to remove the characteristic co-image of
the diaphragm and the resonance peak in the high range. One embodiment of the present
invention will be described below. That is, as shown in the top view of FIG. 2, the speaker steel
plate of the present invention is made of one paper, a natural material such as woven fabric, and
a synthetic fiber as a base, and its stage is 8 in the press die at the time of its production! In
order to change the thickness, that is, the illuminance, as shown in FIGS. 2A and 2H, to provide
different portions of mechanical loss. For example, FIG. 5 shows 1it-1 regrets of a diaphragm
having a thickened portion in FIG. 2A. Here, since the EndPage: 1 diaphragm only changes locally
due to changes in press pressure, the overall weight does not change, and the density of the
portion A is low or the thickness is low. It gets fatter. The density is lower than that of the portion
to partial ore of 10,000 B, therefore the resistance is thicker. By forming a part of #i 朱, A and a
part of B, the vibration mode in the L91 division vibration area is appropriately dispersed, and
the resonance caused by the division-wm-+ in the high sound area is eliminated, It can be
combined with a game with common characteristics. Figure 4 for a conventional speaker! The
comparison of the characteristic of a moving plate and the diaphragm for speakers of this
invention is shown. The characteristics of the low frequency range are almost the same, but the
high or low frequency region shows the all-or-nothing characteristics of the characteristics using
the speaker PF31 moving plate of the present invention. 5 (at, (bl shows another embodiment of
the speaker diaphragm of the present invention). Fig. 5 (When al is changed to all parts A and B)
W5 [Me 1 (b) is yl which thins the parts A and B and enlarges the young fruits of the sleeve 5
insect lip.
In the speaker diaphragm of the present invention as described above, the propagation speed of
the imaging motion added from the voice coil is different in each direction in changing the
thickness in each radial direction from the central portion to the outer periphery. As a result, the
mode of split shooting in the pan region is appropriately dispersed, and the resonance is
eliminated. Moreover, since the high loss part and the low loss part are alternately present, the
low loss part has high rigidity. Reinforcement rib-like and stable sound pressure frequency
characteristics can be used as a diaphragm. In addition, the volume of the diaphragm does not
change because it is locally changing the press tf :, and in the production of the diaphragm, only
a part of the press with a large loss can The shading is obtained through the same process as the
general speaker PF31 moving plate, and is a large value of practical 1Itl value. In the
embodiment of FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, the portion A is a portion L 'of the B or H, or the opposite effect
can be obtained. Moreover, the above-mentioned 夾 211! In the above, we have described inner
cone cones, but it is also applicable to cones in the form of oval isomorphs.
4. Brief description of the drawings Shame, Section 1 (at ((bl is a cross-sectional view showing a
conventional speaker diaphragm, FIG. 2 is a top view of the speaker diaphragm of the present
invention, FIG. 6 is 5 (a) and 5 (a) and (b) show a comparison of the output sound pressure
frequency characteristics using the conventional speaker diaphragm and the speaker diaphragm
of the present invention. bl is a top four figure which shows the other Example about the
diaphragm for speakers of this invention. In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a
diaphragm, 2 denotes a top of the diaphragm, and 3 denotes a diaphragm edge. Agent seal seal-!
1 @ (^) (-) 寥 2! ! 1EndPage: 2 order color + a3 (1 ') procedure amendment (spontaneous) Showa
year' 1 year '1 this month 2 days 1 Target of
Loudspeaker diaphragm plate manufacturing method 2, a slider diaphragm for a slider having a
portion having a single mass and a partially different thickness per unit area per unit area per
unit area.
The column 6 of the detailed description of the invention of the specification, correction contents
The "eigen resonance and high range" of the specification tube 2 purchase order is corrected as
"high range by natural resonance". EndPage or more: 3
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