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Ambiguous 50 years 5! 261 name of the inventor of the Patent Office inventor inventor location
Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-Chome 5th No. 1 Hitachi, Ltd.-[Phase] Japan Patent Office 0 JPA
51-1384010 Opened Japanese patent application 51. (1976) 11.30 Internal Code No. 676 1 23
Specification 1, Name of Invention Pickup Cartridge 1, Name of Invention Pickup Cartridge
Pick-up cartridge patent-a request for the invention of the invention listed in 6
3, Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a pick of stereo record player.
This is an up cartridge, especially a pick for playing 4 ° channel stereo. Relates to an up
cartridge. In the 5 stereo record player, the highest cylinder frequency for writing is 20 KIIZ,
whereas the high resonance frequency of the pick-up cartridge is 2 Q KHz or more. In fact, an
illusion # produced by high-frequency resonance. EndPage: I did not get lost. On the other hand,
recently, a 4-channel stereo system has been developed, and among them, in the case of
CompatitleDiscrete 4-ChanrbelDiscRecortisSystem (hereinafter abbreviated as cn-4), the highest
frequency to be reproduced 5 becomes about 50 KIIZ. However, it is extremely difficult to set the
high frequency resonance frequency of the pickup cartridge to 50 KIIZ or more, and the high
frequency band of most pickup cartridges is sufficient. Vibration frequency is 50KIIZi! Below.
The frequency characteristics of the pick 107 cartridge are shown in FIG. 1 with the horizontal
axis representing frequency and wave number and the vertical axis representing response. In FIG.
1A, A is an output and B is crosstalk. There is a high-frequency resonance around 30 KHz, and
the crossover is increased. Therefore, if you use a 13-up cartridge with a CD-4, both high
frequencies. It has the disadvantage of causing vibration, increasing the amount of crosstalk, and
reaching the worst at about -10 DEG dB. . Therefore, the object of the present invention is that of
the above prior art. 0 Eliminate the defects, cross caused by mounting resonance. It is to provide
a pickup cartridge with a small amount of talk. In general, moving magnet type, Indu. -No magnet
type and barrier pull reactance type 5 pickup cartridges are tooo to 5000 tar. Power generation
coil. This typical example. Is shown in FIG. In FIG. 2, 1 is a cantilever, 2 is a style step, 3 is a
magnet, 4.5.6. '7' ij: hole piece, 8 is a yoke, is 10 hohins, 13, 14.15 is a generating
coil. ここで。 Pole pieces 4 and 6 are for the right channel, 5 ° and 7 are for the left channel,
but each channel. Nell uses two pole pieces each. In order to cancel the induction ham, each one
may be 13 pieces.
That is, on the d self-made pick-up cartridge 8-tuple, the power generated by the generating coil
is multi-output. The crosstalk is increased in the high frequency region because the cantilever is
in resonance and the direction of vibration is. Besides the other channel power generation coil
also voltage. It is because it becomes easy to occur. In the case of non-invention, in addition to
the generating coil, crosstalk and conventional generating coils are newly provided to
compensate for crosstalk. All the lights out of the voltage of the crosstalk generated in the power
generation coil due to the voltage generated in the conventional power generation coil. And 1ttdecrease. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail by way of examples. FIG. 2
shows an embodiment of the structure of the pickup cartridge of the present invention. 10 In
FIG. 3, the same as in FIG. Are the same numbers. In FIG. 2, it is a coil for crosstalk compensation
for the loop. The amount of black 5 stoke is usually about 115 to 1/3 o 5. . The amount of
winding of the crosstalk compensation coil is also 115-. '/ About 20'-. In addition, cross talk
compensation co. The coil and the generator coil are wound such that their output voltages
cancel each other. Next, the connection of the cross-dock compensation coil of the pickup
cartridge used for the crosstalk compensation coil of the present invention will be described
using a circuit diagram. する。 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ° and 9 are circuit diagrams showing the connection
of the embodiment of the crosstalk compensation coil according to the present invention. The
first. It is shown by only 15 (R) channel except 4 figures. Is the same for the left (L) channel. In
FIG. 4, the power generation coil for channel 25 contains crosstalk transmission through the left
(10 components of the gradient channel ヲ 115 to 1/3 o, but the left (L) cha. Cross talk
compensation coil wound concentrically with the tunnel. The output of IL 28 passes through an
impedance compensation resistor 1 and 3 o. Then, they are mutually canceled by being added to
the power generation coil 25 for the right channel, and the crosstalk is reduced by 5 sheets. The
same applies to the left (L) channel. The resistances 29 and 3 o may be a resistance of about too
Ko. FIG. 5 shows that the crosstalk from 2JZ to 2 ° EndPage: 2 may increase when the circuit of
FIG. 4 is used. So, this is an improvement. In FIG. 5, a gondensa 35 is inserted in series in the
crosstalk compensation coil 28 and is crossed at a frequency of 20 KHz or less.
-Reduce the output of the compensation circuit and prevent crosstalk from the cross under fivesleeve compensation coil 28. As the capacitor 35, a capacitor of about [00 pF to 500 pF may be
used. Similar to FIG. 5, FIG. 6 also prevents an increase of 1 ° in the crosstalk of 20H2 to 20
KIiZ which may occur in the circuit of FIG. 4, and in particular, a cross near 25 Kj 'IZ to 35 KH2.
Improve the resistance, and the inductance 36 and co. A band pass filter that resonates with the
high resonance frequency of the 35 ヲ pickup cartridge. Configure In this case, in the vicinity of
the resonance point, the cyclostok decreases gradually with the resistance 30.5 alone, and the
output of the compensation coil 28 is not added to the generating coil 25 at 20 uIZ or less and
49 KIIZ or more. Less than island Z or 40 KH! The above cross) is not increased. (Furthermore,
the load impedance of the turtle coil 25 is lowered near the resonance point, so the output level
is lowered. The output voltage characteristic becomes flat. 7, 8 and 9 are cross talk '@
reconnaissance. And the generator coil 25 are connected in series. In FIG. 71, contin is similar to
FIG. Connect the 35 series coils for cross talk sleeves in series. Continue to reduce crosstalk on
25 KIr1 and higher. In FIG. 8, a resistor 30 is connected in series and an inductor 38 is
connected in parallel to form a high-pass filter, and similarly, 10 reduces crosstalk with 25
people or more JIZ. . FIG. 9 corresponds to the circuit of FIG. 6 and is a resistor. 37とインダク
タ38と、コンデンサ39とにより。 A resonant circuit in parallel with the crosstalk
compensation coil 28. And tune to a resonant frequency. In this case, the impedance is high near
the tuning point. So that the output of the generator coil 25 and crosstalk. The outputs of the
compensation coils 28 are summed and the crosstalk is cancelled. In FIG. 9, it may be about the
ind. FIG. 10 is a timing chart when the present invention described above is implemented. The
frequency characteristic of the quad cartridge is shown. No. As in Fig. 1, the horizontal axis is
frequency, and the vertical axis is responses. As apparent from FIG. 1θ, when the present
invention is implemented in the vicinity of 30 KIIZ, which is caused by the high-frequency
resonance. Crosstalk can be reduced to about 20 d, B. ま。 Further, as apparent from the
comparison with FIG. 1, the output circumference, gl and number characteristics (A and A />
become flat, and the performance of the pick up cartridge is improved.
The pickup of the present invention as described above 1 °. According to the cartridge, near the
high resonance frequency. Cnw4 can improve crosstalk about LQdJ3. Can be used for stereo
playback of records. また、。 Since the frequency characteristic of the output becomes flat, the
performance of the pick-up tube 5 cartridge is also improved.
4, Brief description of the drawings The diagram of the conventional pickup cartridge. Fig. 2 is a
diagram showing frequency characteristics and crosstalk, Fig. 2 is a structural diagram of a
conventional moving magnet type pickup 0 cartridge, and Fig. 3 is a structural diagram of a
pickup cartridge according to an embodiment of the present invention. Fig. 4, Fig. 5, Fig. 6, Fig. 7
@ 8 and Fig. 9 show the steps of the crosstalk compensation coil of the present invention. FIG. H)
shows the frequency characteristics and crosstalk of the pickup 5 cartridge according to the
present invention. It is a figure. 1 1.2 'u, n' & f 0 "f, y-fee 1 register i s effect A 2 1 IV 0 End Page:
3 / + 1 1 figure lambda figure, 31 years old. OFF + figure / f + o + emperor EndPage: list of 4
additional documents (1) one specification (2) one drawing (3) one letter of attorney (4) patent
application duplicate 1 copy-one thousand +-4 EndPage: 5
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