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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of one
embodiment of a human body generated sound detector according to the present invention, and
FIGS. 2 and 3 are exploded perspective views of respective devices showing an application
example of the detector. It is. 1, 9. 17 · · · Town flexible material such as polymer film or paper, 2,
10 · · · conductive substance, 4, 11, 18 · · · piezoelectric polymer film, 5, 12, 19 · · · · Conductive
substances. Figure 1 Figure 4 Figure 41 Figure 7 Figure 2-211-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Name of the invention Human body generated
sound detector 2, category of utility model registration request Both sides are covered with a
conductive layer, a piezoelectric polymer film with both electrodes covered with a piece [klt
conductive material high The molecular film or paper, such as a sheet of the piezoelectric ^
molecular film O piece tm, which is not covered with a conductive material of an O material
material such as paper, is one of the strengths of the M1rs piezoelectric polymer film, and the
above-mentioned properties A human body generated sound detector · 3-, which is electrically
connected between the 11 conductive body covered with the conductive material of the material
and electrically conducted to the piezoelectric polymer film. The fine ill-unthinkable is the power
of the human body tti-17fittrm related to the Korotkoff sound (blood flow it) and so on. . For this
reason, it is important to closely contact the skin with the sound generated from the human body
without losing the thinness and softness that can be said to be a feature of the film, etc.) -Aζ2
and measure it close to the case. It is not easy to receive electrical induction because of high
impedance. However, if it is possible to use a film such as that described above, the hardness and
shape of the microphone are not used, and the effect is large because it is easily broken into an
arbitrary shape. The invention V provides a shield structure which can satisfy the use
requirements of the piezoelectric film described above. 11A shows one example of the present
invention, wherein 1 is a film in which a piece is covered with an i electrically conductive
substance 2 of aluminum temple 4 or a 100 million injected material of a paper frame, 3 is a
conductive substance 20 The output terminal, 4 is a quotient molecular film that shoulders a
pressure 1, the crucible is again covered with a conductive material 6, and the output on terminal
6.7 as the inner surface t-'wL @ of 7! Put out-C. Then, the shield from the electricity l11 # s,
which becomes the quantity line, bonds one surface of the film 4 to the surface opposite to the
material 10 and the conductive material 2 and obtains it from the conductive material 2-the
output insulator 3 Then, the conductive property of the film 4 short-circuits the output terminal
7 from the side opposite to the 8 1 3 substance 6, and the surface of the conductive substance 6
is covered with an equipotential surface. In this way, the advantages of the original piezoelectric
film can be obtained without losing the advantages of the original piezoelectric film, and an effect
higher than that of a conventionally used microphone can be obtained. The polyvinylidene
fluoride system am etc. can be used. The electric stethoscope in Fig. 2 as an example of use of the
present invention. No. 311 describes a blood flow sound detection method of the arm band of the
electric blood pressure needle, and describes its usefulness for the microphone.
First, in FIG. 2, S is a case for making the film 4 have a thickness of 11 l, and S is a normal film or
paper with one side covered with the conductive material 10 and one of both sides is made of a
conductive material fi12. ! The other side of the conductive film of the material association is
attached to the piece of the piezoelectric film 11 covered with the-one side, and the output of one
side is the output terminal 18 p, the other is the output of 10,000 The output terminals 14 are
obtained from the lower surfaces of the conductive films 10 and 9 and the equipotential surface
of the 011 combination. This pigeon house, Phil) l μl J! The downward direction of the rubber
11 becomes the contact surface to the skin and is captured by the stress of the sound generation
film 11 of the human body, and the output 1 between the terminals 18 and 14 can be obtained.
The position of the case BIC of the material and the film 11 can be used even if it is upside down.
In FIG. 3, a conductive cloth of material 17 such as a film or paper in which one side is covered
with a conductive material at 16 portions of a cuff (rubber pad) 15 inside the blood pressure
measurement arm band. F118k &! The piezoelectric polymer film 18 covered on both sides with
the conductive material jj 1 G is pasted on the iJl and the material 17, and the Cub 15Km-pasted
on the material 17 and the large surface and the film 180 member 17 # 119 The power insulator
20 is taken out from the surface of the film 18 to be attached to the material 17 of the film 18,
and the blood flow noise generated by the cuff 16 at 11171 g is taken from the surface of the
film 18. In place of the change in stress, it is possible to obtain one pressure between the
terminals 20 and 21. In this case, as in the case of tlk 211, the positions of the material 1ii 1 r
and the film 18! 5 can be changed 1) If a human body generated sound detector according to the
present invention as described above is used, the conventional O 卑 -Mitarophone will not have
resistance to the arm 1K) and the bar is being detected. It is possible to stably obtain an arbitrary
shape, and to make the shield for the electrical induction of the piezoelectric film easy with its
usefulness, and its effect can be applied to various fields in various fields-, non-11 It is a big
selfish one hundred.
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