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Patent Office 官 (0 others) 3, patent applicant (Haru) ■ Japan Patent Office pa ■ JP 51. 12360 j.
[Fa] Published Nissho 51. (19e6) 1 (N, 28 ■ 持 50-4-7574-Agency internal reference number
734-1; 3701553 Description ■, the title of the invention
4 yangii luen coat method 2,-f? In the 4-channel engineering code system that distributes the
signal to 40,000 times different from each other by 90 degrees each other, the 1st and 2nd
directions of 14 If there is a 15th issue of size S (θ) in the silent direction of the angle θ
measured from the first direction, and if it is localized at 1 ijj, S (θ) (2) θ ((2) θ ± j trace θ) Ia
No. 2 or siJ 2nd direction 8 (θ) S In 'θ (馳 θ 〒 J (2) θ n No. 15 1.r), And 4 channel channel
code method which makes it await to make 4 minutes in 2 directions which are shallow and to
make each 1 = y 4 split.
3. Detailed description of the invention The present invention encodes signals into four 1ds with
directions of 90 degrees each other such as for example F (left front), LE F (right front), RF3
(right next), LB (left) The 4-channel, the lu-encoding system, the 9th, especially when it is overrun
with t-4 channel, it's a good threshold, when it's monaural, when 2 channel is used, the total
energy amount in the direction of the signal is IA. It can be made uniform at all times, and it is
encoded as M4 channel / channel, and when it is gcoded f, it gives an even-noticeable No. 16
issue compared to the North American number issue. ) 3 N? In the case of distributing to one
16th floor, 16 ones at 90 ° from each other such as i ′, 1−LF,) LB, · LB, for example, the
following One friend using such a scheme. That is, for example, if one hundred issues of the size
S (θ) are present at a position that is located in the middle of 佇, LF and LE F and measured in
the direction from RF to LF, this 15 is 1 was distributed or encoded as follows. In the same way,
in LF and LB (a signal with a magnitude of S (θ) & Qj that makes 4 at a position where an angle
θ is generated between 1 and LP and LB, EndPage: 1LP = 8 (θ) 鴎 θ)? In addition, when the 4
bullets are 1- to 1- with LB and kLB, when R-i and I: LB and t /) 1- are in V-above-self +1) · 2 ) I
made it into a single point and encoded it. In this way, if four 1g μ's are encoded, they will be
recorded in 4 channels. And if it is classified as 41g of 5 discrete 4 channels a week, it will be
replaced by 4 channel non-taping coder. In that case, the total energy of Regeneration la, age E, is
E: 1'RFl '' + lLF12 + port (B12 + 1hB12 = 8 (θJ2 ·, 3J), and becomes a pair regardless of the
direction of the old issue, ie, the angle θ. Therefore, when 4 channels are regenerated like this,
there is no problem 1 "J et al. However, this 4 channel tape is not only 4 channel reproduction,
but generally it often happens that it is mono or 2 channel reproduction. Such occasional
encounter-based encoding schemes are pointed out as having defects such as flooding. That is,
for example, four 1g issues by the upper six self-reproductions with monaural arrows if they are f
/ f), /) four fixed numbers, one with four double numbers, (E / -Sil 1R) M Be scolded. Eighteen- 1RF + LF + RH + LB = s (θ) (aia I J + am θ) =-+ 4
In other words, it is possible to change the value of 1 J VC by using the degree θ. In other words,
if you reproduce 4 chano ocean signal by 4 chiyan ル 式 コ ー ド コ ー ド 式 type of dead rice in
monaural, the size of 16 will change by 11 置 ir r 化 化 11 + 生 18 However, it is extremely
disappointing. f / These four chi (Yanoi le IT) 'V's recorded V's recorded four picks with a twochannel tape recorder ・ When it is easy to learn, the crest of the cobble valley channel, u will be.
Therefore, if one 1t # exists between L and F as described above, then it is +1, so that total
energy @ E5: rigs: 1, 2 + g 2 = d (θ) 2 ... ... l), and it is not a problem because it becomes constant
without regard to the direct connection of the energy tV'i. However, if the sound source is
present in, for example, lij among LP and Li2 as described above, the eye energy d Es becomes Es
= h 2 + a 2 2 S (θ) 2 because It becomes (1 + 5io2θ) · 19) and is changed by θ. This one
bonder t- 弔 2 is shown in FIG. That is, in this case as well, there is a drawback that the size of the
918 is changed 1t immediately after the 15th. In general, JatE where seven norals, two channels,
and four channels co-host coexist, it is often the case that the g channel is reproduced with
monaural, b or two channels, which is thus recorded on four channels. Like the 1M, it is
extremely difficult for the size of the 918 to be 1 heck, and it is extremely difficult to go offshore.
On the other hand, when encoding the above 4 channels into a 2 channel by tumbling the four
16t general new 4 + k + V encoder? りえ1. In the anastomosis, the total energy tgx becomes
constant at ER = lLTl 2 + l l TI 2 S 2 S (θ) 2 but in the middle of L f and L f In the case where
Qyzv exists, all energy ネ ル E · is ER = 11, T12 + 1I−tT12 = (1 + 0.707stn2θ) S (θ) 2-tta and
11S′′f ′. This is shown in FIG. 3 for the cells. Furthermore, when decoding through the two
channel encoded t-standard & d decoder encoded in the above two channels, if there is a 1 #
source between LP and LB, an fPI symbol such as EndPage: 2 is present. The total energy '1-wk
MD of this 41 g is ED 2 11. It is a pair VC regardless of the town 2 + l LB '12 + l le F 'l' + l le j ('12
= 2 s H θ 22 · '), but it is 4 o' That's it.
For this 4iM 'all Nio energy violation ED, 2D = 1 L F' 12 + ILF '12 + 1 13 i 2 + 1 LB' 12 = (2+
1.414 m 2 θ) 8 (θ) '-·-j · · aJ-, θ It changes with This situation is shown in 44 mischief. In other
words, according to the conventional 4 channel construction method, the total energy of the 1st
issue is changed by its hopefulness to the kLM encoding like the above d self and the 2nd place
of the 109 ', Its 4, 1 o'clock is easy to catch the ear Q. One thousand like this (according to the
four-chia / y-le-encoding method of the low-polished rice, four chian yl, + 'E' /) '@ g' /) 4 M
energy 亥-! 11g vL! 2 straight, not uniform 9 and 7 noall in the morning sun, 2 chiyan 坏 O Oa, v
encoder, the total amount of energy in the wheelbed which is decoded changes with the number
16 self, j, V The drawback is Therefore, in addition to 4 channels Dan F, all energy energy is 1g
no conquest iv-I have to make a necessary insulting correction. Non-invention is 4 'in view of WT,
and even if the monororal channel is regenerated with 2 channels, the total energy] t is always
uniform regardless of the direction of No. 16 and 81 M encoder , Provide a 4-channel
engineering code that can document the non-uniformity due to the 1d direction of the total
energy content when re-generated as a 4-channel convention through the KM decoder. When the
localization direction is tllll from the one in 20,000 rjll directions to be the angle に 対 し θ, it is
4 "The power of No. 1.4, which was taken on the base, and the size of No. 16 to 5 (0)" S (θ)-θ
(40 ± j Sin θ) ·········· σ 四 square S (θ) aIfIθ (July 07. j morning θ)
······························································································································································ It is. That is, if it is
located between LF and RF, /) and between RF and LF, an angle (S (θ) which is equal to θ) is
smaller than 6.6 Jn, and during LP and LBO. -Encodes so that -C corresponds to No. 16 with
angle 1t) v plus S (θ) where L + 1 'to LH are located. Here, the above two functions are 1 in the
case of Sekiguchi and 2 in the case of Sekiguchi.
Therefore, when reproduced by the 4-channel tape recorder encoded in this manner, the total
energy 1itEr is E = 1 几 P12 + 1LF12 + 1RB12 + 1L, B12 = 8 (θ) 2 ((− i = θ (wθ ± jcmθ)) 2 +
4′′θ (Qlljs + nθ) 2) = S (θ) 2. In addition, the Noeai monial 1M, which has been naturalized
by a seven-aural tape recorder, is M = RF + LF +) LB × LB = 8 (#) = 5 (0) (me (5llllθ soil jcasθ)
−〇 (one thousand J 苅 θ months = Sta> QEndPage: 3 and becomes constant regardless of the
16th issue. Furthermore, if the main energy is 2 in the chien unmanner recorder, the total energy
iEs is E, 4) LF 十 LBj 2 + IRF + RBI 2 = 48 (θ θ θ (s Ino J J O θ) + s (θ θ θ (0 θ 4 J 5 ill θ
month 2 S (θ) 2 ··· · · 伽 伽 g, = Slθ) 2 (苅 θ (sina 」) (2) 0 2 + 8 (θ) 2 ((2) θ (a 11 θ mo j S ln
θ month 2 = S (θ) 2- · t # and Well, in this case, even if No. 16 has any kind of crying, the Bon
Energy-will be constant at the dress. Therefore, according to the present invention, as shown in
the fifth case, it is possible to obtain a certain amount of energy, regardless of the number of 1f,
to be superior. On the other hand, when the four 1Ms encoded as described above are encoded
into two channels by going back to the four-cal M encoder, for example, if there is a sound
source between LF and LB, the total energy tE is% == (1 ± 0.707 sin 2 θ) 8 (θ) 2... Shoulders...
9 o · θ = jLell: but E and the river of LP and 几 F ER 2 S (θ) 2... (2D and constant. 1g) According
to Takumi-US's encoding universal type, when the sound source is in a slump, the amount of
energy changes due to the conquest, whereas according to the present invention, the sound
source is cut in three directions. Certainly, the amount of energy changes depending on the
position, but since the amount of energy becomes constant when the sound source is in front, it
is possible to obtain an awful eyebrow-a note on hearing compared to the original. Similarly,
when a signal encoded in two channels as described above is decoded by the RM decoder, the
total amount of energy is ED- (2 ± 0.707 sin 2θ) S [θ when the sound source is between LP
and LBO. ) 2 · · · t41 and θ, but when the sound source is present in rMj of LP and ftF, the total
energy amount is ED = 28 (θ) ·········· (...) It becomes constant regardless of it.
In this case as well, the amount of energy is constant when the sound source is in the direction of
□ σ , so it is possible to obtain a sound with better uniformity than in the prior art 0, i6. A is
a block that indicates the spread of the encoder by the first incoming line of the gate. In the
figure, all of the bride input S is human power Naruko (Su 00); This human power S is 0 ° 4 r [l I
謙 (601) e, i −4 l of -4 m 4: mvfr (6 (J 2) as a negative power as well as a tap of the product
potentiometer (603) From a and a to 1800 iJIJt, co-distributed with v tap tap C. In the position of
the bottle 7 yometer (61J3) / 'i-th i-th-chord eye, Naruko (604), L must have a predetermined
sound of 2θ and a kan-mi-to-sa-t is generated. That is, I was put on the assistant's tongue (604).
The SQB2dv output is generated at the output terminal (605) depending on whether the direct
placement is at an angle 10j from the cliff to the tap a. Therefore, for example, when the mouth i
akoko (604) is a tag a or C and a cliff or n, the output is S, and a tap b and a tap b and a dvc OT
young terminal The output is false when 604) is straightened. The output S ′ ′ θ of this first
potentiometer (603) is + jJ 1st difference 'rib 41 mm (602) vc positive force in conjunction with
the positive force (see the third industrial amplifier (612) described above) Supplied as a positive
person. An output of −8 sin 2 d is obtained from the stubbed first traveling platform 1 report 6
≠ (602). This V output + = g is overwhelmed by the left front 41 logic (606) of the missing 42 as
a negative power. While l! ? J 刃 input terminal (6 υ 0) 口 'A7' cfm input S 90 90fe Sumo (607) =
L te i, then the second potentiometer (608) metal lag f 2 to k The signal is supplied and inverted
by one inversion port I @ (609) to be inverted (JS) and supplied to the taps h and m of the
potentiometer (608). This second bolt / yometer (608) is delayed with the roe terminal (604) of
the first boltn yometer (603) to rotate, and in response to the crying of the Roh town, 止 Urako
(610). It generates an output of a predetermined tantl-.theta. Function. That is, the output of jS-θ
· (2) θ is generated at the output and the barb (611) depending on the angle from right to right
of the tap e where the placed position of the input / output terminal 610 is grounded. Let
Therefore, for example, the town @ 4 'child (610) is placed in the tap gt1til where the tap e roroi
is both 90', 180 'and' 270 'EndPage: 4 directly from this type e. .
The rfr force 3SSu'Id-asθ of the above-mentioned 42 potentiometers (61J8) is l, IJ: l as a human
power to IA skin 4-m (606) according to the following 42. This HIJB self-third third port It is
supplied as a negative input to the term 嫡 d ij (612). The accumulated rice, 4 V V V 2 冑 −,-(6 u
6) Scarecrow is 5 (111 110 + jsino 鴎 θ) = Ssir + 4 / (ain (/ -1- j cos θ)) output is obtained, In
addition, the output of S (, (XB2θ-jsinθ noise θ: 5Cxsθ (part θ-jsinθ)) is obtained from the
DiJ third differential gastric communication (612). The two outputs No. 16 are supplied to one
end of a next stage switch 613 ('614' and '615'). The switch (613) is retarded to rotate the
rotation C 'power as needed, and rotate the power supply (616) with the power factor (616).
(617), that is, to the LF and the output terminals (m'7) and (61i3), to the egg strings LF and LB,
or to the output terminals (ti18) and (619), that is to the LB and RB, In the history, the output
terminals (619) and (616) are switched to RB and HJi ". Now, V in Figure 1 above? No. 1g No.
5a11 sθ (cx6σ-1mθ) and Ssu + Jj (tmtj −) − jasθ) r are respectively divided into LF2 and LF.
That is, in this case, it is to be reshuffled to one officer of the source B, dkLF and LF. In addition,
instead of the two non-no-me-zeros of θ,. · · · · Illlθ · θ θ: □ 2 (1) 1Ar, 75, leprosy 2θ, md *
aysdf water more than the example of the drawing and 1 1 l to get two 16 The two
potentiometers of 0θ and sinσ in North America 0 and 北 米, and in the way of the gear temple,
turn on one rotation of the knob corresponding to the interval between sound and foot W, and
the potentiometer is 21! l! It is also possible to borrow two 16 issues in the same manner as
the one above, as it is customary to make one turn. As described above, according to the present
children, as described in the 5th brothers, there is no self-heat in Tanabe, even if it is regenerated
with 7 norals or 2 chyangslings, It is superior to the above, and it is also encoded as RM4 Chano,
Nell, and decoded δ2t is even better than the conventional 1-no.
The elegant celebration gate 1 in the 4 IA range was Ft 4 Chiyanoi by the North American 4
chiyano Ji-un-kang-do-ga. A mono-zuru when the No. 6 is regenerated to seven aurals. Figure
showing the language level, 弔 2 Figure を is a 4 channel / nel code of the rice 4 channel / nel
recorded i 16 and 2 channel nel nie when I made a diagram showing the energy contribution
when 2 channels 丹, 43 figure The 4th channel is an overseas 4 channel, the 418 by code system
is encoded into a 2 channel channel by a 4th power dust enocoder and the metalworking 4
energy yarn is damaged, and FIG. 4 is the 1g number encoded in the above 2 channel. Figure 1
shows the total energy arrival when decoded. Figure 5 shows the results of A .. Ruggies show 'I
bad, 461! Is a block diagram of the four-channel encoder of 夷 tr, M with an unknown scheme.
hoo · purport Ryo manpower Mizuko, 6010044 orders 18 謹, 603 · ■ 2θ of the curve gold with
one potentiometer, 6088Ln #, blobbing / Nomimeta with the curve of (2) θ, 6 + 17-90 " 'J4dA #,
609Lζ + 1b (IJ4. 602.6 (J6, 6124 auxiliary 4 謡, 13 switches, (う I 6, 617, 618, 619-4 Naya no
Fell out car child, agent 斤 十 J 章 J 1 person) EndPage : 5 (-EndPage: 65, list of attached
documents (1) Power of attorney 1, through (2) specification 1, through (3) drawing (1)
application form duplicate (1) application examination request form (1) 6, Inventors other than
the above, patent applicants or agents (1) Inventors' agent Tokyo Metropolitan Repercussions "勺
· Y town 1-1-6 EndPage: 7
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