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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is an illustration of a common passenger car, FIG. 1 is a schematic view, FIG. 1 is a block
diagram, and FIG. Is a schematic diagram, a block diagram. E · E · · · · · Fluid speaker, 7 · · · · · · ·
audio signal source. Fig. 1 (4) Delighted Shaolin Fig. 0 >> 1F} -81-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a car speaker / stem
using a fluid speaker. Conventionally, a speaker used for single wheel Vc flight is a cone-shaped
speaker, and a horn-shaped spiral heaker is used as a simple meshing. However, since the former
wisdom 9 requires a bank chamber, and the beating of the front face (face) is also large, a lot of
space for installation is reduced, so that the mounting V is limited and the space is limited. This
point is striking at the applause. In the latter case, it is used especially for heavy tones, but it is
not easy to use seven banks at a place with a lot of banks or a large number of banks, and this
principle is a layer of these breaths, In the case of a car or a car, it is necessary to have a wide
installation, even if it is used, by providing a speaker / stem of a wheel that can compare large
output. Hereinafter, referring to the actual drawing ν1j of this article, referring to the drawing, it
is a gunshot drawing of the name using only a few bodies of Sikaika for the 1st to 1st, and the
fluid screath + 61 is One active pressure of knee animation is used for the seven moths, and the
sound is extended by creating a disturbance in this air, and the magnetic ratio of the seven is
from No. 16 from the sound 偽 11 f. One-[total air flow, l & reduced surface area to obtain the
entire surface. Room air for Conofoso 712 + ic bundle river driven by a driving vehicle Ninnon il
+ (in 311 outside air (41 selected B) or in the distractor A, the constrictor (2) 7 J · et al.排出
Pressurize the exhaust air with pressure adjustment a + 51 排出. It is a must for all the ones in
Fig. 1, based on the fact that it is the first part of the celebration east district used for
motorcycles in the k2 district, and that it does not use the 60th surging sensibilities. In the case
of more than nine minutes, Ennon (l · may be replaced with a battery, and a single pressure car
carrier + 51 may be necessary according to need. That is, this invention is a pressure f @! From
the compressor that is & lll of the axle's excess energy source and the compressor of 0-e. It is a
fluid sneaker that makes the rough and dense with the signal of Naika VC. For this reason, first,
since the energy source of the vehicle width can be used for the drive source for the first □,
there is no need for a separate & power source, and the second is a small size [7i. Because it is
not installed, it is installed in a limited vehicle, etc. in one place, and thirdly, it is efficient or
efficient because it can be an output or a person, such as a motorcycle, etc. Even if the roar of the
roar is obtained, it is also possible to use the fluid sneaker from which the four noises come out,
and it can be used together as an alarm in history, and the 41c common come simply use it One
of the sweets is that of being able to fire a function as a field.
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