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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional side view of an embodiment
of the waterproof type sound device of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of
the relevant part, FIG. 3 is a top view of the relevant part, FIG. These are principal part surface
views of other Examples. 1 ...... cabinet, 1a ..... cabinet the E · printed wiring board, 4 ...... boss, 5 ...
electrical components, 6 ..... speaker, 1- ..... cone paper, 8 ...... protection body b8a ^ over ...... filter
locking ribs, 11 ... ... through hole, 12E protection body, 14a ··· ... cylindrical portion, 15 ...... Toru
L first Zoo 51- Utility Model 50-138923 (2) Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 -52-
[Detailed description of the invention] This proposal is 4 Ik to the waterproof type acoustic
device 11 which is used in the rain or used by floating in the water, the temperature change in
the cabinet, the atmospheric pressure of the outside air, the pre-change ! I!! It is an object of
the present invention to provide a waterproof type acoustic device which can always obtain
excellent acoustic characteristics regardless of the situation. Generally I can use it in the rain, or
use it by floating in water. In the completed waterproof type audio equipment, the cabinet has a
completely sealed structure, and the blue polarity itself changes by the temperature change in
the cabinet, the atmospheric pressure of the outside air, and the temperature change. Because
the temperature inside the cabinet and the pressure inside the cabinet, and the temperature
change, a pressure difference occurs between the inside of the cabinet and the outside air, and
the stiffness acts as a direct load on the speaker cone paper. The vibration of the cone paper
itself is significantly suppressed and the acoustic characteristics are remarkable! Seven. The
present invention is intended to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional defects, and is
constructed so as to always obtain excellent acoustic characteristics even when the pressure in
the cabinet, the pressure in the outside air, and the temperature change. Hereinafter, the
waterproof type acoustic device of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings of one embodiment. In the figure, 1 is a cabinet composed of a cabinet body 1 and a lid
1b, and patching 2 is interposed in the joining direction of the cabinet square 1a and the lid 1b,
and the cabinet 1 is completely It is constructed in a sealed structure. A printed wiring board 3 is
attached to a boss 4 formed on the inner surface of the cabinet body 1 and various electric
components 6 constituting an acoustic device are attached thereto. A speaker 6 is mounted on
the inner case 1i of the E-record 1b so as to face a through hole formed in the center of the lid
1b. The speaker 6 is mounted so that the outer peripheral portion of the cone paper T protrudes
from the surface of the lid 1b. Reference numeral 8 denotes a protector attached to the surface of
the lid 1b facing the speaker 6, and a plurality of sound emission holes 9 are provided in a
portion of the circular 11 portion 8a of the protector 8 in contact with the lid 1b. It is formed.
Reference numeral 10 denotes a filter mounting body inserted and fixed in the through hole 11
formed in the lid 1b, and this mounting body 1o has a plurality of cutouts 10M formed at the end
of the diamond as is apparent from FIGS. 2 and 3 , With a notch 10aK! -J '(A rib IQ (+ for filter
locking is formed on the inner side of the E end of the divided circular arc gsob, respectively).
Reference numeral 12 denotes a filter which is inserted into the filter mounting body 10 and
held between the presser foot @ * S whose outer peripheral portion is provided separately for the
tab 10aK, and the filter 12 is, for example, a porous disc made of Teflon. It is constructed so that
it can pass gas but not liquid. A reference numeral -4 is a protective member jl formed on the
front and back of the lid 1b opposite to the E-listed filter 11 in one cylinder 91 ha. Is formed with
an air permeable through hole 16. 4) As is clear from the above-mentioned Example E, the
present invention forms a through hole in a part of a closed cabinet, and attaches a filter made of
a material through which gas can pass but liquid can not pass. Even if the temperature in the
cabinet changes, the pressure in the cabinet, the temperature changes, and the air pressure is
different between the cabinet and the outside air, the air in the cabinet is released to the outside
through the filter and the ambient air As air is pumped into the cabinet, the pressure of the
outside air can be kept the same as the pressure in the cabinet 7 at all times, and the cone paper
of the speaker can be efficiently driven, and excellent acoustic characteristics can be achieved.
Can be obtained. In addition, the filter allows only gas to pass and does not allow the passage of
liquids such as rainwater and seawater1, so rainwater, seawater and the like hardly enter the
cabinet through the filter, and various electric parts There is almost no impact on the
environment. In the embodiment, although the filter is partially made in a flat plate shape, it is
also possible to use a filter which is rolled in the direction in which the central portion protrudes
as shown in FIG. Using a curved filter as shown in Fig. 4, rainwater, seawater, etc., which are
attached here, immediately flow into the outer peripheral part and flow through the surface of
the lid by swinging the notch of the filter east-clad body. Waterproofing nests are more effective.
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