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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a Langevin type
vibrator according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a front view with a half cross section, and
FIG. 2 is a plan view with a cross section taken along line E in FIG. I will. 1, 2 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · pair of piezoelectric elements, 3 · · · · · · large intermediate 'metal plate, 4 and 5 · · · · · · first
metal block and second metal block, 6 ..... Fig. 1 Fig. 2-153-
【Detailed description of the invention】 称 4 テ ν エ 7 7 ") 'ml ml ml ml ml ml ml ml 求 求 求
求 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 一 対 1 Large
middle-gold job, screwed together at the capsular threshold ■ threshold value to the horizontal
axis 臘 臘 − − − −-̶ 中間 中間 II 両 O IIK Piezoelectric bulkhead, in a pair of concentrically
holding metal pins! ・) ,, a recording 1! Acidify 龜 h9 1 1 bread-baby. A metal plate ■ Tsutaoka
K held a negative meeting with a metal-like metal IN which is considered to be a remark 1 靜 me
亀 零 零-0 m 紘 pair el E electric bulker and S 子- In order to provide the components described
above concentrically in 411 and to provide assembly esa * and siji 臘 動 子 子 子 O O O O ll ll ll ll
kA k す る 貴重 貴重 貴重 貴重 貴重 貴重. ■ In the sea, Noh, J is made of titanium 1lll gill brass
system 響 纒 状 纒 状 s 状 両 両 両 両 両 11 11 11 11 11 all all all all all all all all all all all all all
に 厚 み 厚 みNineteen pairs of piezoelectric elements are polarized and face each other with the
same polarity inside. An intermediate metal 3 having a diameter larger than that of the
piezoelectric element and having a diameter equal to that of the piezoelectric element, and an
intermediate metal serving as an electrode, has an appropriate thickness to prevent overheating
of the piezoelectric element /, and J Further, a pair of conduction holes 3h and Ib are formed to
penetrate from the outer diameter surface toward the inner diameter and communicate with the
inner O circumference 8. The gauze welds to the outer end of the one piezoelectric element 10,
and has a different lIO through hole ILa. Is welded to the outer end of the other piezoelectric
element J □ and has a blind screw hole # turtle at the center of the welded joint, the fourth JO
metal block, 4 is the first O metal block and the pair of piezoelectric elements /, J , Intermediate
metal sSO central hole # a and / a, Ja, Jcl (, this and 011 KIIIIIS constitute, insert, pass through
the JO metal pin O blind screw hole ja screwing screw, a, In the outer parts of the intermediate
plate yvas extruded outward from the piezoelectric element 1.2 of the intermediate plate y, they
are electrically conductive by means of an adhesive or a concavo-convex bond such as a steel
plate O, and they are separated. One pair of O hollows tk from a synthetic resin etc. which
concentrically inserts and holds one piezoelectric element l and the tenth metal tip I and the 10th
metal piezoelectric element J and the J (J) metal plotter I arranged at j011i @ In insulation
theory, the ζO oscillator is an intermediate metal IIJK formed conduction hole ○ one Ja (also
ab) good Gaya internal o1111aK1! In this case, the air and liquid are contained and discharged
into the -10 conduction hole Jb (or Ja) to prevent the piezoelectric element / and JO overheating
during the peristalsis.
Heretofore, since this kind of tun-jee-pan wire, a pair / 70 piezoelectric element, an intermediate
metal plate, and an eleventh metal plate JJ are simply stacked in the axial holder, the component
parts fluctuate in the radial direction and drop off Concentric layering of the components was
found to be a Kli example. Even if concentric lamination is possible, the eccentricity of each part
can not be avoided due to the contact friction between the piezoelectric element and the metal
plotter or between the piezoelectric element and the metal plotter, or the contact between the
piezoelectric element and the metal plotter. II [In the case of the vibrator of the example, there is
a problem in the inside between the inner diameter surface of the piezoelectric element and the
Zelt in the inside of the piezoelectric element-zlO space i) that the cooling effect is hindered, mass
production ca. There may be problems with performance browsability. On the other hand, a pair
of hollow insulating cylinders are acid-supplied to the intermediate metal plate 011 of the
present invention al 11 large, and each pair of O piezoelectric elements and the metal block are
concentrically inserted and held, and then integrally by the rear screw member. Since it is a joint
40, it is possible to completely stop the eccentricity when the brazing of the component parts is
extremely harmful, and all the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks can be eliminated by
itself. There is an excellent effect such as no deterioration of the electrical insulation property
caused by adhesion of round dust, moisture etc. which is covered and maintained by the
insulating cylinder and no short circuit phenomenon. Ceramics, this proposal does not have the
above-mentioned form O vibrator K11ll, for example, the work to the loose O support system, the
intermediate metal tera which is interposed between the rounding piezoelectric elements which
increase both sides of heat radiation. Of course, it can be applied to transducers of various forms
as well. に)
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