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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1A and 1B are a perspective view and a
longitudinal front view, respectively, of a conventional moving magnet type big-up cartridge, and
FIG. 2 is a cross talk characteristic diagram of a pickup cartridge according to the prior art and
the present invention. FIG. 3 is a front elevational view of one embodiment of the cartridge
according to the present invention. 1a to 1d ········ Coil, 2a to 2Ii ········· Bobbin, E · Conductive tape.
Fig. 1 Na-1-50-130 301 (2) Fig. 2 further Fig. 2 (dB) firmness (Hz) Fig. 3-2
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a pickup
cartridge, in which a plurality of zero coils for each channel are wound with a grounded
conductive tape, the coils are shielded with a conductive turtle tape to cross-talk between the
channels. It is an object of the present invention to provide a pick-up cartridge which is designed
to reduce K. FIGS. 1 (2) and (2) respectively show a perspective view and a longitudinal front
view of an example of a conventional moving magnet type car) 17-piece. In the same figure, la, lb,
lc and ld are coils, respectively wound on bobbins 2 @ -2br2trzaK, and one end of coil 1 and one
end of lc and co (1)) l ' Each end is continued to each other. Lead wires 31 to 3d are connected to
the other ends of the coils 1a to 1d, respectively. The coils la and lc and the lead wires 3a and 3c,
for example, are for the left channel, the coil 11), ld and the leads 3b and 3d are for the right
channel. The pole pieces 4a to 4d are inserted into the holes provided at the central pressure of
the bobbins 21 to 2d from the front, and the yoke 5 is inserted from the rear. 6 is a damper, 7
company magnets, 8 cantilevers, 9 is a reproduction needle. Thus, this conventional moving
magnet type cartridge-has a coil la for the left channel. Coils 11) for the le1 right channel and ld
are adjacent to each other, causing crosstalk between the left and right channels. In discrete 4channel disc reproduction that handles signals with high frequencies, particularly 20K11z to
50KHt, crosstalk between upper t channels becomes a larger layer, and crosstalk characteristics
deteriorate as shown by line IK in FIG. Had a drawback. (2) The present invention eliminates the
above-mentioned drawbacks, and one of its embodiments will be described below. FIG. 3 shows a
front elevational view of one embodiment of a pickup cartridge according to the present
invention. In the figure, the same structure part vc as @ 1 city view (2) and wholesale is given the
same reference numeral, and the explanation thereof is omitted. In the same figure, conductive
tapes 10a to 10d are wound around coils a to j and 1d, respectively, and each is connected to a
shield case (not shown) of the cartridge, and finally through a player. The coils 1a to 1d are
shielded from each other by the conductive tapes toe to ladK, thereby effectively preventing the
crosstalk id between the coils. Therefore, according to the pickup cartridge of the present
invention, as shown by a curve l in FIG. 2, the crosstalk characteristic is greatly improved.
Also, the conductive tape 10. If a conductive tape with an adhesive is used as 10d, a coil presser
can also be used. In the present practical example, the description has been made using the
moving magnet type (3) pull-up cartridge, or the same effect can be obtained even if it is applied
to the independent magnet type pick-up cartridge or the moching iron type pick-up cartridge. Is
obtained. As described above, since the pickup cartridge according to the present invention is
formed by winding the conductive tapes around the outside ri of the coils adjacent to each other
to ground the respective tapes, the coils for each channel are It can be effectively shielded to
prevent cross talk between them, and as a result, it is effective to be used for the reproduction of
discrete multi-channel disc which handles signals of as high as 20 KHz to 30 KHz, especially, 1 9
If the tape is attached with an adhesive, it can also be used as a coil presser, and it has features
such as being able to withstand mechanical impact.
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