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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of a displacement form of an edge, and FIG. 3 is an edge
used in the speaker of the present invention. FIG. 5 is an enlarged view of an essential part of an
edge. 8 is a connection part, 9 is a flexible elastic body, 1 is an edge. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-51 one open
49-120226 (2) 4N third port Fig. 5 fourth port-52
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention improves the structure of the edge to freely
stretch the edge in the circumferential direction of the edge of the corrugation of the edge,
making the displacement 8111 of the edge ideal for the PF. It relates to the speaker which
improved the linearity L <improved. Conventionally, as shown in fs1 in the cone-shaped speaker,
an edge 2 is formed on the outer chest of the diaphragm 1, the outer edge of the fist end is fixed
to the frame 3, and the top 1-character insertion number is the damper 5 It is fixed and held so
that the diaphragm 1 vibrates in the # direction. There are various shapes of this edge 2, but
typical ones are corrugated corrugations having concentrically formed corrugations (corrugated
parts) and half-sectioned half of a section of 1 @ 's double gauze. There is a circular roll edge. It is
a ring-like one obtained by concentrically molding a full gauge double layer of fine or multiple
layers into such edge property, cotton cloth, foam rubber, non-woven cloth and the like. The edge
of such a shape and structure has the following drawbacks in its displacement form because the
extension and contraction of the edge itself is limited. For example, when the roll edges are listed
in a row, they move as shown in FIG. 2 due to the forward displacement of the diaphragm. In FIG.
2, the break mA is the case where the displacement of the edge is ideal, and the inside of the
corrugation part is appropriately shrunk and the outside is extended by an appropriate tK, and
the 0 code a 'exhibiting an ideal displacement form is The point on the edge at this time is
pointed out and corresponds to the point a at rest. However, since the actual WA1c # 'i and the
edge have the above-described shape and structure, the area is limited inside the corrugation
portion, and the contraction thereof is limited, resulting in the form 1IIK which is expanded
forward. Outside, 1 g of that growth! There is a degree, concave toward the back, and a
displacement form as shown in the back 1B. 0 Here, the sign & means that the point on the
edge at this time is pointed and the zero change blind corresponding to the point a at rest. For
example, as shown in FIG. 5, page 3 is to limit the expansion and contraction in the
circumferential direction of the 2 parts of corrugation of the edge, and the length of the
circumference passing through the point a on the collar R # at the actual recumbent position.
Sasaya 111r-: & a, one-character correction ideal. First place. Circumference. Long. 2t: a
'engineering ah. Yo, U correct Kara, J! K (Ra ′ ′-Ra ′) fe, tigo displacement type displacement
section displacement. After all, because there is a limit to the expansion and contraction in the
circumferential direction of the corrugation caustic part of the edge, the stress of these
deformations (bumps and dents) is the displacement of the edge 1 due to the above-mentioned
swelling and denting by itself. The 7-character correction of the shadow 1 causes non-linearity.
In addition, there is a disadvantage that the stress of these use forms react against the diaphragm
and disturb the pregnancy of the peristaltic plate.
This invention is a loudspeaker that modifies these secondary points, and describes an
implementation IIs of #I 41 121, and also a cotton-clothed edge with a 1111 complex IIm colke /
letter tliE- John of a cone-shaped loudspeaker At 7, the constant width in the circumferential
direction including the mutually orthogonal diameters of the corrugation bracing portion 8 is
formed by a flexible elastic body 9 such as raw rubber. Here, the warp and weft of the cotton
cloth t10, 1ltj are indicated. In this case, warp 10. Although dust can be expanded and contracted
to some extent at a portion where the weft 11 is different from the four pages, in the direction of
the warp yarn IQ and the winding yarn 11, there is extreme flJ @ in the expansion or contraction
due to the tension of the warp yarn 10 or the weft yarn 11. For this reason, if the direction of the
warp 10, the weft 1 ↓ and the direction of the flexible elastic body 9 are mixed, the effects
described below are significant. In the speaker having the edge 7 of such a structure, the
corrugation portion 8d, 'the flexible elastic body 9 having a fixed width can be easily expanded
and contracted, and the expansion and contraction in the circumferential direction can be freely
performed. Therefore, there is no useless wedge shape (indentation of IJ J) caused by the
presence of @ carbon in the expansion and contraction of the corrugation IM8, and the
displacement of the edge 7 of the edge 7 is not ideal and the nonlinearity is large It is improved
to the width. In addition, there is an advantage such as eliminating the disturbance of the
vibration mode of the diaphragm due to the irregularity of the edge 7. In the above embodiment,
only the edge 7 made of cotton cloth has been described, but the edge 7FC made of an
undiagnosed cloth, paper or the like has the same effect. As described above, this invention uses,
for the speaker, an edge 7 formed of a flexible elastic body 9 such as a fresh rubber having a
constant width in the circumferential direction including the diameters orthogonal to each other
1 of the full gear 7M. As a result, the extension m of the flugulation autopsy 8 toward the circle H
can be freely made, and the non straightness of the edge 7 is significantly improved. In addition,
it has an advantage of eliminating the disturbance of the vibration mode of the diaphragm due to
the non-Itk property of the edge 7. Furthermore, because the structure of Etsujitsu is simple, Il!
In terms of creation rights and cost, it is almost the same as conventional speakers, and it is a
speaker that is full of practicality.
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