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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an embodiment of the
volume control apparatus of the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are specific electrical
connection diagrams of the embodiment of the main part of the apparatus. . A1, A2, A3, A4 ······
Gain control circuit, elltel2, el3, el4 ·········· Input terminal, e01, control terminal, TR ·········
Transistor, FET ··· ... field-effect transistor. Fig. 1-3-48-07 002 (2) Fig. 2-4
[Detailed description of the invention] i related to the volume adjustment device used for ri myri
2 + yannel stereo reception and 4th ya 7 wood lester i reception 16 、 -f 1 ff which can be
miniaturized with one simple configuration We will provide you with a gold-plated device. In
general, if you want to spare 2 channel channel stereo Ehime Shinya 4 yen or non stereo
communication fee 18d11, l111 l · · · each channel i チ ャ ン ネ ル variable resistance wh こ れ
ら these variable resistance 畦Intense-! 9), and the volume λ 沁 ° occupied by d♀ is large
because of 11. The monk is limited to the miniaturization of 嶺 6, and the one study required to
adjust the variable resistance 6 as well as the large AD-1 ('17f'lll') Jl. I met each other with falling
things. The proposal is intended to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks, and
it has a simple 44 configuration and excellent volume & iIl! ! It is an equipment offering. That is,
as shown in 1-1, the proposed tlk # I4I device i1 performs gain control circuits' I-% sA *, A4
controlled to be waxy in each channel-these gains Common control 1 to 1 over which variable
resistors 6 (not shown) II # are replaced by side control circuits AI, ˜, A ,, 1; If 1fvkuJ / JOL "C.
Interest → system @ 11! l way A1, A9. To control A1 at the same time. Threshold, first at e11 +
θ; 1 no, 1111. The input shoulders of the $ 6 thousand e14- @ o, and the fOI 80 .. are output
terminals of the respective channels. In addition, Figure 2 Figure 3 3. Su 1% control circuit A1,
thank you. A, A specific figure is a figure, 1 figure-Figure J42 shows one for Trans's 4TH'z flight,
one using a 3'ri field effect type trans 2 S 4 FET . As is apparent from the above-mentioned Shosho 1, the space taken up by the JQ-1111011 furo 33 ° -0 can be precisely adjusted to make
the volume control device adjustable, and the overall volume occupied can be significantly
reduced. It's a turtle that comes to life. And work on the draft, -1. In order to meet at one glance
with one resistor R, it is something that has a large amount of torque at 4 times a turning torque.
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