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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
small-sized and light-weight diaphragm such as an electrodynamic type headphone, a
microphone or the like on a speaker diaphragm 1%. C. Conventional technology] As a headphone
speaker unit from the past. It is easy to design, easy to obtain good characteristics, and is often
used at low cost. Also, an electrodynamic type is often used for the same reason as a microphone.
As diaphragm materials used in these electrodynamic units, head paper, cone paper are often
used for headphones, and in addition, polymer films have been used. In recent years, thin-film
polymer films, particularly polyester, are widely used for small and lightweight headphones
corresponding to the widespread use of portable cassette recorders. This corresponds to the fact
that open-air headphones have become the mainstream in place of sealed headphones in the
early days, and also corresponds to the reduction in size and weight of the magnetic circuit as the
rare earth magnet spreads It is due to the fact that very light materials have been claimed as
board material. The same applies to the microphones, although aluminum was partially used
initially, but recently, polyester polyester films are used. In addition, the shape of the diaphragm
used for headphones and microphones is often a dome shape that is structurally strong. The edge
as a support part has many roll shape, and the tangent edge for the purpose of the improvement
of the linearity as an edge is also used. Furthermore, the diaphragm and the edge are integrally
formed, and a voice coil is connected to the boundary. The conventional, small-sized and lightweight diaphragms such as conventional headphones and microphones formed in this manner
have the following drawbacks. That is, a digital audio disc (DAD). With the spread of digital audio
devices such as pcM recorders, the Young's modulus possessed by current polymer films is
insufficient for the enhancement of performance such as the expansion of the dynamic range, the
broadening of the bandwidth, and the reduction of distortion. In addition, materials with high
Young's modulus such as aluminum have extremely poor formability, and a thickness of about 6
μm to 30 μm of polyester film currently used frequently in headphones etc. It was necessary to
carry out molding, and molding was difficult. Furthermore, it is necessary to increase the
compliance of the edge in order to reduce the fO to less than several 1 ooHg as in the recent
nonnon-shaped hendopodone, and therefore, very thin polymer films are often used. -Of course,
it is not suitable for this purpose with low-compliance such as Rumi feeling, and in this case, the
process is complicated as it is necessary to divide and shape the diaphragm and the edge part
and to bond them later. In addition, there is a drawback that the weight reduction of the adhesive
layer causes the efficiency to decrease.
In addition, the rigidity of the diaphragm is enhanced, and the fidelity of the vibration system is
good at the same time for high-fidelity reproduction that extends the reproduction zone. It is also
necessary to reduce distortion and remove rolling. For this reason, tangential edges have been
used for the conventional headphones and the edge for a high i vibration i plate for microphones.
[Outline] The diaphragm according to the present invention is intended to eliminate the
drawbacks of the above-mentioned conventional small and light diaphragms such as headphones
and microphones and to improve the linearity of the edge, such as aluminum, etc. The light metal
foil and the polymer film are bonded and laminated, and the light metal mute etching process of
the edge is used to leave only in a substantially tangential direction, thereby forming the
diaphragm and the edge integrally. The rate is high, the form is excellent, the process is
simplified, and furthermore, the diaphragm with a good edge linearity is easily provided.
present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 is a front view
and a cross-sectional view of a conventional headphone diaphragm. D and fl) are dome-shaped
polyester (25 μm thick) diaphragms, and (2) is integrally formed with (1) It is an edge whose
cross section has a roll shape. or. (3) is a voice coil bonded to the boundary between the
diaphragm (1) and the edge (2) to drive the diaphragm. Also, in FIG. 1, the dome-shaped
diaphragm has a height of 2.4 birds, The outer diameter is 18 n. The height of the edge is 1u, and
the outer diameter is 30 dragons. The weight of the diaphragm at this time is about 0.03 g. FIG. 2
is a cross-sectional view of the headphone diaphragm of one embodiment of the present
invention, and O1) is designed to have the same weight as that of the conventional example. It is
a dome shaped diaphragm with a dry coating of polyester 6μ, adhesive (polyester type) 2μ,
aluminum foil 12μ, (2) etches the edge of the above laminated film and etches the aluminum foil
only in the tangential direction. Leave approximately straight, dome shake! ! The cross section
formed simultaneously with the +1 plate (1) is a roll-shaped edge. Also, (3) is a voice coil for
driving the vibration &. The shapes of the diaphragm and the edge in one embodiment of the
present invention are the same as in the prior art. Also, the weight of the diaphragm of one
embodiment of the present invention was about 0.030 g. This is because the area ratio of the
area of the diaphragm to the area of the edge is about 1.2 and the ant is compensated by the
weight increase of the weight portion of the dome-shaped diaphragm part and the thinning of the
entire edge. The Young's modulus of the polyester film in the conventional example was 4 × 10
10 dyne / crn 2, and the Young's modulus of the dome-shaped diaphragm portion of Example 1
of the present invention was 1.6 × 10 dyne / cWL.
The molding condition is about 200 DEG C., and it is confirmed that the conventional example
and one embodiment of the present invention can be performed under the same molding
condition fc. Furthermore, when a formed tube in the shape of one embodiment of the present
invention was tried only with the aluminum foil 12μ, it was found that the diaphragm was
cracked and #: the shape was difficult. Next, a voice coil is joined to the diaphragm of this
embodiment and the conventional diaphragm of the same shape, respectively. The same
magnetic circuit was attached to the same frame to form a headphone unit. Each unit was
attached to an artificial ear (cabler) B && apos; on a company g Type 4153. * 0-I V no input teno
sound pressure-frequency characteristics were measured. The results are shown in FIG. In FIG. 3,
(a) is the characteristic of the conventional example, and (b) is the characteristic of this
embodiment. As apparent from FIG. 3, the peak on the sound pressure-frequency% characteristic
generated by the divided resonance of the diaphragm. In the prior art, it occurs at about 3 KHz.
In this example, it is about twice as high as about 6 KH2. The frequency at which the split
resonance of the diaphragm occurs is shape. If weight etc. are similar, it is proportional to E-waf
(Young's modulus E / density ρ) of the diaphragm material. The mouth of the diaphragm of this
embodiment can be said to be a conventional example. In addition, in the headphone unit used
for comparison this time. A punching material made of aluminum was placed in front of the edge
to see the difference between the diaphragms, and was removed by a resonant 'tf echo filter at
the edge. The resonance of the edge itself. Generally lower than the resonance of the diaphragm,
but the influence on the 2% is relatively small. Also, the lowest resonance frequency foffi of the
vibration system is measured at t. In the prior art, it was about 250 Hz, but in the embodiment of
the present invention, it was lowered to about 209 Hz and it has been found that regeneration
from the low frequency band is possible. Next, in order to examine the linearity of the vibration
system including the edge and the diaphragm, the aluminum foil of the edge portion is removed
by etching, which is the same as the conventional example, this embodiment and the dome
diaphragm portion of the present invention. The car displacement characteristics were measured
for three types of the polyester part and only the polyester part, which was molded and
processed with a tan dien dial edge. FIG. 4 shows the above three types of car displacement
characteristics. In the figure, (a) is a conventional example, (b) is an embodiment of the present
invention, (C) is the same as the dome diaphragm portion of the present invention, and only the
polyester portion is at the edge, and the tangent edge is formed thereon It is the characteristic of
processed ones. As can be seen from FIG. 4, the linearity of the embodiment of the present
invention is the best and then 9 the same as the dome diaphragm portion of the present
invention, but only the polyester portion at the edge, into which the tangential edge is formed
and processed 1 followed by the conventional example order. Therefore, the IC using the edge
structure of the embodiment of the present invention is immersed in the linearity, less distortion
due to the edge, and less occurrence of rolling phenomenon. It can be said.
Although the specific example about headphones was described in the said Example, the same
thing can be said also with a microphone. In the case of microphones and headphones, an
equalizer may be attached to the front of the diaphragm to compensate for the high frequency,
but if the diaphragm has split resonance, even if the high frequency is compensated by the
equalizer, the sound quality is Undesirably, it is important to raise E / E of the diaphragm as in
the present invention. Although aluminum is linear as a shape of the tangential edge at the edge
portion, it may be a part of two arcs. Furthermore. Although the linear aluminum foil left in the
tangential direction from the outer periphery of the diaphragm is cut in the vicinity of the outer
periphery in the above embodiment, it is conversely cut from the fixed outer side to the vicinity
of the inner peripheral portion of the diaphragm. Good, even more. If the rise of fo is accepted, it
may be extended from the inner periphery of the diaphragm to the edge fixing portion. In this
case, the stiffness of the edge itself is improved. The split resonance of the edge can be raised. -It
is also possible to combine one embodiment of the present invention with a conventional
tangential edge. Although aluminum is used as the light metal foil in the embodiment of the
present invention, any light metal foil capable of being etched, such as duralmin or titanium may
be used. Further, as the polymer film, films of vinyl chloride, nylon, polyester, celluloid, etc. can
be used. [Effects of the Invention] As described above, according to the present invention, in the
structure in which a diaphragm is formed by integrally forming a notebook in which a light metal
foil and a 1-polymer film are laminated to form a diaphragm, the light metal foil of the edge is
etched By leaving a line substantially only in the tangential direction, the E / ρ of the diaphragm
is high, and the edge has a good kneading property and can be easily formed, providing a
diaphragm in which the process is simplified. It is
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a front view and a sectional view showing a conventional diaphragm.
FIG. 2 is a front view and a sectional view with a part omitted showing one embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 3 is a sound pressure-frequency characteristic diagram. FIG. 4 is a car
displacement characteristic diagram. In FIG. 2, the same reference numeral 2 indicates the same
part or the corresponding part, (1) is a diaphragm, (2) is an edge, and (3) is a Boy 7 coil. Atsushi
Oiwa Masuo Fig. 1
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