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The present invention relates to a directional dynamo-type micro-bon and is intended to improve
the characteristics. FIG. 1 shows the structure of a conventional microphone, in which 1 is a
diaphragm, 2 is a magnet, 3 is a yoke that 1-J--apertures 4 and 6, 7 and 7 are acoustic resistors,
and 8 is no It is a nok cavity. FIG. 2 shows the characteristics of this microphone. As apparent
from this characteristic diagram, the directivity can satisfy only a narrow frequency band, or the
opening 5 is 51.52 as shown in FIG. 3 and the acoustic resistor 7 is 71.72. Characteristics are
obtained. In this case, the directivity in the low band is improved as compared with that in FIG. 1,
but the directivity in the high band is insufficient. The present invention eliminates such a
drawback and will be described below with reference to an embodiment of FIG. In the figure, 1 to
4, 6, 8, 51, 52 and 71 ° 72 correspond to those of the same reference in FIG. Reference numeral
9 denotes a lower part of the voice coil 11, and a cavity case made of nonmagnetic material
forming the air chamber 12, and 10 is an opening. FIG. 6 shows the characteristic, and the
broken line shows the case where the volume of the air chamber 12 is too small. That is, this
microphone is characterized in that an air chamber 12 is provided on the back of the diaphragm
1. In this case, if the volume of the air chamber 12 is appropriately set, a tip is generated in the
characteristic of 18C3 as shown in FIG. 6, and the directivity characteristic can be improved.
Note that this tip needs to be set up to produce this to change with volume. Although the
embodiment has been described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to
improve the characteristics particularly in the high region.
Brief description of the drawings
1 and 3 are cross-sectional views of a conventional microphone, FIGS. 2 and 4 are characteristic
views thereof, FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of a microbon in an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. FIG.
2 ················································································································································································ Voice
coil, 71.・ ・ Acoustic resistor. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio and 1 other person Figure
1 Figure 2 Figure 1 θ θ jk / 9 Figure 3 /
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