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The present invention relates to improvement of a speaker configured by forming a spiral print
voice coil on the lower surface of a flat diaphragm. A conventional speaker of this type is
configured as shown in FIG. That is, pole pieces 2 are vertically protruded at the center of the
upper surface of the rectangular plate 1 and square magnets 3 and 4 are disposed on both sides
of the pole piece 2. An upper plate 6.6 is disposed, and a magnetic circuit 9 in which two parallel
elongated magnetic gaps 7.8 are formed between the pole piece 2 and the upper plates 5 and 6
is provided. A flat diaphragm 11 made of a synthetic resin film or the like on which the spiral
print voice coil 10 corresponding to the magnetic gap 7.8 is formed is attached to the above.
With such a configuration, the diaphragm 11 with a larger area or the diaphragm 11 with a
lighter weight is required to obtain high output sound pressure, and the width is more to improve
the directivity characteristic of the speaker in the high sound range. A narrow or small
diaphragm 11 is required, and one satisfying both the output sound pressure and the directivity
characteristic is difficult to obtain. That is, the larger the diaphragm 110 size or diameter, the
greater the attenuation in the high frequency range, and the directivity of the speaker becomes
more important in the lateral direction. 31- long, with a short rectangle in the horizontal
direction. However, the directional characteristics of the output sound pressure in the
longitudinal direction are greatly attenuated for the reasons described above, and are not
desirable. The present invention is intended to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks, and it is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker in which the
directional characteristics of the output sound pressure in the longitudinal direction and the
lateral direction are improved. In order to achieve the above object, the present invention has a
magnetic circuit having four OIl-shaped magnetic gaps outside the cross-shaped pole piece as a
magnetic circuit, incorporates a cross-shaped diaphragm in this magnetic circuit, and the lower
surface of this diaphragm And a print voice coil corresponding to the magnetic gap. Hereinafter,
an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 2 and FIG. 12F is
a plate in which a cross-shaped pole piece 13 is erected on the upper surface, and four square
magnets 14 are disposed on the upper surface of the grate 12, and four square upper portions
on the same magnet 14 are also provided. A flat and cross-shaped diaphragm 18 made of a
synthetic resin such as a polymeric polyimide constitutes a magnetic circuit 17 having four fiveshaped magnetic gaps 16 between the pole piece 13 and the magnetic circuit 17. In the
arrangement f, on the lower surface of the diaphragm 18, a spiral print voice coil 19 is formed at
a position corresponding to the four five-shaped magnetic gaps 16 described above.
The print voice coil 19 is formed by depositing aluminum on the diaphragm 18 and etching the
aluminum to form a spiral shape. With such a configuration, a large output sound pressure can
be obtained by securing a large diaphragm area by the long side a of the diaphragm 18, and the
directivity characteristics in both the vertical and horizontal directions can be improved. It is. As
described above, since the speaker of the present invention is configured, it can have excellent
nine directional characteristics in both vertical and horizontal directions while maintaining high
output sound pressure, and the industrial value is increased. .
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional speaker, FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective
view showing an embodiment of the speaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a
bottom view of a diaphragm of the speaker.
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