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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the piezoelectric buzzer
of the present invention, FIG. 1 is a sectional view in an exploded state, and FIG. 2 is a sectional
view in an assembled state. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Metal case, Si ... Sound emission
hole, 3 ... Step difference, 4 ... 1st notch, 5 ... Vibrator, 6 ... Piezoelectric element, 7 ... Metal Plate,
8 ... lead wire, 9 ... metal lid, 10 ... second notch.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the construction
of a piezoelectric buzzer. In a conventional piezoelectric buzzer, a piezoelectric element is
attached to a metal plate and an actuator is fixed to an insulating resin case with an adhesive
(1)>-j? iv ヅ ヅ. For one thing, this resin case is attached to a printed circuit board, or the vibrator
itself is incorporated directly into an electronic device such as an electronic watch or calculator.
However, it is extremely difficult in terms of shape to mount a buzzer incorporated in a resin case
into an electronic device such as an electronic watch or a calculator which is being miniaturized,
and to incorporate the vibrator itself into the electronic device In order to design electronic
devices, the layout and shape of circuit components must be considered in advance, and in
particular the specific configuration of the buzzer, and it is very troublesome for the designer of
electronic devices. . In view of the above-mentioned prior art, the present invention can be
sufficiently miniaturized even if a buzzer is incorporated in an electronic device, and furthermore,
it eliminates the troublesomeness in designing a buzzer when designing an electronic device. This
is a piezoelectric buzzer that provides a co-piezoelectric buzzer and can be easily incorporated
into a holder of a button-type battery that has recently been widely used in the same manner as
the battery. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings) ', gPX', Q oni (city '...). In the drawing, 1 is a dish-like metal case, a
sound emission hole 2 is formed in the bottom wall of the case l, a step 3 extending to the
opening side is provided on the side wall, and a first cut extending from the opening to near the
step 3 is provided on the side wall Notch 4 is provided. An oscillator 5 has electrodes provided
on both sides of the piezoelectric ceramic plate, and the piezoelectric element 6 is fixed to the
metal plate 7 with an adhesive. The insulation contact lead wire 8 is connected only to the
electrode on the opposite side to the metal plate of the piezoelectric element 6. The outer
diameter of the metal plate 7 is substantially the same as the inner diameter of the step 3 of the
case 1, and the outer diameter of the piezoelectric element 6 is smaller than that. A plate-like
metal lid 9 is formed so that the side wall extends to the opening side, and the outside diameter
of the opening of the side wall is configured to be substantially the same as the inside diameter
of the step 3 in the case l. The side wall of the metal lid 9 is provided with a second notch 10
extending from the opening to the bottom wall. In particular, as shown in FIG. 2, the metal plate
7111+ is mounted on the step 3 in the case 1 and the lead wire 8 is led out from the first notch 4
as shown in FIG. A metal lid 9 is inserted therein with the first and second cut (3) bi-F notches
4.10 aligned. Then, the side wall of the case 1 is crimped to the tapered side wall of the metal lid
9, and the case l and the metal lid 9 are fixed to each other.
The vibrator 5 is held between the step 3 of the case 1 and the open end of the metal lid 9 to be
in an r state, and the electrode of the piezoelectric element 6 on the metal plate 7 side passes
through the metal plate 7, the case 1 or the metal lid 9. As a result, the lead wire 8 and the case 1
or the metal cover 9 become an input terminal of the piezoelectric element 6. The present
invention is configured as described above, and a compact and lightweight earthen buzzer is
obtained with a simple configuration, and the piezoelectric buzzer can be made into an electronic
apparatus simply by providing a socket similar to a button battery to the microminiature
Tcomiko device. Since it can be incorporated, the design work of the electronic device designer
becomes extremely simple, and the adhesion and screwing are not required at all, the assembly
becomes very easy, and it becomes large outside of practical use.
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