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Specification 1 and diaphragms for speakers (1) A wood pulp is beaten and made into a sheet,
and a vitreous layer of sodium silicate is laminated on at least one surface of a nine vibration
substrate as %%. Speaker diaphragm.
2, the scope of claims
The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm, and more particularly to a flame-retardant,
heat-resistant Noop (Ruppe speaker diaphragm). As an alternative to the speaker diaphragm #
which is often used, there is a paper-formed pulp, and this diaphragm is obtained with a light,
inexpensive and relatively stable quality. Have low elastic modulus and rigidity, they are very
easy to burn due to overheating when excessive input occurs to the voice coil, and they are easily
affected by temperature and humidity. I got it. Therefore, the present invention is intended to
obtain a diaphragm in which the drawback of the diaphragm is solved while making use of the
pulp-made ice moving plate V% length. A vitreous layer is provided on one surface and is
characterized by t. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described along the Nat-attached
one side of the present invention. First, in Fig. 2, reference numeral 1 denotes a cone-shaped
vibration substrate obtained by forming wood pulp, which is a JJK type vibration plate, which is a
light vibration plate as it is, but the rigidity is small. It is susceptible to the influence of humidity,
and furthermore, there is a possibility that the voice coil may be ignited by heat generation when
there is excessive human power. The vitreous layer j is provided on the surface of the vibrating
substrate l, but in the simplest case, the vitreous layer is coated with a water bath made of
sodium silicate, so-called water glass, A vibrating plate is obtained by heating and drying the
kernel. This vitreous layer λ is water glass and sodium metasilicosilicate sodium (Na, 8i 0.
Layering can also be carried out using an aqueous solution of Since the diaphragm obtained
according to the present invention includes EndPage: 1 vibration substrate / wood pulp, the
characteristics of the diaphragm made of pulp 珠 as it is, the vitreous layer on the surface The
surface layer of λ is formed, and this vitreous layer can sufficiently withstand inter-combustion
of the voice coil under the influence of humidity and temperature <<. EXAMPLES Hydropower
································ ············································· Wood pulp 木材 island etc. paper machined. Treatment
method Water glass is sprayed in a hot air of 80 u on a table of a vibrating plate to make it dry
(in the case of solid weight Mv, solid, baluns are made in the range of 5 ° 17 m 'to 20017 m2,
and comparison is to be made). 1, flammability ... According to "45 ° Metckel burner ipl: test
method". (In accordance with the Fire Service Act Enforcement Regulations paragraph 42 秦 3 ・
・ ・ Testing method for thin cloth, thick cloth, plywood) fIk code /, Ja, Ji) is a swing plate 200
made of heat resistant 2 ° heat resistant pulp. Expands above ° C.
The glass lx protects the lukeminum of the present invention at 160 ° C. from the tiIIb plate of
the present invention. The glassy T-preserved 6n pulp does not carbonize even if it is 2000 or
more. 3 、 嶽 # 板 の 嶽 水 板 件 定 2424 ° C 、 80HH24 定 24 小 定 定 定 赤 外 外 疎 水分
分 パ ル プ を mt る mtlb & 11.8 丸 Fi of the present invention! As apparent from the above
explanation of the comparison of the physical properties, the speaker diaphragm of the present
invention has a fc configuration in which a vitreous layer is laminated on the surface of the pulpmounted WR # substrate and fci> It is possible to protect with a vitreous layer that is resistant to
heat and humidity, and to be excellent in moisture resistance and heat resistance.
4. Brief description of the drawings The attached drawings show an embodiment of the speaker
diaphragm obtained according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway side view,
and the second bad is an explanatory view of a low phosphorus test. . / ... 5 IIb substrate, λ ...
vitreous layer 2a ... inside vitreous layer, 2b ... outside vitreous layer patent 1tl customer by x
near co. Shinobu Kohashi 4 same patent attorney Susumu Murai EndPage: 2
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