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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of a prior art example,
and FIG. 2 is of the present invention. It is a sectional side view of an example.
Detailed Description of the Invention The book relates to the $ σ small speaker. Conventional
speakers as shown by @ 11 ヅ l, shooting 1 厨 1, iron core 2, ろ stone, iron core 4, coil 5, 7-7
frame 6, and the area of the cutting plate 1 The band width of the narrow noise is narrow (it has
the property that the sound quality deteriorates). In order to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, the cold copy method WWI material of the siding board! It is a book that is expanded
to 7 rubber bands and made f'f same as L rubber. 下 下 本本 を に 甲 21 ダ に f し ffA, 蛋 曹 7 7
け? @? Convert to machine vibration. 1-) ',', ') -1 i', 'The iron core 8 generates a magnetic flux
which generates a magnetic flux between the hydraulic solid 9 and the iron core 10, and
generates a permanent magnetic flux. The iron core 10 flows 束 bundle. The voice coil + 114N
current is made to flow and it is made to propagate to the full swing plate thin film rubber 7 by
the magnetic flux VC. Connecting to the thin El rubber 7 of the moving lever $ li of + 2'jm, the
fixing lever 13 is fixed. Next, 4) Description of production f If the signal current is flowed to the
voice coil 11, the Ito tightness change between the iron core 8 and the gauze 10 is changed, and
the diaphragm area rubber 7 is proportional to the signal current eC. → # j 悔 生 l-1 In this
prefectural morning, air separation occurs in the air by bamboo and 1 in the air, and go to the
air, but I'm going to go and the woodman's diaphragm! Because it loses 1 # X rubber in place of
the diaphragm 1 ° instead of the surface area of 4 °, and uses the softness of the rubber to
follow the high frequency vibration of the low frequency range is there. As in the case of smells,
the range is wide according to this consideration (Take it, 1 1 effect that can make a small lie
poison that surpasses the main body 1-2 yen)))
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