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The ultrasonic probe 1 is formed by cutting parallel to one another leaving a portion of the
thickness from the first surface of the plate-like piezoelectric material, making the first surface
opposite to the first surface Parallel cuts are made by leaving a part of thickness in a direction
perpendicular to the direction of the cuts of the first surface from the second question, and made
into strips, and a strip-shaped display of each of the first δ and the second surface The
ultrasonic probe 03 characterized by providing a ridge on the part and connecting a signal line to
each of the turtles, and a detailed explanation of the bright probe 03, a single transducer plane
The present invention relates to an ultrasonic probe that is designed to scan in different λ
direction sectors. In the conventional sector scanning type 總 酋 採 子 子 1 倣 倣 倣 倣 定 ま る σ
σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ σ If the array is pointed, there is no
problem. For example, in intracorporeal diagnosis where a probe attached to a probe or an
endoscope attached to an endoscope is attached to the inside of a wounded person for diagnosis,
depending on the attachment direction of the probe According to this method, only a fixed
number of tomograms can be obtained, and in particular, the strain gear can not move freely in
hw. #Ell '] 2 choice self-) There was a drawback that H degree is small. The object of the present
invention is to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks and to transmit m-h-- his beam along a
scanning plane of two different directions from a single transducer plane formed in array K! The
present invention lies in providing a sector plate / plate 1 plate with a thickness of the first plate
(2) from the first plate (2) of the piezoelectric material. Cut parallel to each other, leaving a part
of the first part and making a current from the second surface on the opposite side of the first
part to a part of the thickness in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the cut of the
second And yourself. 11g, each of which has 11 1 g of each of these 11 1 g of each of these 11 1
g. The present invention will be described with reference to P: $ field by examining EndPage: 1 or
later drawing, which is characterized by connecting Ume plums. A first reading 1 is a book
reading IA showing the configuration of an example of the present invention extra-oral
temporary probe. Remaining a part of the thickness of the piezoelectric material from the first
part of the vibrator / the first electrode of the piezoelectric material such as PZT! 17: G cut
parallel to the number of olfactory numbers 2 into a ring. fM / The second direction opposite to
the first direction @ fJ) et al. also keep a part of the stress of the pressure material in the
direction perpendicular to the direction of the light Make the 3rd person n present curve.
Electrodes t and 5 are provided on each of the first δ and second rectangular faces of the
vibrator /.
The signal lines 6a to tJ are sequentially connected to the valley electrode ridges, and the ridge
lines 7a to 7j are connected to the respective 'electrodes S in order. Insert a shock absorber on
one side of the fM mover to support the transducer and effectively emit ultrasonic waves.
Further, in order to obtain an M # -like impedance matching with the living body, an encircling or
multi-layered matching increase (not shown) is provided on the area surrounding the living body,
that is, the surface to which the damper 5 is not attached. Here, the number of elements of the
vibrator / element is 6 times. Do not cut the number of 3 so that the side lobe can not be pulled
out to the ladder 1 and the glodine clove in the same position as the sector running f oscillator
array of the song, and the dog's hitch in 3. That is, the super-M 'wavelength λ in his medium i,
the pitch d1 sector pitch of the sound train c 19 · included, the first angle of c1 -5, the maximum
delay of IMj between the sloppy elements is assumed to be τfllaX ,-The condition that no
childling side lobes appear is τ1naX "'!" The condition under which the grating lobe does not
come out is as (1 + asin (/ ≦ A). Determine the pitch d of this incision. The depth of cuts 2 and 3
is preferably 70-90% of the thickness of the transducer /. Also, in the range of processing i1-it is
determined to be crosstalk or dwarfing of matched elements. FIG. 2 is an operation explanatory
view of the ultrasonic probe shown in FIG. 7. FIG. Ground 1g + 5 巌 7a-7J in common, and add 1
stroke with appropriate 11 inch size to No.16 line 6a-6J with this condition, and add several
sector scans. In the case of σ) sector scan plane is perpendicular to foot-cut edge direction with
arrow A. On the other hand, in FIG. 3, the signal lines 6a to 6J are grounded in common, and in
this state, sector scanning is sequentially performed by sequentially denting one signal having an
appropriate delay time difference to the signal names 7a to 7c. The sector scan plane in this case
is a scan # cut with a vertical arrow 3 with the direction arrow B. In the present invention G
according to the present invention G, the succession of two pairs of it No. 46a to λj, 7a to 7]
drawn out from the 1L 4i of the vibrator / cloth and the back is changed to all Thus, the scanning
planes different from each other or 900 are obtained from one transducer array direction. The
third figure shows an example of the switching circuit of the eyebrows / sound wave probe
according to the present invention. The switches for 5 switches 9a to 9n and / θa to / θn are
relays or switching of high resistance 2 sweat switches. 9a and / θa, 9b and / θb at the
switches. All the n sets of switches of the same sign such as n and n θ n move in conjunction
with each other.
The transmission pulse generator // a to / lfX, P3 to reception via 7 7 a to 7 n 4 j large
changeover switch qa to 9 n, 7 ad-sive / 2 a − / 2 n C m are continued, and the signals i 6 a to 4
n are respectively switches 10 e L to Seed all through / θ n. Also, switch control 9 a-9 n switch 1
′ ′ l ′ ′ θ existing to / θ n is switched by switch control old one path not showing 1 ゾ? All
the fMs 7a to 7n are grounded, and (Go i4a-, 1 is connected to 1H pa / l / s Q raw tj // a-// n and
receiving Hen Dombe / 2eL to / 2n. In the switching circuit of this configuration, switching the
switches 9a-qn and / θa to / θn results in the scanning surface or one of arrows A and B shown
in FIGS. 2 and 3. Oh, running f11rtσ) the outer foot may be switched to a low level j, or using a
high-speed operation rudder changeover switch, if it is cut off every 11-11 1 It is also ajH to
simultaneously display two screens for 1j direction. FIG. 5 is a diagram showing an example * i of
an example incorporating the cap ff S. Saba of the present invention in the inside copy. . Place the
transducer l of the suspended acoustic wave probe on the side of the flexible tube tip of the
internal ruler / / The vibrator / / Route 15 through the flexible tube / / through the inside of the
flexible tube / / through the cable / 2 Connect to @@. uJ 涜 / l tip G え る 内 ly 用 ly ly 内 内 内 内
内 内 内 内 内 内. Among these configurations, EndPage: 2 with ffl セ ク タ sector-scans the
observation target with the transducer / s and then supplies the signal obtained to the transducer
1 through the cafle / 2 to the clothing / apartment / 3. The lower surface 13 of the lower
apparatus 13 is switched to move the vibrator / sliding surface so as not to wear the target
object of observation (or not to simultaneously wear two screens in different directions of the
screen). One-handed observers can see the optical image of the @ festival object with the
endoscope thread and the illumination optical system / q, so that a more effective medical old
diagnosis can be performed in combination with the above and the wave diagnostic image. The
endoscope used in the present embodiment is a one-legged endoscope, but may be a straightahead type. According to the above explanation, according to his probe, the unfair Ming Zhao
super-tits, the signal compensation provided for the sound sensor. Two orthogonal to each other
from a single shooting stroke simply by switching! It is possible to scan sectors in the direction.
In addition, there is an advantage that when the ultrasound diagnosis is performed from the body
cavity, even if the probe can not be moved freely, a cross-sectional image of a required direction
can be obtained, and an optical diagnosis can be performed.
4 ', i Brief Description of the Drawing FIG. The perspective view which shows the structure of an
example of 41 anti-probes! Fig. 2 is an operation explanatory view of the ultrasonic probe shown
in Fig. 7, and Fig. 3 is an operation explanation of an ultrasonic wave retainer as shown in Fig. 1.
Fig. 2 is a diagram of the present invention. Diagram 1 showing an example of a key holding
switch σ] switching circuit, FIG. S is a diagram showing an example of a Gyougo incorporating a
probe and a probe into one source of taxation, ... vibrator, 2, 3 cuts, p, r ·· Denzo, location. Fig. 1
Fig. 2 Fig. (Figure EndPage: 3a4 (3) H /) fifth ff 2! 1Procedure Amendment Showa SS, 1-Month 1,
1 Display of the case Showa sj Patent application No. 1 Dadada 41 / No. 2, title of the invention
2, title of the invention Ultrasonic probe 3, person who makes correction Patent applicant related
to the case
2 Claims
(037) Olympus Motogaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. 6, the item # V-claim of the specification subject to
correction, column 1 of the detailed description of the invention, the first specification of the
specification negative first 3-2 Correct @-as follows. [2 range of lyophobicity 1; plate-like
pressure zone material from the first direction to thickness of each other leaving -eS strain) cut
parallel to Δn short tttt shape, opposite to first plane- Parallel cuts from each other, leaving a
portion of the thickness between the second face of the first and the second part of the first open
cut, and making a point-like curve of these first and second faces The ultrasonic probe which sets
up the electrode in the front part of the magazine, and waits for each time the signal d is
connected to each side of the mouth. "EndPage: Correct the" displayed item "on page 2 of the
specification, page 1, line 1g to" Bangko ". Agent patent attorney Sugi ° ˜ village l! 12. One
other person EndPage: 5
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