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Description 3 Title of the Invention
Speaker diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
diaphragm for a speaker based on magnesium or a magnesium alloy, particularly light metals
such as titanium, aluminum and beryllium are used as a diaphragm for a high-pitched speaker.
Titanium has a large density, and aluminum has a small Young's modulus (E / p is small) in
proportion to the density, etc., and therefore it can not always be said that the requirement is
sufficiently satisfied. In addition, IJIJium has been used as a diaphragm in recent years because
its Young's modulus is large (E / ρ is large) compared to its density, but processing into a
diaphragm shape is difficult, and fine powder adversely affects the human body Giving problems
such as pollution. And as a metal of this type used for the diaphragm, magnesium or a
magnesium alloy (magnesium-lithium alloy, magnesium-aluminum alloy, magnesium-zinc alloy,
etc.) can be mentioned. The magnesium or its alloy can be press-formed, and it is possible to
obtain a lightweight diaphragm or a dog-shaped diaphragm having a shape rigidity due to its
extremely low density, and an internal loss having an appropriate value. Although it is regarded
as a point, as it is known that magnesium is extremely easily oxidized, the durability due to the
occurrence of rust is a problem when used for a diaphragm used in the air. Therefore, the
present invention is a vibration / motion plate having magnesium or its alloy as a substrate and a
polymer thin film formed on the surface thereof, which has a rustproof effect by the polymer thin
film to improve durability. It is. The present invention will be described with reference to an
embodiment shown in FIG. 1. In the figure, a diaphragm substrate made of a single Mg alloy has
EndPage: 1, and 211-j: a polymer thin film laminated on both surfaces of the diaphragm
substrate 1. As the forming material of the polymer thin film layer, for example, polyolefin resin
such as polyethylene and polypropylene, polyfrethane, polyester, polycarbonate polyamide resin,
polyimide resin and the like are suitable. Although the means for immersing is the simplest and
practical, it may be a means for forming a thin film by sticking or thermocompression bonding of
a resin film of -1-. And, as a result that the Kg or Mg alloy as the substrate is shielded from the air
by the polymer thin film, the generation of rust due to oxidation can be prevented, and the
durability of the diaphragm can be significantly directed to -1- . Furthermore, the abovementioned thin film can impart various characteristics to the diaphragm as well as the abovedescribed rustproof effect. For example, since polyolefin resin thin films have large internal loss
compared to other resins, they can provide sufficient internal loss to the diaphragm, and
minimize the decrease in acoustic radiation efficiency due to the weight of the polymer. Since the
polyurethane thin film has good adhesion, it can increase the adhesion to the coil bobbin etc. The
polyamide resin thin film may be selected from heat resistant polymeric materials.
By using the Mg or Mg alloy as the substrate and forming the polymer thin film on both sides as
described in -1- below, the oxidation of the diaphragm can be prevented and the durability can be
remarkably improved. A diaphragm made of Mg alloy can be put to practical use.
4, a simplified illustration of the drawing shows a cross-sectional view of a diaphragm according
to the present invention. ■ is the substrate, 2 polymer 'capsule layer EndPage: 2
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